Is Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers now writing scripts for Joe Biden, like he wrote Barack Obama’s first book? Because we’re hearing a lot of “systemic racism” coming from Joe’s moving mouth. That’s Bill Ayers, who launched Barack’s political career and gave us Social Justice curriculum in the schools. He wants to dismantle capitalism and its white middle class. Do you think Joe knows he’s being radicalized?

It is very likely that Joe Biden in his early dementia doesn’t remember when he first heard the words “systemic racism” and “system of white supremacy.  Maybe it was back when he was making coffee for Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett at the White House in the days before Trump. 

Or maybe it was after he was inaugurated 46th President and someone put the words on a teleprompter, because like Barack Obama uttering “gay marriage” during one of his election campaigns, the phrase “systemic racism” would have likely have turned white voters off.

But now Joe mouths them all the time, whether he understands what he is saying or not, as he did during and after the recent trial in Minneapolis of policeman Derek Chauvin, who was eventually convicted of killing George Floyd after angry Black Lives Matter protestors surrounded the court house.   

On Wednesday, after the verdict, Joe read the following into a camera in the Green Room of the White House, with a masked Kamela behind him standing next to an American flag.

“A jury in Minnesota found former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all counts in the murder of George Floyd’s last name. It was a murder in full light of day, and it ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see the systemic racism the Vice President just referred to. This systemic racism is a stain on our nation’s soul.

“The knee on the neck of justice for black Americans, profound fear and trauma, the pain, the exhaustion that black and brown Americans experience every single day. The murder of George Floyd launched a summer of protest we hadn’t seen since the civil rights era in the ’60s, protests that unified people of every race and generation in peace and with purpose to say enough, enough, enough of the senseless killings.”

With a more shriveled face, a $2,000 suit diamond pinky ring, and a preacher voice, he could have been Al Sharpton.

But to those who know and have followed Barack Obama since his days in Chicago, where he learned to speak like Dr. Martin Luther King and rode the wave of Hope and Change and Justice to the White House, the words could very well have been written by Bill Ayers, the 1960s bomb-making, privileged, guilt-wracked, narcissistic, radical terrorist turned professor of education, who wrote Barack’s first book, Dreams from My Father, before launching Barack’s political career. 

Even now, at age 76, Ayers still has revolutionary dreams of dismantling the system of white supremacy – capitalism, its white middle class, and all its institutions and statues – on his mission toward a utopian communist world.  Maybe, like his heroes Mao and Lenin, if things work out, he can get permanently embalmed under plexiglass for future generations to view.  Maybe at the new Obama Center planned just south of Ayers home in Chicago.

Ayers had tutored Barack for years back in Chicago on the evil “system of white supremacy” and ways to dismantle it over weekly dinners at his Hyde Park apartment with his former Weather Underground wife Bernadine “Kill the Pigs” Dohrn.  The husband and wife Che and Madam Mao launched Barack’s political career from their home in 1995, then turned him over to fellow Hyde Parkers Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod for political polishing, and speaking lessons to sound like Martin Luther King. They he was given to John Podesta and George Soros, who helped him staff his White House and who wants to take down white America as much as Ayers.

In 2008, the year Barack took the oath to defend the constitution, the year Bill and Bernadine published another book called Race Course Against White Supremacy, Barack helped Bill land a job as Vice President of curriculum for the American Education Research Association, the nation’s largest organization of education professors and researchers.

From there he would introduce his favorite anti-white American texts and school educators with seminars such as: “Teaching for Social Justice in Elementary Schools,” “Dismantling White Privilege and Supporting Anti-Racist Education in our Classrooms and Schools,” “Talking About Religious Oppression and Christian Privilege,” and “Creating Change Agents Who Teach for Social Justice.”

It’s all part of Ayers revolutionary plan since giving up bomb making.  As he would declare to Caesar Chavez on a visit to Venezuela: “Education is the motor force of revolution!”  And he may be right, with the help of brainwashed teachers and students, and a propagandist media and politicians like Biden and Harris and Nancy Pelosi, who spew unending lies about George Floyd as the new martyr for black justice.

During the Obama White House years, Ayers, the revolutionary whirlwind, would help organize and direct the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement in his Weather Underground terrorist image, with funding from moneybags George Soros and quiet support from our 44th Commander in Chief, who had started the false flag lie of systemic police brutality of black men while in office. 

BLM would become a key weapon in the 2020 election, spreading fear among the white middle class, which Ayers and Soros want to take down, as well as recruit brainwashed millennials who think BLM actually wants to help black people.

No mention, ever, of the very real black-on-black genocide taking place in his and Barack’s native Chicago, where black men are shooting and killing each other by the thousands each year, with only a miniscule number of shootings involving white policemen.  But no matter.  In Ayers twisted, arrogant, Marxist brain, all the black violence and death in Chicago is due not to the breakdown of the black family due to his beloved welfare state, creating an unending supply of enraged, homicidal black male teens.  To Ayers, it is serial murder caused by the system of white supremacy.

But now they have the White House back, with a brain-dead president to read anything they write, and staffing the cabinet throughout with loyalists dedicated to cleansing the system of white supremacy, like white officers in the military who voted for Trump.

Ayers message of dismantling the system of white supremacy has even gotten to Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayer, a Barack favorite, who the media tells us today wrote a “blistering dissent” penned by nemesis Brett Kavanaugh that rejected certain limits on juvenile life sentences.  These include the 15-year-old fatherless gangbangers in places like Chicago who are shooting other black teens in drive-bys by the thousands each year.

Doesn’t Kavanaugh know that it’s the system of white supremacy doing the shooting, and when that’s taken down all the violence will end.  

2 thoughts on “Is Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers now writing scripts for Joe Biden, like he wrote Barack Obama’s first book? Because we’re hearing a lot of “systemic racism” coming from Joe’s moving mouth. That’s Bill Ayers, who launched Barack’s political career and gave us Social Justice curriculum in the schools. He wants to dismantle capitalism and its white middle class. Do you think Joe knows he’s being radicalized?

  1. I Tony, Lenore and I are devastated by the news that our dear Joan is having a reoccurrence. I know you are a skeptic as I am a skeptic. I would like to send you a copy of Chapter 1 of “Cancer, Quest for the Cures”, by Ty and Charlene Bollinger. Listen to every word. If you believe these doctors, as I do, there are 8 more chapters. I think the whole series is $99, but all I ask, is watch Chapter 1. Let me know if you get this? We send our love ❤️ and our prayers. I am trying to send you a link. If this works, watch Chapter 1, please!

    Michael and Lenore



    • Mike – Thanks for the info. I will pass it on to Joan. She is in good spirits and we giving her a lot of love here. We’re going to MD Anderson next week. They’re the best. Best to you and Lenore.


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