Why do lizards like George Soros, who wants to destroy America and just might do it, have to live so long? The real question is, when he croaks, will his corrupted stable of politicians like Barack Obama have the same dark will to continue his march toward a borderless, socialist New World Order, or have they all gotten too rich and lazy.

So much of the shit that has hit the fan this coronavirus election year can be linked directly to George Soros, the 90-year-old billionaire Hungarian globalist, who lost his soul to the Nazi’s in 1944 and wants to do the same to America, establishing a borderless, socialist, atheist, capitalist-free world, where everyone is equal and poor, except George’s anointed elite.    

The list of demonic events that George had his lizard grip on this year include:

  • The totalitarian lockdown imposed by corrupted governors and mayors, with 40 million decent, honest people thrown needlessly out of work;
  • The tens of thousands of businesses forced to go under;
  • Rioting and looting of business districts by the BLM and Antifa Marxists and anarchists;
  • Mass anxiety spread through the country by a mean, corrupted, lying media, hysterically turning a normal flu into the Black Plague and scaring the shit out of the middle class;
  • The endless demonizing of Trump by the so-called news organizations;
  • The destruction of once great cities like New York and Chicago and Los Angeles by scumbag mayors and governors, who locked down honest people unnecessarily while allowing rioters to destroy businesses and keep people in fear;
  • The election of prosecutors in those cities who let the rioters go free, and released criminals back onto the streets by the thousands;
  • The massive election fraud in battleground states to get brain-dead Joe Biden into the White House;
  • The coverup of Joe’s son Hunter’s sleazy dealings with foreign countries, kept from the electorate by Big Tech and the media before the election.

All have George’s slimy, dirty money and paid-off, corrupted politicians behind them.  

One might ask, “How can one scumbag wreak so much damage on the American people and their system of government?”

Well, he’s rich as Midas, for one thing, with billions made through his off-shore hedge fund, driving down currencies and wrecking economies around the world for decades.  He made his first billion in 1992 by shorting $10 billion in British pounds, earning the label “the man who broke the bank of England,” sending the UK into a recession from which it has not fully recovered.  He did the same to currencies and economies in Malaysia, Russia, France. 

George put his winnings into his Open Society Foundations, which is now estimated to be $18 billion: a tax-exempt non-profit which funds more than 500 socialist-promoting groups worldwide, including more than 200 in the United States.  In the U.S., OSF millions have gone to such wonderful causes as Black Lives Matter; others that promote criminal justice “reform” to end mass incarceration and cut felons loose;  funds to organizations that promote illegal immigration and open-borders; still other millions to left-wing media to attack conservative views and tear away at middle-class values, like same-sex marriage, legalized pot, abortion on demand, expanding social welfare programs, while still other millions sent to groups that attack capitalism and Christianity. 

In Europe, OSF funds have gone for decades to groups that try to destabilize governments and promote socialism.  In Central America, OCF money has gone to spreading fear within countries and sending refugee caravans through Mexico to the U.S. border.  Soros was behind all those millions of Syrian refugees who flooded into western Europe to destabilize those democracies and burden country finances with more social welfare.

It’s all been to reshape global politics and install his grand globalist vision of a highly-regulated world with open borders and no religion, where everyone is poor and equal, all ruled by himself and his trusted, anointed leaders and bureaucrats.  It’s his own, planned out New World Order, but really is a communist state ruled by himself and anointed billionaire kings and millionaire princes.

George’s grand prize, of course, has always been America.  There is quote ascribed to him on the internet that says: “The destruction of America would be the culmination of my life’s work.”  Whether real or not, the quote describes his goal and dark inner, soulless personality.

He has been trying to get his minions into the White House this entire millennium.  In 2004, he called the defeat of capitalist George W. Bush, “the central focus of my life; a matter of life and death.”  When Bush won, he spent $25 million of his dirty money to fund the Center for American Progress with former Clinton aides, headed by Bill’s former chief of staff John Podesta, to “further progressive values,” namely destroying capitalism, opening borders, and taking down the white middle class.

He was Hillary’s largest campaign doner, giving some $10 million through PACs he controlled, but then latched his wealth to a young, bi-racial man who could move people like Martin Luther King.  The Center for American Progress would become the foundation of the Obama White House, with Podesta heading up the presidential transition team.

The Obama Administration would work closely to further George’s OCF goals: over-regulating the financial markets and businesses to make it harder for businesses to run; staffing the EPA with Marxists to take down the extractive industries – oil and mining – the building blocks of the middle class. 

Barack and his team got same-sex marriage approved by the Supreme Court, and passed the Affordable Care Act, a step toward socialized medicine that further crushed independent businesses and the middle class.   He introduced the concept of the Transgender to us all, forcing it into public schools, the military, government agencies and corporations, to further confuse middle-class heterosexual minds.  

All the while, Barack and his State Department worked with OSF organizations to destabilize and further socialism in Central America and Europe.  In one such venture, the State Department paid for the translation of Barack’s favorite book – Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals – into the Albanian language.

George helped Secretary of State Hillary and husband Bill get rich by turning the Clinton Foundation into a pay-for-play shakedown operation with foreign governments. He was very well behind the scenes when Hunter Biden got rich, especially in the Ukraine, where George is almost a cabinet member.

But, as the baton was set to be passed to Hillary for another four years, a populist capitalist with a blonde combover unexpectedly won the election.  George lost $1 billion on a market bet that Hillary would win.  He was enraged, and beside himself.  So for the next four years, he spent his wealth and energy on removing the Donald, with the fury of the media he had corrupted, principally CNN, to take the capitalist down.  The media dutifully obeyed, using Saul Alinsky tactics of lying, ridicule, relentless pressure to take him out, with a fake Russian Collusion narrative, then a bullshit impeachment inquiry led by his paid-off flunkies Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi, as his White House media whores, led by CNN’s Jim Acosta, attacked at every news conference.

Behind the scenes, George worked with his godson Barack to corrupt other politicians and the election system for 2020.  He didn’t want any slip-ups, or anything left to chance this time.  He was getting close to 90, and was running out of time.

During the Obama years, George had worked with Barack and his Justice Department to set up Dominion Voting Systems, which had software designed to rig elections and were used by Caesar Chavez in Venezuela, as the dominant provider of electronic voting machines in the country, often paying off state officials to accept the machines.  DVS machines would be installed in all the potential battleground states of Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia by the time of the election.

One of George’s investment arms had given money to a laboratory in Wuhan, China, beginning in 2012 that did research on vivo disease models in cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic and infectious diseases.  So it’s a good bet he knew what was coming the States as we rounded the corner to the election year.

When the coronavirus first hit the U.S., in late 2019 and early 2020, no one seemed alarmed.  Nancy Pelosi ate ice cream in San Francisco’s Chinatown, urging others to do the same.  Little Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, said nobody needs to wear a mask, they’ll be fine, it was like any other flu.   Just wash your hands often and don’t touch your face.  Stay home if you feel sick.

Then, in March, George and Barack’s loyal CNN launched into battle mode, declaring COVID-19 the new Black Plague.  Their progressive governors and mayors in California, Illinois, New York and Michigan soon declared states of emergency, even before anyone had died, shutting down cities, issuing “shelter-in-place” home confinement, closing restaurants, schools, churches. 

Trump, who wanted to keep the economy open, was shamed into organizing a White House Coronavirus Task Force, with Dr. Fauci, who by then was on the program, saying millions would die and that we should probably never shake hands again.  Other states followed suit, shutting businesses, directing people to wear the once-worthless masks and stay six feet apart.  The governors and mayors would take care of you now.

But this was, after all, about George and Barack winning the election and taking back the coveted White House.

On March 11, a week after their friend California Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency, friend Ron Wyden, the Democratic Senator from Oregon, proposed allowing all Americans to vote by mail in case of an emergency, and asked for $500 million to help states get ready for any voter disruptions caused by the “now-pandemic” coronavirus.

In early April, George gave a few million to his favorite law school, the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, to come back with a recommendation for nationwide mail-in voting to protect everyone from the coronavirus.  They dutifully followed.

Then Barack directed his former Senior Advisor David Plouffe to go to Facebook to take a job leading the policy advocacy efforts of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a “charitable” organization set up by Facebook founder and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan.  Plouffe got a grant for $400 million from the foundation, and directed $350 million to the Center for Tech and Civic Life (DTCL), an activist voting group promoting electronic voting with ties to Barack.

Then Plouffe, who had written the pamphlet “How to defeat Donald Trump,” went around with DTCL to battleground states – Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania – to help election officials prepare for  voting under the Black Plague, such as where to put drop boxes for harvested ballots; having polling take place in large arenas; paying Democratic poll watchers a higher wage and teaching them how to distract and keep Republican watchers from observing.

They even went to Secretaries of States and the courts in Michigan and Pennsylvania, getting them to allow late ballots to come in after election day; back dating ballots, controlling “dumping” of piles of ballots at the last minute if Trump was ahead.

In Georgia, everything was under control.  Barack’s good friend Stacey Abrams was leading the charge, with Dominion voting machines installed every county and mail-in ballots ready to be harvested.  They were even able to bring out suitcases of Biden votes in Atlanta after the polls closed and people went home, unfortunately caught on camera.  But too late, they would be counted.

George would even be able to unleash his Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists on dozens of American cities, with the help of Barack’s old pal in Chicago, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, under the false flag of police brutality against blacks, causing $1 billion in damage to capitalist enterprises and stirring fear in the white middle class, adding another layer of anxiety to their coronavirus terror.  Barack would supply the more peaceful marchers through his 30,000-strong Organizing for Action non-profit, who would help tear down statues of old white men.

Few would be charged with any crimes during the looting, because George had put into office the district attorneys who would let them go.

By the time the Donald caught wind of the massive election fraud, his legal team would be stonewalled and turned down on procedural matters by Judges, many of who, like poll workers who witnessed fraud, were getting intimidated from stepping forward to testify or ruling on the cases for Trump.

Five days after the election, George’s media, led by ABC – it would have been too obvious if CNN had stepped up first – declared demented Joe Biden the winner, followed like sheep by the others, even though the five battleground states were still open and the electors had not been chosen.

But George and Barack appeared to have pulled it off.  Barack got on 60 Minutes the following Sunday, hawking his new book A Promised Land, a title which he said alluded his hope we could form “a more perfect union, and sitting in front of a portrait of Abraham Lincoln, saying Trump should put aside his ego and concede for the good of the nation.

George was in his mansion in Katonah in upstate New York, basking in his victory: the crown jewel in his march to a New World Order seemingly in his grasp.  It was such a long way he had come, from 1944 in Budapest, Hungary, when, as a 14-year-old named Jewish teen, Gyorgy Schwartz, a year beyond his Bar Mitzvah, his father paid a government official to take him into their Christian family, and he went around with the government official to help the Nazi’s confiscate Jewish property.   

The entire population of 600,000 Hungarian Jews, except  would be wiped out, many of them Gyorgy had known in Budapest who he would never see again, while he was saved, pretending to be a Christian standing next to the Nazi SS.

“That’s where my character was made,” George would much later tell 60 Minutes.  “It was a tremendous threat of evil” which he would never be able to shake off.

He would never believe in a God afterwards.  He processed the evil by developing “an exaggerated view of self-importance – to put it bluntly I fancied myself as some kind of god or an economic reformer like Keynes or, even better a scientist like Einstein,” often thinking of himself as “some kind of god, the creator of everything.” 

“If truth be known,” he said. “I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me since childhood,” comparing himself to the God of the Old Testament.

But now, at 90, believing in no God but himself, after all his billions funding the Open Society Foundation to take down America, and buying the souls of politicians, he is seeing the eternal blackness ahead without any redemption.

Those George has bought off, like Barack and Podesta and the Clintons, don’t seem to have the drive he had to finish the job, which is looming ahead as the Great Reset after Biden gets inaugurated, to take down American capitalism and its middle class.  They seem to have gotten soft with the riches he brought them.  His heir-apparent son, Alexander, is as worthless as Uday and Qusay, Saddam Hussain’s offspring. 

Too bad the Nazi’s had to take Hungary near the end of the war, to keep the Hungarian government from making a pact with the Allies.  Gyorgy might have turned into a decent human being, and we wouldn’t be in such a mess. 

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