Say it ain’t so, Bob and Carl. The socialists have bought the great Woodward and Bernstein brand. Now they are dupes paid to demonize the capitalist Donald, while ignoring the worst government corruption scandal in history, wrought by Barack Obama and his gang, just like the journalistic whores at CNN and the rest of the blind media sheep.

The Millennials have no way of remembering this, because they weren’t born yet, but the names Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein were synonymous with journalistic integrity and fairness in reporting.

Now, they have sold their once-great reporting souls to the socialist devils, and are just another couple of hacks with no shame paid to bring down a democratically elected, capitalist president who has done nothing illegal or corrupt.

The names Woodward and Bernstein were once synonymous with the journalistic creed, which hangs in the Press Club in Washington, D.C., that reads: “I believe that the public journal is a public trust; that all connected with it are, to the full measure of their responsibility, trustees for the public; that acceptance of a lesser service than the public service is betrayal of that trust.”

The Press used to be the noble Forth Estate, an unofficial fourth branch of government, there to protect the constitution and the nation from government corruption and political tyranny.  Now it is filled with socialist whores who, ever since the election of the Capitalist, has use every sleazy tactic and dirty trick and slander to take him down.

In the early 1970s, Woodward and Bernstein became heroes to every young person who wanted to enter the low-paying profession as a noble cause, entrusted with the great responsibility to report the news fairly, while keeping an objective eye on government corruption and public officials trampling on the constitution, protecting the rest of us from tyrants and sleazy pols who betrayed that trust for their own pollical ends.

As young reporters with the Washington Post, they were assigned on June 17, 1972 to cover a burglary at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate Complex in Washington D.C. 

With doggedness and determination, led by their fearless editor Ben Brandlee, they traced the money trail of the burglary, and its attempted cover it up, all the way to the upper levels of the Justice Department, the FBI and CIA, and finally to the Oval Office of then President Richard M. Nixon and his inner circle, who were using the highest office in the land to dig up dirt on their political opponents.

The investigative reporting and stories by Woodward and Bernstein led to the formation of a Senate Watergate Committee, which then led to the creation of a grand jury and indictments of several former Nixon aides, and eventually to the impeachment inquiry of Nixon himself, forcing him to resign in shame on August 9, 1974, two years after Woodward Bernstein were first assigned the story.

With doggedness and determination, checking their facts two and three times under Bradley’s direction, the two honest, young reporters had brought down a corrupt president.  It was a pinnacle of journalism, its most glorious and shining moment, and brought many eager, honest young people into the profession, wanting to be like Bob and Carl.

Now they are paid hacks in a corrupted politicized media that was taken over and restructured by the socialists during the Obama years – led by CNN, the New York Times, and ironically, the Washington Post – and followed like brainwashed sheep by the rest of the mainstream media, whose sole purpose now is to demonize and remove a democratically elected, capitalist president with blonde combover who has done nothing corrupt or illegal except fairly take the Oval Office from the socialists.  

Of the revered partnership, Bernstein was the first to go, getting paid large sums by CNN, the worst of the Obama-corrupted media, to become one of its dupes, starting with the false “Russian Collusion” narrative, going on air with the rest of lying newsreaders to bash Trump.  He would affirm for television viewers that the collusion story – which the media hysterically shrieked for two years that the Donald allegedly worked with the Russians to influence the election – was worse than Watergate, and Trump more corrupt than Nixon. 

And Carl should know.  He was there with Bob and won a Pulitizer Prize, and he wouldn’t lie.  But he was.  

But it was all bullshit, and Carl knew it.  But blood money is blood money, and one has to pay the bills.  Plus getting on television, resurrecting the Woodward Bernstein brand on national television was better than sitting at home in the basement and forgotten.    

Woodward, still employed by the Post, soon followed with a book, entitled Rage, about the Trump White House and the Donald’s alleged management style.  CNN and the socialists like to reward their dupes with books they promote into best sellers, like they did with Former FBI Director James Comey, who should be in jail for leaking classified documents to the media on Trump, but instead had someone ghostwrite A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership, trashing Trump.  Comey never said what that higher loyalty was, though it was likely more to the socialists.  Certainly not integrity. Now, Comey has his own movie, thanks to the socialists’ control of Hollywood.

As we approach the election, Carl is back on CNN in front of his basement camera, saying what Trump did at a rally allowing people not to wear masks to protect themselves from the invisible COVID spores, was “homicide.”  Bob also came out with another book – Fear – about Trump again, in which his blockbuster revelation was that Trump said back in March he knew the coronavirus could be transmitted airborne, but didn’t tell anyone, which CNN used to launch more hysteria.

All the while, the great Woodward Bernstein remained silent about the worst government corruption scandal in the history of the country – Barack Obama and his White House thoroughly corrupting the FBI, Justice Department, the CIA and intelligence agencies, as well as the State Department, to produce a fake dossier on Trump, passing it through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court in order to spy on Trump’s campaign.

Obama’s corruption makes Nixon look like a boy scout.  But we may never know about it, because even if a current investigation underway by U.S. Attorney John Durham comes back with a story of mass government sleaze under Obama, CNN and the rest of the media won’t report on it. 

And Woodward Bernstein will be too busy counting their blood money.

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