Illinois’ dimwitted, corrupt, billionaire governor J.B. “Tubby” Pritzker, the stooge of Barack Obama and his privileged Marxist godfather Bill Ayers, signs a “no-bail” criminal justice reform bill into law, to stir more chaos and fear among the white middle class, while playing black people again, on their road to the political paradise of communism…for them.

Last week, the hugely overweight, not-very-bright, corrupt governor of Illinois, J.B. Pritzker, who bought the governor’s mansion two years ago with part of his $3.5 billion in inherited wealth and the consent of new Boss Barack Obama and does what he is told, proudly signed into law a 764-page Criminal Justice Reform bill that he said was a “substantial step” in erasing “systemic racism.”   

Governor Tubby was surrounded at the signing by smiling, kente-cloth scarf-wearing members of the Illinois Black Caucus, who had sponsored the bill and declared the signing a “new day, a new chapter” after last summer’s George Floyd inspired civil unrest.  “We are going from protesting, coming together collectively for one cause – to signing a bill,” the Caucus leaders said.

Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton, who is Black, said it’s “time to look at criminal justice policy through an equity lens and tell the truth about how systemic racism” has disproportionately affected black people.

The problem is: no law-abiding citizen, Black or White or Hispanic, want’s the new law, which abolishes cash bail and will release criminals quickly back onto the streets as they await a trial.  But it was rammed down the throats of taxpayers and into law like so many others by thug Democratic politicians, starting back when Al Capone teamed up with Chicago Mayor Big Bill Thompson in the 1920s.

This time it’s the new, activist Black Caucus who are the bullies, dumping the nearly 800-page bill before the always sleepy legislators at 11 p.m. on a Sunday night and demanding a vote for “social justice.”  They drove the bill as a legislative response to the protests surrounding the George Floyd riots this summer, led by the Marxist Black Lives Matter thugs,  under the guise of ending systemic racism against black men by police.

But its all a huge load of b.s., dumped on us by the socialists and praised by their loyal propagandist media, who are not trying to improve the lives of suffering black people in Chicago’s ghettos, but is instead part of their push to dismantle capitalism and its white middle class, and install a socialist state, where everyone is fearful and poor, playing black anger and white fear as they go.

And guess who is behind it all?  None other than Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers, the 1960s bomb making radical terrorist-turned-education professor, who introduced “social justice” curriculum into the nation’s schools with the help of his star pupil Barack Obama – teaching young minds that America is a racist society and must be brought down.  “Education is the motor force of revolution!” he would declare like Che.

In addition to getting social justice teaching into the public schools and getting Barack into the White House, Ayers has been busy since his bomb-making days, organizing black activists on the South and West Sides of Chicago, spreading the word that all the misery and violence on the streets and in the homes is due not to the breakdown of the black family caused by the welfare state and its drug culture, but is due to the “system of white supremacy,” which must be brought down.  The new reform bill is another step in that direction.

            In Ayers’ twisted, Marxist mind, all the murder and mayhem on the South and West Sides since the death of Martin Luther King – close to 35,000 shot and killed and four times that number shot and wounded for life – is due to the system of white supremacy.  Even those young black men who pulled the triggers (the cops are rarely involved) are victims as well.

            Ayers, who grew up in privileged white Chicago suburbs before turning to violent bomb making Marxism, helped create and direct Black Lives Matter alongside his Weather Underground wife Bernadine “kill the pigs” Dohrn, who had said back in the early 1970s when both were on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitive List: “The best thing that we can be doing for ourselves, as well as for the [Black] Panthers and the revolutionary black liberation struggle, is to build a fucking white revolutionary movement.”

            Too bad for us that Ayers and Dorhn cultivated a young, bi-racial man who was searching for an identity, helped him get into Harvard and launched his political career from their Hyde Park spider hole.

            Ayers/Dohrn are not about rebuilding the black family or community destroyed by welfare that has created so many thousands of fatherless, homicidal black teenagers with unlimited access to illegal guns.  They want a revolution to take down capitalism and its white middle class.  It looks to be along the lines of Lenin, who wanted to proletariat (in this case black people) to exert dictatorial control over the bourgeoise (white middle class), to pave the way for their utopia of communism.  

            Thus came the Marxist Black Lives Matter riots over the false flag lie of police brutality against blacks, destroying and looting so many businesses in white shopping districts, and sending shock waves of fear through the white middle class.

            The new criminal justice reform bill will do more of that, and not just with white communities, but black ones as well.  When Ayer’s BLM activists went into the ghettos to chant “Defund the Police,” they were chased away by residents, because despite what Ayers wants in his revolutionary narcissisms, law abiding people want the police.

            After the George Floyd riots last summer in Chicago, BLM people were saying that the television sets and clothing taken during the looting were “reparations” for the suffering blacks have endured for so many years. 

            The George Soros and Ayers supported Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, who is Black, wholeheartedly supports the new justice reform bill, and was already not prosecuting shoplifters who stole less than $1,000 in merchandise, and letting go armed carjackers – many of them black teens 13 and 14 years old – who steal cars and are not arrested (if caught) if they tell police they didn’t know the car was stolen, and thus let go for mere trespassing.

Subsequently, there is an epidemic of carjacking in both black and white areas, as well as packs of black teens roaming the city’s Magnificent Mile shopping district, intimidating white shoppers and stealing cell phones and merchandise.    Macy’s, the department store anchor of Water Tower Place on the Mile pillaged during the riots, has left for good.

            Now star Ayers pupil and retired leader of the Free World Barack has jumped onto the reparations bandwagon, telling his new globalist friend Bruce Springsteen in a podcast: “There’s not much question that the wealth of this country, the power of this country was built in significant part, not exclusively, maybe not even the majority of it, but a large portion of it was built on the backs of slaves.”  Bill taught him well.

Barack went on to say that the descendants of those who suffered “terrible, cruel, often arbitrary injustices” deserve compensation and recognition.  In other words, keep them dependent on government.

            So much for Barack’s statement when he was running for president that “the best reparations we can provide are good schools in the inner city and jobs for people who are unemployed.”   Yes, that sounded better to voters than dismantling the “system of white supremacy,” and using black teens to spread fear.   

With time on his hands now, Barack is back to being an Ayers’ trained radical.  What better way to take down the white middle class than load up the country with more debt, accelerate inflation, while stirring black anger and resentment against white society, and fear among the white middle class. 

As Barack’s other spiritual guide, Saul Alinsky had said: community “organizing for action in the decade(s) ahead will center on the white middle class. That’s where the power is.”

After the Floyd/BLM riots last summer, Ayers posted on his website: “Do you feel eerily that we’re living in Kansas, 1859, and that tensions are boiling over, but only years later will people say, “Yes, the Civil War began there and then?”

Maybe he felt the revolution had begun.  Now it’s being helped along by the Illinois Black Caucus and Barack’s stooge Governor Tubby Pritzker.

Or, as Mark Twain said a century ago: “The Civil War was a blot on our history, but not as great a blot as the buying and selling of Negro souls.”

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