What have the progressive/socialist/ commies done to my beautiful, beloved Chicago? They’re using this pandemic to turn that once glorious city into a Moscow, or Beijing.

Before this coronavirus shit hit the fan, and the totalitarian progressive/socialist/commies took over, I would have put my beloved Chicago up against any city in the world.

It wasn’t just the jewel of Lake Michigan or the parks, up and down Lake Shore Drive, which opened up the brawling city into glorious blue as far as you could see.  It wasn’t the 20th Century architecture of Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Roe, which defined the city after the Great Fire with a new uniquely American prairie style apart from staid, old Europe.

No, what was different about Chicago was its industriousness and the work ethic of its people, who came originally from Eastern Europe and Ireland to work the steel mills and stockyards and dig the canals, build machinery for the farms and transport and trade the grain that flowed into the city from the surrounding fields.

They were a hard working lot, and their dedication to the work ethic carried through the 20th century and into the new millennium, as it’s skyscrapers and financial markets and downtown bustle came to rival New York. 

While New York and San Francisco were more cosmopolitan, and Los Angeles laid back and hip, Chicago always rolled up its sleeves and went to work.

But more than that: it was her people.  They were Midwesterners, grounded in the earth, who made Chicago the friendliest big city on the planet.  The waitresses, the clerks in the stores, the middle-aged, wisecracking female servers at Lou Mitchells coffee shop, the sarcastic pastrami slicer at Manny’s Delicatessen, the young kids serving Italian Ice at Mario’s on Taylor Street in Little Italy.  They were all genuine, salt of the earth souls, pleasant and friendly as could be while they worked, helping define the working spirit of the city of encased meats and deep-dish pizza, as well as everyone’s jovial overweight girth.

Yes, Chicago always had the scummiest politicians on the planet, who ran a criminal enterprise out of City Hall, with pay-to-play schemes for big federal contracts.  The bureaucrats and city workers on the payroll were slugs, who collected taxpayer money for working at half-speed.  But they were tolerated by working stiffs, like the crappy weather and bad sports teams and constant expressway construction, as long as they didn’t interfere with the hard-working honest people doing their jobs, and kept the trains running and snow plowed well enough to get to work.

Since late 20th Century, there have always been three separate Chicago’s, white and black and Mexican.  To the Northwest and Southwest were Polish and Slavs, Italians and Irish, all hard workers, descendants of the steel mills and stockyards.  To the South and Southwest sides came the most Mexicans of any city outside L.A., who were mostly family people and the hardest workers of them all in construction and restaurants.  To the North, in the old Germantown along the lake, were the young urban professionals and gays, and included the affluent Gold Coast of executives and inherited wealth.

Over the course of the 20th Century, a milion blacks flowed into the city, mostly from Mississippi and Louisiana, and came to be segregated rigidly by Boss Richard J. Daley beginning in the 1950s, kept in their place by Daley’s racist and brutal Irish and Slavic cops. 

Blacks were kept out of the economy and labor unions, but early on their families remained intact – more so than whites – until Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society welfare took hold in the 1960s, fathers became unnecessary, the drug culture became the neighborhood money flow, Martin Luther King was assassinated, and the neighborhoods descended into war zone ghettos controlled by fatherless teenage gangbangers.

The rest of working Chicago never understood or knew what to do about the poor black neighborhoods, or the violence, so it went on, because the political leaders were more into lining their pockets than in urban renewal or reform.  Working middle-class black families eventually moved to South suburbs to escape the violence so, as the millennium turned, the West and South Side neighborhood streets came under control of young thugs, while domestic violence and child abuse descended further into living hell.

There were good friendships between whites and blacks through all the segregation, most often in integrated places of work or restaurants.

Still, working Chicago went on, friendly and collegial on the surface as ever, until the coronavirus fear campaign hit, which was orchestrated and directed by the Progressives from Hyde Park, near intellectual University of Chicago, who are led by principals Barack “Hope and Change” Obama, our radical former 44th President and Commander in Chief and his wife Michelle, who grew up on the South Side during the reign of Richard J. Daley. 

The Progressives also include Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers, the former 1960s Weather Underground bomb maker, and his angry wife and fellow Weather Underground bomb-making radical communist Bernadine “Kill the Pigs” Dohrn, two spoiled, narcissistic children of upper middle class suburban upbringing that daddy never said “no” to.

Bernadine and Bill have spent the last four decades since coming up from the underground – apart from launching Barack’s political career – in doing what they can to dismantle the their despised “system of white supremacy,” namely capitalism and the white middle class. 

As Bernadine, now 78, said during their Weather Underground days:  “The best thing that we can be doing for ourselves, as well as for the [Black] Panthers and the revolutionary black liberation struggle, is to build a fucking white revolutionary movement.”

Both became college professors, and Bill helped ramrod the teaching of “social justice” curriculum into the schools, to teach young children that America is a racist society (“education is the motor force of revolution,” Bill would say); get as many black convicts out of prison as possible in the name of prison reform; demonize police in Chicago to turn blacks against them; and help organize black radical activists groups like Black Lives Matter, modeled after their Weather Underground, which have terrorized a dozen cities across the country under the banner of George Floyd and the false flag of police brutality.  

The two self-described communist bomb makers (one of Bernadine’s bombs killed a San Francisco cop in 1971) turned college professors have been active in spreading their black liberation gospel through the black community in Chicago that all the suffering and gun violence on the South and West Sides is due not to the welfare state creating enraged fatherless males, but due to the “system of white supremacy,” which must be brought down.

Ayers, along with Marxist Priest Father Michael Pfleger from all-black St. Sabina parish on 79th Street, has been working with young blacks to turn them in hatred against white society, a message of “systemic racism” which their friend Barack helped take nationwide this election season.  In 2016 in Chicago, the police demonizing campaign was given a boost when a white cop shot and killed an black teen Laquon McDonald 16 times, which dominated headlines for two years, while hundreds of young blacks were murdered by other young black males, with thousands of young blacks shot and wounded, none by police.

Barack did his part to further racial hatred and demonizing of police by sending his Justice Department to Chicago and declaring the police department a “racist organization,” which accelerate the number of civil rights lawsuits, with multi-million dollar taxpayer settlements – an innovative way to redistribute wealth in a bankrupt city.

Then in 2019 the Progressives – which was another name for Communist in 1930s Chicago – secretly  backed the election of tiny African American lesbian Lori Lightfoot Mayor to Mayor, in the lowest voter turnout in the city’s history. 

They also got into the Governor’s mansion in Springfield their long-time friend – fat, stupid J.B. Pritzker who used $186 million of his $3.5 billion in inherited family wealth to buy the Governor’s office despite news reports that came out during the campaign that he removed the toilets from one of his North Side mansions to save $240,000 in taxes.  

The Progressives needed loyal Lesbian Lori and Fatso Pritzker in office in order to shut down the city and state for the coronavirus, and keep it shut down like other fascist progressive governors and mayors in New York and California, all good friends of Barack’s, something that’s never been done in the history of the country or of pandemic viruses, suspending constitutional liberties and shutting down the free enterprise system. Lightfoot and Pritzker, like the others, are fascist bullies who only care about protecting their power.

They have also rigged the coronavirus death statistics, Chicago style, reaping federal COVID relief dollars through the massive scam that incentivizes hospitals to reap $43,000 for each declared COVID death, when almost every one of them has some serious underling illness, like diabetes or heart disease or hypertension. Hospitals get $13,000 for admitting a patent and saying its coronavirus. Even for Chicago, it’s been a federal windfall of epic proportions.

It’s all been an attack on Bill and Bernadine’s despised “system of white supremacy” – capitalism and the white middle class – of epic proportions: keeping schools closed, churches restricted, restaurants going out of business by the hundreds, if not thousands.

They’ve also used it as a way to stir racial fears and hatreds, allowing Black Lives Matter demonstrators to freely loot and burn city business districts and tear down statues of white heroes; finding white police brutality and killings of blacks, while the black-on-black genocide continues un-noticed on the South and West Sides, which has accelerated with schools closed.  

But for Chicago, the greatest tragic destruction of this coronavirus attack may ultimately be the spirit of the wonderful people of Chicago, who are being programmed through fear and mask wearing and social distancing to be less friendly and fearful of one another. 

Marx said that in order to install communism, ideologues must first destroy the spirit of a people in the rise to power.  Let’s just pray Chicagoans recover, so the city doesn’t become like Moscow or Beijing, which is what the Progressives want.

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