Are Barack Obama’s godfathers George Soros and Bill Ayers now running the country and brainwashing kids? – with refugees pouring over open borders; crime and racial fear rising in cities; inflation hammering the middle class; an anti-Israel foreign policy; kids being taught to hate their white skin; and the media talking about none of it. But hang in there, middle class, if you can. Soros is 90 and will meet Satan soon, and paranoid Bill may get carried off to a nice home with padded walls.

Everyone is so focused these days on how incompetent and brain-dead Joe Biden is, or how worthless cackling Kamela would be if Joe were suddenly carried away to a home and she had to take over, while they let hundreds of thousands of illegal refugees pour over the southern border and onto government aid and have stooges Chuck and Nancy print money like Monopoly paper for their social welfare causes, creating more debt and inflation, killing the middle class.   

Meanwhile, Joe’s education department is pushing the teaching of the Marxist Critical Race Theory, that America is a racist system and must be dismantled.  White kids are told by teachers to hate their white skin.  Joe even blurted out – “The most lethal terrorist threat to our homeland today is white supremacy,” like an old man in a nursing home yelling at a nurse for a bedpan.  But he likely has no idea what he’s saying. 

Then there’s Joe giving money to the Palestinians so they can lob rockets into Israel, while the media shames Israel for defending itself.

Meanwhile, the media just lets illegals get into the country, and doesn’t say a word as Nancy and Chuck print money like its going out of style, as prices for food and gas keep going up.  And the media has now taken the side of the Palestinians against our oldest ally, Israel, and in turn, against all the Jews living here in the U.S.

But just remember, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not running the country.  They are mere puppets for the socialists, as is the media.  If you look close enough you can see the strings.

Just remember, the people surrounding Joe are the same people who were telling Barack Obama what to do and what to think, and when to go out and make a speech like Martin Luther King.

They are principally 90-year-old George Soros, the billionaire who lost his soul to the Nazi’s in 1944 Budapest, hiding as a Christian, helping the SS round up property of Jews being shipped off to Auschwitz, and has been trying to take down western, capitalist countries ever since; and the other is Bill “I hate (white) America Ayers, the paranoid schizophrenic ex-bomb maker of the 1960s, who became a professor and introduced social justice teaching into the schools, brainwashing young minds that American is a racist country and must be dismantled.

Soros and Ayers launched Barack’s political career and got him to the White House, where he began dismantling capitalism and its white middle class.  During the Obama years, Ayers got a job as vice president of curriculum for the American Education Research Association and began introducing social justice curriculum into the public schools and, for George, Barack got as many illegal immigrants, including Muslims from the middle east and Africa, into sanctuary cities like Minneapolis and Chicago and Seattle.  George was the great mind that got six million middle east refugees into Europe a few years ago.  He wants to destabilize countries, make populations afraid, so he can take over with socialist leaders of his choosing.

He’s doing it now in America, telling Joe to keep the borders open and allow hundreds of thousands of illegal refugee, including criminals, to enter the country illegally from the south, sending them all over the country and into may Republican states, to shake up the populations and put on some form of government aid.   

What’s happening with the rising crime is Soros, too, in cities like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and elsewhere, installing his states attorneys who let criminals out of jail and don’t prosecute others, keeping cities in fear, because with fear, the socialists can more easily take control and maintain power.

Ayers, the former Weather Undergound terrorist bomb maker is on board with all the chaos, too. With power, they can go about dismantling capitalism and its white middle class.  Soros wants a world where everyone is equal and poor.  It’s easier to manage that way from his and Barack’s multi-million-dollar mansion compounds. Ayers wants to “dismantle the system of white supremacy” from his Hyde Park, Chicago, spider hole.

Ayers works with the Teachers Unions and educational associations who, with the help of Soros generous donations, have been taken over by Marxists, who have no problem brainwashing white kids that everything white is evil.  Ayers said: “Education is the motor force of revolution.”  But to Ayers, who as a creature who once made bombs, and possibly even killed people with them, his personality profile is paranoid schizophrenic, and his reality is that, like Soros, white society must be dismantled if black people are to be free.

Ayers is incapable of seeing that all the violence in black Chicago and elsewhere is caused by his beloved social welfare and homicidal, fatherless teenage males, created from that welfare system, killing each other in a black-on-black genocidal war over drugs.  It’s not white society killing those black kids, just like white cops aren’t the problem.  But it’s hard arguing with a paranoid schizophrenic, especially one who has the ears of a billionaire who wants to take down America, and an ex-President.

Ayers wants a race war.  The overeducated, mentally unbalance Marxists who came with him through the sixties picked blacks as the oppressed proletariat who they want to rule whites in Lenin’s socialist phase on the march to communism.  All the white kids who Ayers has helped brainwash over this past decade have no clue they may some day have their cell phones taken away in the name of Marx.  They think that Black Lives Matter, an Ayers and Soros led group, is actually about helping black people, not a Marx based group of thugs who want to abolish the nuclear (middle class) family.

Soros also owns half of congress, including Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.  Go search for photographs of Nancy Pelosi and Alexander Soros, and you’ll find a photo of the two of them, with Alexander wearing a DACA hat.  There’s also one of Alexander shaking hands with Kamala Harris, supposedly after she was selected as Joe Biden’s running mate.

He has also pumped hundreds of millions into the media and turned it from the Fourth Estate entrusted to protect us from government corruption, to a corrupt propagandist arm of the government, protecting sleazy politicians like Nancy and Chuck, who should be in jail.   

So don’t be dismayed by Joe Biden and Kamela Harris for their stupidity.  They’re merely warming the Oval Office seat until George finds a replacement, or until he drops dead.   Maybe, if there’s time left on earth, he’ll have his puppets change the constitution so Barack can come back.

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