The younger generation’s hip socialist leader Barack Obama emerges on the Internet to tell kids to go get vaccinated, since his flunky Joe Biden can’t get the job done and the government wants everyone to be able to see grandma again. Now universities are saying students must get vaccinated or they can’t come back in the fall. But don’t worry, kids, Barack may let you think for yourself eventually, once they take Grandpa Joe away and Barack get his White House throne back, but don’t bank on it.

Recently in a selfie post, Barack Obama, the once cool socialist leader of the Millennials (Generation Y born between 1981 and 1994) as well as Generation Z (born between 1997 and 2012), popped his head up to tell his once loyal followers to go out and get vaccinated, because his brain-dead successor, Grandpa Joe Biden, hasn’t been able to motivate the younger generation to get their free government shot. 

It may be that Barack and his Progressive Socialists are afraid that young people might have figured out on their own that they don’t need the vaccine, because they have healthy immune systems, or if they had COVID-19 they have built up an immunity already using the body’s natural system, so Barack needed to get on the internet and be his old cool self to get everyone into the government fold.

“Hi, everybody.  It’s Barack,” he said, looking directly into a hand-held device, sport coat and shirt collar open, same ears and dazzling smile.  It was as if he had never been away, and had been thinking about us all the while from somewhere inside his $8 million Georgetown mansion on Embassy Row, just up the street from his old digs at the White House.    

“Now that everybody over the age of 16 is eligible to get the vaccine, I want to talk to you about getting yours. 

“The vaccine Is safe.  It’s effective. It’s free!”  (The key advertising words for the younger generation.)

To his audience of Millennials and Generation Z’s, Barack was a more grandfatherly now, with whiter hair, but still media hip and looking to connect with the young again.    Both he and Michelle have tried to keep tuned into the younger set through their tweets and Instagram posts, but there’s nothing like seeing a face for the young.   Michelle, who once described herself as “Your First Lady for Life” to a young audience a few years ago just after leaving office, did a stint on PBS reading “There’s a Dragon in Your Book” to kindergarteners.  However, with her intensity that sometimes looks like she’s ready to reach through the camera and grab your throat, she didn’t exactly come across as the new Mrs. Rodgers.

Barack’s always masked, often aviator-shade hidden understudy at the White House, Joe Biden, who has an ever-diminishing energy and brainpower, has been the presidential point man on the government effort for everyone to get vaccinated.  But it hasn’t worked, largely because even with major Botox, glistening perfect dentures and hair plugs, has major issues reading a teleprompter and keeping focused on a thought or paragraph, so loses television audiences who are really trying to understand what his is saying. 

Even when he yells: “Get vaccinated!” most healthy people aren’t sure why, since, despite all the media frenzy, the COVID-19 is a virus like a cold or flu, in which maybe 20 percent of the population will get, and 99.9 percent of young and healthy adults who do get it will pass through with minor symptoms and then have natural immunity against the disease.   But the government that is moving toward socialism doesn’t want that.

So Barack put it all into context.

“I got one,” he said, oozing sincerity.  “Michelle got one.  People you know got one, too.  It’s the only way to get back to the things we love…from safely spending time with grandparents, to going to concerts and watching live sports.  So get the vaccine as soon as you can!”

What the Millennials and Generation Z’s are probably not aware of is that their good buddy on the internet is a socialist.  He is also a follower of Saul Alinsky, the man who wrote Rules for Radicals dedicated to Lucifer, “the first radical, who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that they gave him his own kingdom.”

Saul was about gaining power for socialist causes, not helping young people make independent decisions about their health.  Saul said, “If you control people’s healthcare, you control the people.”  He also said, “Organization for action in the coming decade(s) will center on the white middle class, that’s where the power is.”

So like all the universities and colleges who are now requiring students to have a vaccine before coming back in the fall, Barack is trying to get power over white middle class kids, by taking their decisions about their own health away and having the government give them the vaccine.

College for the white middle class was always it’s coming of age, the time when a young woman or man began to think independently and for themselves, making decisions about their own lives.  Instead, they’ve become just another institution that rams information down their gullible throats, like critical race theory or teaching “social justice,” that America is a racist society, a concept introduced by Barack’s godfather in Chicago, the former Marxist bomb-making terrorist Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers.

After leaving bomb making, Ayers became a professor of education, then with Barack’s help got “social justice” curriculum into the schools, with the mantra: “education is the motor-force for revolution.”

He wants to “dismantle the system of white supremacy,” which for a Marxist means capitalism, it’s institutions and its white middle class.

So what better way than to keep white kids from thinking independently, making their own decisions about their health, so they remain indoctrinated and stupid.

So, Millennials and Generation Z’s, tell your hip grandfather Barack that you’ll take a pass, and think for yourself.

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