How did Joe Biden know most illegal refugees crossing the Texas border were teenage males? Maybe he overheard his puppet masters George Soros and Barack Obama, who need more angry, unemployed, illiterate teenagers to spread fear within the white middle class.

When Joe Biden’s gave his rambling, wide-eyed press conference last week, full of blank stares and long pauses, he did give one unexpected insight into the immigrant crisis overwhelming the Texas border. 

When asked about the large number of young children reported among those flooding the border, our new brain-dead Leader of the Free World said that while the number of young children coming into the U.S. without parents was “heartbreaking,” what people needed to know was that the “vast majority (crossing the border) are 16-year-olds, 17-year-olds, and mostly males.”

That news tidbit went over most of the air heads in the mainstream media in the Green Room, who are working with Joe to minimize the crisis inside our television sets, while the people who are managing Joe – Barack Obama and his boss George Soros and his Open Society Foundations – working as best the can to destroy the economy and white middle class with millions of terrified refugees flooding into the country.  

But the news of all the parentless teenage males was a major slip, diverting from the narrative that most of the terrified refugees were young children, sent by their parents to America for asylum from violence and tyranny at home, and welcomed by Joe.  Many women and children on news footage were seen wearing t-shirts that read “BIDEN – Please let us in,” with the BIDEN in the same red and blue colors and lettering of his recent presidential campaign.

The BIDEN t-shirts were so bright and white clean they had to have been handed out at the border.  None of them looked like they had started out 1,000 miles earlier in Central America.

One reporter from PBS, in the preface to her question, said Central American parents were sending their children to this country because of their perception of Joe as a “moral, decent man, and trusting you with unaccompanied minors.”  Joe showed his perfect teeth and blushed.

Then Joe, apparently wanting to deflect from the women and small children, said that most of the migrants were in fact unaccompanied teenage males, which in his foggy, early-dementia-brain likely made the situation seem more acceptable to Americans watching on their television sets.

But to some who understand what is really happening at the border, Joe’s comment about the teenage males was a lightbulb moment.

Because this new crisis of terrified refugees, like the one in Europe five years ago, is being manufactured and directed by Soros and Obama, who worked together to flood Europe with millions of Syrian refugees, helping them get to Greece and up into Germany and France and as far north as Sweden.  The plan was to overload those countries with poor, terrified “migrants,” who didn’t speak the languages,  take them in and put them on social welfare programs, just as the migrants from Central America are  doing today.

Soros acknowledged at the time that he was behind the European migrant surge of Syrians.  Barack low-keyed his help, afterwards going over to Brussels and thanking European leaders for taking them in, though none of the countries wanted them, and they are still trying to assimilate the millions of new citizens without going broke.

But now, George and Barack are behind the scenes, apparently thinking that – at least in Barack’s case – that it might hurt Barack’s image among middle-class suburban housewives and Millennials, who still think he’s a wonderful, urbane, sensitive, Harvard-educated philosopher, and not a socialist, open-border prince made rich by billionaire globalist George, who is helping George in taking down capitalism and its white middle class, and reshaping the western world with millions of terrified, illiterate immigrants. 

Once this is accomplished, the failing 91-year-old Soros can die in peace and to his new kingdom in Hell, and Barack will lead the globalists alongside George’s son Alexander – the equivalent to Saddam’s Qusay and Husay – at the head of the Open Society’s Foundation.    

Until then, the Alexander will disperse OSF funds to get millions of terrified central American refugees across the border, and Barack’s and George will have their people manage feeble-brained Joe as best they can, while ditzy Kamala gets a staff to direct refugees into convention centers to further stifle business trying to recover from the pandemic, and spread panic in cities across the country.  

The fact that most of the refugees are 15 to 17-year-old, parentless males indicates that future plans may include community organizing to develop some type of brown-skinned movement to complement the Black Lives Matter thugs who were formed and financed by George and Barack’s Chicago mentor Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers, the 60s bomb maker, to attack and spread fear among the white establishment.

But that may take a little time.  The young male refugees need to stay isolated and angry for a while, then maybe have Ayers, who has helped spread “social justice” hatred of white America in the schools, can come teach the new testosterone-charged migrants that all their anger and resentment is due to the “system of white supremacy.”  Then Ayers can send them out to break some windows and spread fear among the white middle class, and George can pay for it, like they did with BLM.

It’s all about community organizing in the style of Saul Alinsky, Barack’s spiritual guide, the man who wrote Rules for Radicals dedicated to Lucifer: “The despair is there.  Now it’s up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize them for radical social change.”

And all along we thought Martin Luther King was Barack’s mentor.

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