With Chicago imploding, tiny mean lesbian Mayor Lori Lightfoot closes public schools until at least November, because her bosses Barack and Valerie haven’t finished rubbing raw sores of discontent before the election.

What a whirlwind year it’s been for Chicago’s tiny, mean lesbian Mayor Lori Lightfoot, with no stop for a honeymoon.

She came out of nowhere, but in just 15 months, the four-foot-something Lori, who never smiles, has taken over the city like a miniature Boss Richard J. Daley, keeping residents in a fascist coronavirus lockdown, throwing thousands out of work, closing just about every sit-down restaurant and friendly place of gathering, which has destroyed hundreds if not thousands of small businesses, while never once blinking those large, blank amphibious eyes.  

On top of the lockdown of hundreds of thousands of working residents, tiny Lori has given Black Lives Matter demonstrators and looters free reign of the downtown Loop and affluent North Side Gold Coast shops and upscale stores.

On two separate occasions, looters roamed retail districts, breaking windows and destroying businesses, as they first pretended to protest the killing of black George Floyd at the knee of a white cop in Minneapolis on May 25th, similar to other BLM attacks and looting riots that occurred in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York and others which also have Progressive (Socialist) mayors like Lori.

Then, six weeks after Floyd’s death, a Chicago cop shot a black man in the Englewood ghetto who had shot at them first, and all hell broke loose again.  Lori acknowledged that the second wave of looters were part of a “planned attack,” methodically moving through the Loop business district and up along Michigan Avenue’s Magnificent Mile, some pulling up with U-Haul trailers to load merchandise – “reparations” they would call the clothes and television sets they carried away from stores as they went.

As the city’s new police superintendent, David Brown, who is black, said of the looting: “Criminals took to the streets with the confidence that there would be no consequences for their actions.”   That’s because, as in other looted cities, Chicago had a States Attorney in Kim Foxx, a black woman helped into office by the deep pockets of billionaire George Soros, who wants to destroy America before he dies, and the criminals knew they would not be charged and if arrested and let go, under the moniker of “restorative justice.”

There were more peaceful, though angry demonstrators in between, including marches up and down the affluent white lakefront, with protestors throwing stones and bottles of ice at police protecting the statue of explorer-turned-racist Christopher Columbus, which Lori finally had to remove in the middle of the night, she said, just to keep the peace.

But through it all, tiny, mean lesbian Lori never blinked.  When aldermen screamed at the destruction, she backed off a Mexican-American alderman, saying the alderman was “full of shit” and she was tired of his “preening.”  She dismissed and backed off another downtown alderman who railed about the looting, saying he was known to not think before he talked.    

Little Lori has even skated through one of the bloodiest summers ever in Chicago, without taking any blame.  Halfway through September the city has tallied 512 mostly young black male bodies killed and another 2,488 shot and wounded by mostly other black shooters, not police.  When the Chicago Federation of Police asked the Donald for help because they weren’t getting help from Lori, Lightfoot told Donald to stay away, and even blamed all the gun violence on illegal firearms smuggled in from Republican states.

She has deflected all attacks with an emotionless aplomb before the news cameras, backing off reporters’ questions about her leadership by snapping back, “don’t bait us,” and the reporters, not known for their spines, have slinked away. Even old Richard J. Daley was known to explode occasionally in purple faced rages for the nightly news.  Not Lori.

She announced the closure of the city’s 642 public schools until at least November, ordering all 355,000 students to “at-home learning,” blaming the “worsening COVID-19 conditions,” as well as parents’ fears for their children’s safety, leaving parents fearful and scrambling on how to manage and teach their children until the tiny Mayor reversed her decree. 

There was no mention of what the estimated 16,000 homeless school age children are supposed to do, most of them in the black ghettos in abandoned buildings with no running water, let alone a computer.

Then, on Sept. 1, she announced that the “catastrophic collapse of our local and national economy” because of COVID-19, along with the damage to local businesses from “civil unrest” had left a $1.2 billion shortfall in city finances, which she called Chicago’s “pandemic budget” for 2021.

One might ask where does such a diminutive, blanked faced creature, with no prior experience in city government, get the strength to face the television cameras, angry aldermen, and residents locked in their homes and apartments, while the city implodes with fearful residents, destroyed businesses, looting mobs and an ongoing black-on-black genocide going on around her?

Well, she has at her back two very important people who are secretly and quietly coaching her behind the scenes.  That would be Barack Obama, our 44th President and Commander-in-Chief, who is now back “community organizing” with his 30,000-member strong Organizing for Action nonprofit, dispatching protestors to cities as needed. Alongside Barack is his ever faithful “right brain,” constant companion and always Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, who are holed up in one of Barack’s multi-million-dollar command centers in Georgetown, D.C. and Martha’s Vineyard.

Barack and Valerie are of course Chicago natives.  Valerie was a long time City Hall insider with Richard M. Daley (Richie the Younger) before heading off to Washington, D.C. with Barack.  But they and their staff are now available to support Lori 24/7 as she stares down each succeeding crisis.

Barack and Valerie are the unofficial leaders of the Chicago Progressives (progressive is another name for communist in 1940s Chicago) headquartered in Hyde Park near the University of Chicago. The other leading progressive there is Barack and Valerie’s friend Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers, the 1960s and 70s bomb maker, who lives with his fellow Weather Underground wife Bernadine “Kill the Pigs” Dohrn, cloistered in their Hyde Park spider hole.  

Bill, who calls himself a “communist with a small c,” is still very active at age 75, doing what he can to dismantle the “system of white supremacy,” namely capitalism and the white middle class.  He launched Barack’s political career from his and Bernadine’s Hyde Park home in 1995, and helped spread “social justice” teaching through the school system and college, molding impressionable minds that America is a racist, oppressive country and must be brought down.

Ayers worked with Barack during the presidency to demonize the police in Chicago, as well, with Barack’s Justice Department designating the CPD a “racist organization,” which helped accelerate million dollar civil rights law suits, a novel way to redistributed wealth from taxpayers in a bankrupting city.

Bill also helped organize and run Black Lives Matter, which their billionaire friend George Soros helps fund.  So little Lori, who rose with the silent support of the Hyde Park Progressives, must navigate the tightrope of letting the BLM trash the city and businesses, which is Bill’s agenda, while keeping the city locked down over the coronavirus, which is Barack’s agenda.

Because Barack needs more time before the November election to “rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize for radical social change,” as his spiritual mentor Saul Alinsky taught, in order to get the Donald out of the White House.  Like New York, where Barack has Bill DeBlasio doing his totalitarian bidding to destroy that city, Chicago is reaching a point of no return, where some say 50 percent of restaurants and small businesses may never come back.

But this is an important election.  And if they win, and remove the Donald from their White House, Barack and Valerie have promised Lori bigger things.  Maybe a congresswoman, or senate seat.  She just has to hang in there and stay the course.

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