The privileged Chicago Teachers Union won’t send teachers back into classrooms, despite science saying it’s okay, while 386,000 public school students – 85 percent who are black and Hispanic – remain at home and uneducated. Does that mean CTU is a racist organization? No, its leaders are narcissistic socialists, who need fearful, illiterate students in order to survive.

There’s some unofficial debate in certain circles as to who is the slimiest government fascist pig during this coronavirus lockdown, which most people outside the mainstream media now recognize was a political power grab by the commies to shut down the capitalist economy, regain the White House, then impose more socialist control over us all.

They are at best mindless bureaucratic thugs sent forth to declare a martial law over us, pretending lamely that they are trying to protect us, but after their 30-day emergency order have turned into to ten months of lockdown, are revealing themselves as nothing more than mid-level, brain-dead thugs passing on orders from their leaders somewhere inside a Georgetown, D.C. Kremlin compound.

There’s fat, stupid J.B. Pritzker of Illinois; red lip-sticked Maleficent Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan; imperial, slick Gavin Newsom of California and Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles, who have not only kept small businesses, restaurants and schools shut down in their states and cities, while living a mask-free existence themselves, but have single-handedly accelerated the exodus from their states and cities of educated, higher-income residents to places where they can freely breathe.        

Then there’s mob boss Governor Andrew Cuomo, who signs executive orders to send infected people into nursing homes, killing ten thousand or more old people for the state.  There’s New York City Mayor Bill “Sandinista” DeBlasio, who with his corrupt African American lesbian wife, Chirlane McCray, made hundreds of millions of federal dollars disappear, and now lords over the destruction of the once greatest city in the world. 

Cuomo shamelessly went on to write a book – Leadership Lessons from COVID-19 Pandemic – then gets an Emmy for his daily dictatorial coronavirus briefings, when in an uncorrupted democracy he would be spending life without parole in prison.

There’s tiny, Napoleonic Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago, who has kept that city locked down, half its wonderful restaurants gone forever, letting BLM destroy the city’s Magnificent Mile shopping jewel and tear down statues of Columbus, while the black-on-black genocide goes on – 719 killed in 2020, only 7 involving cops, with over 4,000 shot and wounded, and 1,396 carjackings, many in white areas by black teens, with only 55 arrests – turning the city into another Bagdad, or worse.   

But as scummy as these commie thugs are, my vote for biggest lizard goes collectively to the privileged Chicago Teacher’s Union, led by socialists, who have kept 386,000 public school students – 85 percent who are black and Hispanic – away from classrooms and their friends and learning since last March, while they collect full pay with great benefits, keeping parents in constant high anxiety and children on the road to ignorance and failure.  This, despite the teachers beloved science and medical experts saying it is safe for teachers and kids to go back to the classrooms.

They are evil socialist swine of the first order, led by their President Jesse Sharkey, a graduate of Ivy League’s Brown and former member of the International Socialist Organization, and Vice-President Stacy Davis Gates, a former high-school teacher turned radical activist. After the CTU bulldozed its way to a new $1.5 billion, 5-year contract that everyone acknowledged bankrupt Chicago couldn’t afford, Gates told a reporter there would be no problem raising the money.   “Just raise taxes on businesses and home owners,” she quipped.

The CTU is being advised by none other than the former bomb-making terrorist Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers, the privileged, guilt-ridden child of the 60’s who lives in his Hyde Park spider hole with his lovely Weather Underground wife Bernadine “Kill the Pigs” Dohrn, and still wants to dismantle the “system of white supremacy” before he goes to meet his maker. 

Yes, the same Bill Ayers who launched Barack Obama’s political career in 1995, and has kept in close comradeship since.

When he left bomb making, Ayers, 76, got an education degree from Marxist Columbia University and became a professor at University of Illinois in Chicago, spearheading the teaching of “social justice” in the public schools and colleges, that America is a racist society, and a precursor to the teaching of Critical Race Theory, that people with white skin are inherently racist and must repent.   At a conference in Venezuela in 2008,   Ayers said in 2008 in Venezuela, after shouting “Viva Chavez,” that “education is the motor force for revolution.”

Ayers helped form and direct the Marxist Black Lives Matter domestic terrorist group, and has been behind the scenes in Chicago demonizing the police inside the black community, telling them that all the violence in black neighborhoods is due to the system of white supremacy, not his beloved social welfare that created so many enraged fatherless teenage boys who don’t blink about pulling a trigger.

During the 2019 teachers strike, when the CTU held the city schoolchildren and parents hostage for 10 days to get its new record contract, complete with angry marches and banners shouting for “Justice,” Ayers was seen in the front row of a rally wearing a red t-shirt that said: “More Love, Less Capitalism.”

Now the teachers are threatening to strike again, even after being off for almost a year at full pay, and despite the science and medical experts saying it is safe for both children and teachers to go back to the classroom (Catholic schools have done just fine since September).

But its leaders, including Bill Ayers, are in a socialist revolution. As Ayers once said, “In a revolution sometimes people must die.”  That includes the spirits of some 385,000 young souls who just want to make friends and learn.   

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