When are our Progressive leaders – Barack Obama and George Soros – going to pull the plug on fading Joe and place the crown on Kamela? Will that mean cranky Nancy Pelosi will become Vice President? And what about Bill and Melinda Gates, who are being groomed as our new lifestyle czars, getting us vaccinated and saving us from the menace of cow manure?

It’s been only twenty short working days, plus a long Playstation weekend at Camp David for Joe Biden, and we can already see the wheels coming off his mental carriage, if they were ever on to begin with.  Even head propagandist Anderson Cooper of CNN can’t get him back on track.

Everything was going well, reading the teleprompter, signing executive orders teed up and set before him to kill the Keystone Pipeline and its 11,000 jobs; flood the borders with thousands of new refugees and criminals; allow sex-changed males to compete with women in sports; make peace with China and Iran; free up funds for more late term abortions, all signed with a vacant smile, while doing his best to look presidential in a well-tailored suit, despite an obvious confusion about where he was.

Then came the town hall meeting in Milwaukee last week, when the mask came off and no teleprompter to tell him how to respond to pre-arranged audience questions, when Joe had to finally stand naked before the nation, and started babbling like a confused, angry resident of a nursing home about the gruel set before him at lunch, not the Leader of the Free World.

“It’s one thing to have the vaccine, which we didn’t have when we came into office,” Joe told one questioner, “but a vaccinator—how do you get the vaccine into someone’s arm?”  Ten minutes before, Joe had said there were 50 million vaccine doses available when he came into office, which he had apparently forgotten.  But that was something Trump did, so it must not have happened.

Then, to another question, he dismissed the genocide against the Ulghur population in China as a “different norm” than we have in the United States, despite the State Department this month responding to “atrocities” in the camps, following reports of systemic rape and torture.

“If you know anything about Chinese history, it has always been, the time when China has been victimized by the outer world is when they haven’t been unified at home,” Joe said, as if reading from a Chinese Communist Party press release. “So the central — well, vastly overstated — the central principle of Xi Jinping is that there must be a united, tightly controlled China. And he uses his rationale for the things he does based on that.”

Even with Anderson throwing him a softball – “What’s it like finally sleeping in the White House as President?” – Joe let it roll though his legs, saying, “I wake up and ask Jill, where are we?”

He told a young girl who was afraid of the coronavirus and missing school and her friends not to worry, you’ll have the mask off and be back in school, “God willing” by Christmas.

He would take every question and not answer it, but go off into a stream of consciousness ramble, that Anderson often had to cut short, like a nurse helping him back into bed after he had rolled off the side.   

It was bound to happen.  His handlers, the leaders of the new Democratic Progressive Socialist Party – Barack Obama and George Soros and their staffs, who are now running the country from inside their respective compounds in Georgetown, D.C. and Katonah, NY – had kept him gagged and in his basement through the election, his ever-expanding dementia protected by the media and big tech firms.  They even assembled his cabinet with Obama loyalists and prepared the executive orders before inauguration, allowing him only to emerge sparingly with mask and read from a teleprompter, or put his signature on a booklet set before him with a smile.

Because he might say something nonsensical to a world leader, they had current vice president and future president Kamala Harris make calls to foreign leaders – French President Emmanual Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as well as World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – to pledge American support for their regimes while not mentioning Joe’s name.

The media and the tech companies have done their part, as they did leading up to the election, pretending that Joe doesn’t belong in a long-term care facility, and censoring anything that suggests otherwise, while they get former Obama people installed into the cabinet by congress.

They have even started promoting their friends Bill and Melinda Gates, head of the massive Gates Foundation with all kinds of time on their hands but no celebrity, as the new green lifestyle and vaccine gurus, getting them on 60 minutes and CNN and Jimmy Kimmel, telling us we all need to get vaccinated and give up a cow-based meat diet because cow manure creates massive amounts of methane which destroys ozone.  So try some plant-based burgers, really start to live, and save the planet.  No mention of what it will do to the American farm and restaurant businesses, and our meat culture. 

But the short peek inside Joe’s addled brain shows us that it is just a matter of time before Barack and George have their minions pull the 25th Amendment and ship Joe back to a nice home in Wilmington, Delaware to entertain the residents with his gilded stories of Washington back in the day.

Would that mean that angry Nancy moves into to the Vice-Presidential quarters and spends time schmoozing world leaders?  Then who will crack the whip on Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Democrats in Congress to keep them in line?

It’s a dilemma.  But I’m sure Barack and George have a plan. 

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