Do you think brain-dead Joe Biden has a clue about the executive orders he is signing, destroying industrial capitalism, freedom of religion; opening up the borders; brainwashing children against whiteness; killing the middle class. Hell no, he’s just a knucklehead signing what the Politburo leaders Barack Obama, George Soros and Bill Ayers tell him to sign, then go take a nap.

Within just a week, in a flurry of executive orders that brain-dead Joe Biden doesn’t even understand, we can now see what the new regime led by Barack Obama, George Soros, and old bomb maker Bill Ayers are up to. 

They are on a communist/globalist revolution that began with Barack somehow getting into the White House, though delayed temporarily by the fairly-elected capitalist with the blonde combover. 

Now they are back on track, having stolen the election for the demented 78-year-old Joe Biden, who they now prop up to sign executive orders that he doesn’t understand, to dismantle capitalism and the white middle class, so they can march onward to their glorious People’s Progressive Republic of North America, then take over the world.

The really funny thing is that Joe probably doesn’t even know what he’s doing half the time, or even know how he got into that beautiful white building with all the portraits and statues and people waiting on him at every turn.   

Joe is led before the teleprompter, told to read into the camera, and tell everyone in his stiff political hack monotone honed over 40 years in Washington that his administration is going to end white supremacy and save the planet.

Then he is taken over to the signing desk and put his signature on booklets of executive orders that will dismantle industrial capitalism built on oil; push transgender creatures through the system of white supremacy and befuddle the heterosexual middle class; open up the borders to terrified refugees brought here by George Soro’s foundations; allow more Muslims from Africa into the country and on welfare; get housing projects for poor blacks into the white suburbs under the pretext of “equity,” then say a few words about how he is making the world a better place, before he goes off to take a nap until someone comes and gets him again.

But they’ve all been planning this for four years, the Politburo brain trust led by Barack Obama and his godfathers who got him to the White House – 90-year-old Nazi collaborator George Soros and 76-year-old former bomb-making domestic terrorist Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers, so things are going smooth as can be.

The media is a well-oiled Pravda machine again, having transitioned from demonizing the Christian capitalist with the blonde combover for four relentless years, now asking soft ball questions of Biden’s flak catchers at White House news conferences about who is Joe’s favorite Disney princess.  CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times follow along loyally – half the White House press secretary staff are former CNN newsreaders – with CBS, ABC and the NBCs following like mindless sheep to protect the feeble, demented moron now in residence.

Now Barack and George and Bill are unencumbered, although they still must work in the shadows inside their respective mansions in Georgetown, D.C., in Katonah, NY and Bill in his Hyde Park Chicago spider hole he shares with his lovely 78-year-old former Weather Underground wife Bernadine “Kill the Pigs” Dohrn, and send their flunkies like Susan Rice into the White House to tell Joe what to do.

George also has his son, Alexander – his Huday – in New York as Deputy Chair of daddy’s $18 billion – or is it $23 billion? – Open Society Foundations and a designated “Young Gobal Leader” of father’s World Economic Forum, which wants to destroy American capitalism and bring borderless globalism – read communism – to the world.    

Bill Ayers has not left Chicago since he and the once lovely, now dragon lady Bernadine launched Barack’s political career in 1995, preferring the comfort of the spider hole as they try to dismantle the “system of white supremacy,” push the teaching of “social justice” into the schools and government – that America is a racist society – and nurture new political talent as they did with Barack. 

Their adopted son, Chesa Boudin, whose parents Cathy Boudin and David Gilbert are fellow Weather Underground comrades sent to prison for a 1982 Brinks armored car robbery that killed two cops and a security guard, is now a Yale and Rhodes scholar alum elected with the help of Uncle George Soros as the new district attorney of San Francisco, proceeding with the destruction of that once great city by letting the homeless take over and “de-carcerating” the prisons.

Now the Three Globalist Muskateers, two of them edging closer to the Grim Reaper of the Underworld, are back in charge of the White House, and through politicians they own like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, in control of Congress. 

In the flurry of orders that Joe doesn’t know he signed, they have moved in the first week to pull the rug out from under the 11,000 jobs on the Keystone Pipeline and start ending the fossil fuel economy, the foundation of the middle class; stop construction of the border wall and its 5,000 jobs to open the country to any and all terrified refugees sent here by George; put the federal government to work getting poor black folks into white suburbs in the name of equity; and push transgenders into school sports, allowing de-testicled males to compete and shower with girls and young women in school sports, confusing middle class kids about their sexuality.

Even before Joe moved, smiling blankly, through his inauguration, saying he will defend the constitution, George had amassed some 9,000 terrified refugees in Central America for the 1,000 mile trip north, hoping to land into Joe’s new welcoming government welfare arms by Spring.

Given the fact that they stole the election, it makes one wonder if the Musketeers could have put forth a monkey and gotten him elected, then rubber stamp their executive orders. 

Then again, maybe they did.

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