Why impeach the Donald on fake evidence again, when he’s out of office and it’s clearly unconstitutional? Because Democratic Party leaders– Barack Obama and his gang, are from Chicago, where you must destroy your political enemies, especially if he’s a Republican. Plus their boss George Soros wants to die knowing the Donald will never return.

There is an old, unspoken adage in Chicago Democratic politics – which is its only politics – that if someone has the audacity to challenge one in an election, then that person must be hunted down and destroyed, no matter how long it takes.  

This sentiment was expressed by longtime Chicago pol Rahm Emanual back when he worked for Bill Clinton and, at a victory dinner for Clinton after an election, took a steak knife and jabbed it into the dinner table after each mention of a Republican enemies’ name.  On another occasion, Rahm sent a dead fish wrapped in newspaper to a rival in an Illinois race.

Back in the days of Irish Boss Richard J. Daley, when his former friend Benjamin Adamowski, a leader of the large Polish section of the city, dared challenge Daley for Mayor in 1963, people who put up Adamowski signs in their stores or homes were descended on by  building inspectors until the signs came down, then Daley stole the election with votes that magically appeared from the black wards. 

When Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, a call was made eight days after the election by his friend J.B. Pritzker to then Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, who had disrespected Barack during the campaign.  J.B. asked Rod innocently what he was going to do about the newly vacant Senate seat left by Barack.  Rod said he hadn’t thought about it.  “Do you have any ideas?” Rod asked J.B. 

The call was conveniently being tapped by the F.B.I., which J.B. knew but Rod didn’t.  After conviction in a media kangaroo court, Rod got 14 years in prison.  J.B. would later be thanked by Barack for his loyalty and allowed to use a portion of his $3.5 billion in inherited wealth to buy the governor’s mansion in Springfield.

That’s called “payback” in Chicagoese.

Then there is Donald Trump, who had the audacity to challenge Barack’s choice Hillary during the 2016 presidential campaign, and even worse, won as a populist Republican.  

As Barack’s former chief of staff David Plouffe tweeted in June, 2016, when the Donald was the presumptive Republican nominee and the Obama White House was launching a fake Russian Collusion narrative against him: “It is not enough to simply beat Trump.  He must be destroyed thoroughly.”

Even after the unfortunate election results and the inauguration they kept on.

Nineteen minutes after the inauguration, the Washington Post, Barack’s favorite newspaper after the New York Times, wrote that “the impeachment of Donald Trump has begun.”

Then CNN, Barack’s favorite news outlet, spent all their mean-spirited news-reading energy trying to get him out, first with lies about Russian Collusion, then the equally false and unconstitutional impeachment trial by Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi over a harmless phone call Donald made to the Ukraine, blared into homes and offices and airports and schools for another eight months, while the network’s fiendish Jim Acosta lead the White House press corps in non-stop demonizing at every press conference.

But the Donald unfortunately hung in there.

Then, even after stealing the election, Chicago style, with the help of their big-tech friends and the media covering up the fraud, and with Trump safely out of the White House, the Alinsky pit bulls among the Democrats won’t let go.

That’s because Barack and his godfather George Soros are leading the Democrats, as they have been since Donald’s election, and still must destroy him.  It’s especially important to George, because he’s 90 now, in fading health, and will soon meet his maker, and is terrified he might not get his own kingdom.

They understand that the Donald was a much beloved president, and is still much beloved, especially among the middle class.  Barack and George are globalists.  They want no middle class, only open borders flooded with poor refugees, as well as taking down industrial capitalist America and its oil-based economy that creates middle class jobs, which their feeble-minded pal Joe has re-ignited across the land.

So the Donald must still be “destroyed thoroughly,” in former staffer Plouffe’s words, Chicago style.  He must not be able to rise again.

What better way than to impeach him on another fake story that he incited an insurrection against the brave members of congress, even though it’s clearly unconstitutional and the case and evidence is as flimsy and made up as the Russian Collusion narrative and earlier impeachment trial.

But CNN is dutifully on the case again, trying to drive the hysteria as if it were real, and pals in Congress are getting up before the cameras, reading their scripts, and crying crocodile tears that this evil man incited an insurrection to take down democracy and scare the hell out of our brave, honorable legislators.

There’s red-lipsticked Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, broadcasting with great drama to her 8 million Instagram viewing Millenials, and on CNN, how she was trapped in her office by the rioters pounding on her door and shouting “Let’s get her!” when no one was near her office that day.

 Even weak-minded Joe has weighed in from behind his mask, saying he is “anxious to see” if GOP senators “stand-up” on the impeachment vote.

It’s another Chicago Saul Alinsky threat, letting the Republicans know that if they don’t vote to impeach, they will be put on the list for future payback.

Saul, who is Barack’s spiritual mentor – the community organizer who wrote Rules for Radicals dedicated to Lucifer, “the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom” – said: “You only get power as a reaction to a threat,” and “All progress comes as a response to a threat, and the reaction to the threat is where you get progress.”

Just remember, Saul as a criminology student at the University of Chicago in the 1930s studied Al Capone’s gang from the inside, where he developed his theories of community organizing.

 Too bad for the rest of us who still believe in a democratic republic, a constitution and the rule of law based on facts, not Chicago politics.

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