Hey Millennials, ever wonder why the media doesn’t say anything about Hunter’s emails? Because they have become propaganda tools for the socialists to hide corruption and win back the White House any dirty way they can, and keep the corruption going.

It’s like 2016 déjà vu all over again, as Yogi Berra might say.

This time, we have a laptop computer from Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President and now Presidential candidate Joe Biden, filled with emails about his business dealings with foreign governments when his father was in office, detailing how he gave access to Joe and made millions in payments from those governments for access to his father.  A portion of the payments may have even gone to Joe, or “the Big Guy,” as emails indicate.

It’s all reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s private email server when she was Secretary of State, which disappeared inside the FBI and scrubbed of information that likely included details of her dealings with foreign businesses, funneling money to the Clinton Foundation in pay-for-play donations, including the Uranium One deal that helped sell U.S. uranium to the Russians.

But while Hillary’s laptop and emails disappeared – except for some that miraculously appeared on congressman-turned-underage-sex-offender Anthony Weiner’s laptop – the Hunter emails remained intact and saved, though no thanks to the FBI in both cases. 

Hunter had left his laptop with a computer repair shop in Delaware, never picked it up (do you think he wanted to get caught?), and the shop owner turned it over to the FBI.   When the FBI did nothing about it, the shop owner, a Trump supporter, gave it to Rudy Giuliani’s attorney, and the emails found their way to the New York Post.

Like the FBI scrubbing emails from Hillary’s disappeared laptop, the surviving emails from Hunter’s should have been the political corruption story of the century: a sitting Vice President allowing his son get rich from foreign governments by selling access to his dad the vice president, who even perhaps took a cut himself, just as Hillary, as Secretary of State, sold corrupted American foreign policy while filling the Clinton Foundation coffers with their pay-for-play millions.

Both were the kinds of corrupt sleaze one might find in any number of Third World countries, or in Russia or China or the Ukraine, where government corruption is part of doing business and sleazy people like Hillary and Hunter get rich.

But even more scummy, bordering on sinister, has been the reaction by the so called “mainstream media” – led as usual by CNN, the NBCs, The New York Times and the Washington Post – to suppress news of the laptop and its contents, along with the sleaziest members of congress like Adam Schiff, who blamed the whole laptop narrative on a disinformation campaign by the Russians.

Unfortunately, the tens of millions who faithfully watch CNN and CNBC and MSNBC and read the New York Times and Washington Post, along with other media outlets, as bearers of journalistic truth, believe the lies.  But they are liars and whores.  This is, after all, an election year for president, and they must win back the White House at all costs.

Now, with exception of the NYPost and a few at FOX reporting the true story of Hunter’s laptop, the rest the mainstream media have subtly become propaganda arms for the socialists.   And behind them, as their re-shapers and manipulators, are our once (and maybe future) 44th President and Commander in Chief Barack, along with his aging godfather, 90-year-old George Soros, who still hopes to take down America and install his borderless globalism before he goes to meet Satan.

Barack from his Oval Office and George with his $18 billion Open Society Foundations were the principals in transforming the media during the eight years of the Obama Administration. 

Barack came to Washington, D.C. from Chicago, the most corrupt political city in America, where some have described City Hall as both a “criminal enterprise” and a “place where corruption is legal, “and with his Chicago gang helped take Washington’s sleaze to a whole other level.

What Hillary did with her private email server and helping enrich the Clinton Foundation at the expense of American diplomatic integrity, and what Joe did in allowing son Hunter to get rich by selling access to the White House, are the kinds of pay-to-play sleaze that happens in Chicago’s City Hall every day, carving up taxpayer dollars and enriching the lizards who run the government and their loyal real estate and contractor friends.

The Chicago politics Barack and his friends brought also led to the corruption of the FBI at the highest levels during the 2016, when Barack and Hillary produced a fake dossier of Trump/Russian collusion, rammed it through the FBI and FISA Courts to spy on Trump, which played out hysterically for two years on CNN to try and take Trump down. 

Chicago politics was also Adam Schiff and his fake impeachment inquiry, which played for another year on CNN.  Then the coronavirus scam, where the numbers of deaths have been inflated and rigged, with bounties paid to hospitals who declare deaths without autopsies, and governors like Cuomo direct  infected patients into nursing homes, so CNN can keep the hysteria going and cities locked down.  It’s all Chicago politics.

And what has happened to the media in America is what has been going on in Chicago for decades, with a few exceptions, where the press has looked past all the corruption as the Democrats took the city toward a financial cliff, and ignored the black-on-black genocide which, together with the corruption and unnecessary coronavirus lockdown, are destroying the city.

Just as Barack took Chicago corruption to the Oval Office, and allowed Hillary and Joe to cut deals to make their families rich, he and Soros have thoroughly corrupted the media, destroying honest journalism, to where the media is now merely a gang of political hacks to help further their globalist/communist/socialist cause. And Twitter and Facebook and Google have all joined in lockstep to censor anything negative on Joe.

Now, two weeks away from the Presidential election, the media may be the deciding factor in whether voters see a corrupt, hack politician with a very real mental impairment as an honest person who can  lead the country.  Or if they have come to believe that a person who is a strong, competent leader, who actually loves America and fights for it and its ideals, is really a racist and sexist who bungled the coronavirus pandemic, like the media says.

Because if Barack and George’s media wins this election, we all go back to the ways of Chicago as a nation.

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