Don’t be mad at tiny, mean, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who says she won’t give interviews with white reporters anymore, only those black and brown. Lori’s just doing what her bosses Barack Obama and the Hyde Park Progressives tell her to do: keep a lid on the white economy, destroy white businesses, keep up the black-on-black violence, until they install their socialism with the black and LGBTQ proletariat in charge of everything.

One would be hard pressed to find anyone in the 3 million population of Chicago, except maybe the LGBTQ community, who likes tiny, mean Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

She has no friends; her staff is climbing over itself to get out of City Hall; the businesses district and many stores along the Magnificent Mile shopping area along Michigan Avenue remain empty and boarded up, its Macy’s anchor at the Water Tower Place gone for good after the Black Lives Matter riots; and the black-on-black murders and violence continue to rage without end on the South and West Sides, with car jackings now spilling into the white areas.

But little Lori hangs in there, not even blinking those large eyes when anyone questions what the hell she’s doing, like Alderman Raymond Lopez of the 15th Ward who asked her what she planned to do to stop the gangbangers in his Southwest Side neighborhood during the rioting.  Lori just told him he was “full of shit,” and turned off his microphone on the virtual Council meeting. 

Now Lori has said through a remaining spokesperson that she will not do interviews to white reporters, only black and brown ones. 

One would think that with no friends and the city going down the tubes, she would at least be cordial.

But tiny Lori, who is less than 4 feet tall and just as mean as former Mayor Rahm Emanual, who was a few inches taller, hasn’t tried to make any new friends like Rahm did, before he steam rolled over everyone.

But she doesn’t have to, because she has at her back Barack Obama and his Chicago Progressives, which include Barack’s right brain Valerie Jarrett, an old City Hall operative before she went to the White House with Barack and lives with the Obamas in their Georgetown, D.C., progressive command center.   They are part of the old Chicago Progressive gang from Hyde Park, near the University of Chicago, which included Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers, the old 60s bomb maker who still lives in his spider hole near the university with his wife and former Weather Underground comrade Bernadine “Kill the Pigs” Dohrn.

Bernadine and Bill, who both remain Marxists (Bill says he is a “communist with a small c,” Bernadine was a “radical communist”) launched Barack’s political career from their Hyde Park home in 1995, saw him off to the White House, while Bill pretended to be an educator at the University of Illinois Chicago campus, while he introduced “social justice” curriculum into the public schools, with Barack’s presidential help, teaching young minds that America is a racist country and everyone white should be, like him, ashamed of their white skin.

Ayers wants to dismantle the “system of white supremacy,” which is exactly what Lori is doing in Chicago.

Barack and Valerie and Bill are the silent, underground Progressive creatures behind Lori, who helped get Rahm out of the way and get her into the coveted 5th Floor city hall office as the first African American lesbian Mayor of the City.  Their new progressive machine, which replace the vaunted Richard J. Daley Cook County Democratic Machine, was able to get Lori into a runoff with Toni Preckwinkle, who is black and head of the Cook County Board, with Lori getting 17% of the vote in the primary two years ago, with just 97,667 votes, to Preckwinkle’s 16% and Bill Daley (Richard J.’s son who had the biggest war chest of $8 million) only 14%.

Daley was expected to do better, and had the biggest war chest, but two weeks before the primary, gay actor Jesse Smollett staged an attack by two white supremacists and damaged white Bill Daley’s turnout.

In the runoff with Perkwinkle, Lori miraculously came up with 386,039 votes, or 73% — four times the number of votes she got in the primary – to 137,765 for Preckwinkle, while still only 32% of the registered voters showed up at the polls, making it another unexplainable Chicago election, to go along with Boss Daley’s steal in 1960 for John F. Kennedy, when most of the cemeteries came in for the new president.

While little Lori doesn’t have Kennedy’s charisma or charm – she has been mean and nasty from the get go – she has fulfilled the Progressive’s socialist agenda in Chicago of keeping the white economy locked down during the coronavirus media fear campaign, so the Progressives could steal the election for Brain dead Joe Biden with harvested votes.  She also allowed the Black Lives Matter to destroy the business districts during the lockdown and tear down statues of famous white people like Christopher Columbus; shut down half the white restaurants and most of the small white businesses forever in the city with COVID restrictions; while allowing the black ghettos to go mask free as they continue their black-on-black genocidal war. 

During the Brianna Taylor/BLM fracas in Louisville, Lori even allowed a city sign along the Kennedy Expressway to flash “Say Her Name” to passing motorists.

Lori has even worked with Barack and Bill’s-backed State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, funded by George Soros, as she allowed the BLM looting of stores during last summer, with few if any arrests, and Kim’s letting prisoners out of County Jail back into the neighborhoods and onto the subways to spread more crime and fear.   She has allowed the socialist Teachers Union to keep the schools closed for an entire year, at full pay, under the pretext that they are protecting kids, who rarely get COVID, and if they do, don’t pass it to others.

But Barack and Valerie have had to direct Lori while remaining under cover in their Georgetown compound.  They did bring her to Washington, D.C., to watch the Trump impeachment hearings from the gallery, and gave her a spot on a “social justice” panel for the Democratic Convention in July of last year, while her city ran up record numbers and murders on the South and West Sides.

In the latest COVID rescue plan, Lori was given something like $8 billion for her destruction of the city, to do with as she pleases, so she and her white wife and adopted daughter will be set for life. Now she’s talking about a post-COVID Chicago Renaissance, where blacks and “minorities” like LGBTQs can get low interest federal loans to reopen businesses that were closed during the pandemic, but not white heterosexuals.

She wants to get non-violent ex-cons into driving taxicabs and into the hospitality businesses, and have to-go alcohol allowed from bars and restaurants. Sounds like Florence in the 1500s.

So don’t be mad at Lori for saying she won’t talk to white reporters anymore.  She’s just following directions from Barack’s progressive godfather Bill Ayers.  Ayers the “social justice” professor is a student of Marxist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, who said that on the road to glorious communism there would be a dictatorship by the proletariat during the socialist phase, and to Ayers and other white privileged, over-educated American Marxists, the oppressed proletariat is black and LGBTQ.

In Chicago that means black people in dictatorship over whites.  We are almost there, with blacks heading every major government office – Mayor, Cook County Board, Superintendent of Police, State’s Attorney, most city hall office holders – and black gangbangers having free reign to stir fear throughout the city, not just the black South and West Sides.   

Only the television stations and the Chicago Tribune still have white reporters covering City Hall, and the Tribune just got bought by a hedge fund that includes George Soros, so they are now in the process of gutting the paper and getting rid of white reporters, to satisfy Lori’s wishes. 

The question remains is how much of the $8 billion or so federal COVID windfall Barack and his friends Nancy and Chuck funneled to Chicago that Lori will get to retire comfortably to a Caribbean island with her white wife and adopted daughter for doing such a fine job destroying the city.  

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