How can Joe Biden, with early dementia, who wants to raise taxes, end the fossil fuel economy, is as corrupt as any politician ever, who wants us to stay locked down and wearing masks, possibly become president? Because he has Barack Obama’s Progressive troops and media behind him, to make him seem normal, steal millions of votes, censure anything negative, while keeping the fear going on Trump.

On the surface, seeing Joe Biden, supposedly ahead in the race for the presidency just before the election seems like some kind of bizarre science fiction.

Here’s a 78-year-old career political hack, with clearly declining mental capacity, possibly early dementia, hiding a vacant stare with aviator glasses, who can’t get through a two-sentence thought read from a teleprompter without stumbling, having difficulty getting through the last days of the campaign, yet is supposedly ahead in the polls.

But more than that.  Joe has stated that he wants to raise taxes on the rich and middle class, end our fossil-fuel economy while creating millions of fantasy jobs with alternative energy, while moving us toward socialized medicine and a Green New Deal, which would essentially kill the economy and send us into a depression.

Then there’s the case of his greedy son Hunter, who Joe helped become a millionaire while Joe was Vice President, shaking down foreign governments like Russia and Ukraine and China for access to the Biden family and it’s political influence, before and after Joe left office, helping Hunter become even richer with China, with Joe – mentioned in Hunter’s emails as “the Big Guy” – apparently getting a 10 percent cut of the action.

How can it be this man be leading in the polls for the most important elected office in our land?

The answer is that he is being propped up by the Democratic Party behind the curtain, headed by his former boss and our former President and Leader of the Free World Barack Obama, who is not only driving Joe’s election bid through his 30,000 member progressive Organizing for Action non-profit, with the help of George Soros and his $18 billion Open Society Foundations to dismantle American Democracy and its Capitalism. 

Between the two of them, they also control the mainstream media, which they are hoping will be the key to their re-election to the White House.  They also have operatives inside the giant tech companies – Twitter, Google, Facebook – censuring any information that Joe is not mentally equipped or is anything but an honest politician.  Because, make no mistake: Joe is not the true candidate driving his own campaign.  He is merely a demented puppet being propped up through the election.    

Barack and his Progressives not only have control of the mainstream media, the major networks like NBC, ABC, CBS and of course his own personal network CNN, he controls the political coverage by the once-great-now-socialist propaganda newspapers The New York Times and The Washington Post.

These news outlets have two missions in the lead up to the election.  One, hide and censure any information that Joe is demented or that he and his son are massive political crooks and, Two, keep the fear alive on the coronavirus scam and blame it all on Trump the capitalist, because the media has feverishly made the coronavirus lockdown the main issue in the campaign.

As we have seen the past few weeks, Barack and his Progressive (read Commie) radicals have also infiltrated the big tech companies like Twitter and Google and Facebook, censuring not just any views that the coronavirus is not as lethal as the media and “Dr. Death” Fauci have told us, but have blocked any references to the sleaze that was on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

So to most American’s who watch the news thinking they are honest dispensers of journalist truth, they believe that the Progressive mayors and governors who have locked down and destroyed cities like New York and Chicago and Los Angeles have done so to protect us from the Black Plague, not consolidate their power and keep people in fear until at least the election. 

No reporting whatsoever that of the 4 percent of the population who test positive for the virus, 99.9 percent of them will survive just fine.  The schools and churches and restaurants in states ruled by the Progressives must stay shut, at least until the election, perhaps longer, as “Dr. Death” Fauci warns.  Joe says he wants the lockdown to continue indefinitely, with everyone wearing masks, “until we get this virus under control.”

Because of the mainstream media, which has not reported on the Hunter and Joe’s scam, about 50 percent of Americans don’t even know about the laptop, or if they do, believe it is a “Russian disinformation campaign” designed to smear Joe, which is how Barack’s media team has responded.

So as election day nears, Joe to most people is a fully functioning, honest candidate for the Democratic Party running a campaign for the “Soul of America,” not a mentally-challenged political hack who wants to dismantle American capitalism and its middle class the way his predecessor wanted to do in the name of “Hope and Change.”

As insurance for those Democrats and independents who might see through the façade built around Joe, there is Barack’s army of ballot harvesters, in the 26 states where it is legal to collect mail-in ballots from voters and deliver them to collection boxes, by the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, and vote them for people.  This is why we are seeing a record number of ballots voted this year.  Barack’s troops have been super busy community organizing.

All we can hope for is what happened in 2016, when a truly populist candidate for president appealed to voters tired of government corruption and intrusion into their lives, and went to the polls to elect him.

The question is weather the media demonizing of that man for four years, and the lockdown and fear imposed over a manufactured health scare, will be enough to turn the political tide for the socialists.  

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