Do all these millionaire black athletes know they are being duped by the Commies, just like the white stooges who support Black Lives Matter, in order to take down capitalism and the white middle class? Because if that happens, they’ll all be out of work.

These Commies are so devious. And sinister.

First, they find a handsome, young bi-racial man, send him to Harvard Law School, and teach him to read a teleprompter and sound like Martin Luther King, preaching nebulous Hope and Change. He gets endorsed by Oprah, and blacks and white suburban housewives come out in droves, thinking he will finally solve the racial divide in the country, and help urban blacks rise from their misery of violent welfare poverty.

When he gets inside the White House, he doesn’t do anything for black folks, but immediately begins to dismantle capitalism by signing more executive orders for new regulations to stifle business and money flow on Wall Street than any previous president.

He installs Marxists throughout the government: in the EPA to take down the extractive industries, the building blocks of capitalism and the middle class. He forces acceptance of homosexuals and transgenders through the business world, pushes gay marriage through the Supreme Court, forces the LGBTQ lifestyle into the military, the State Department, into the schools under the banner of “diversity,” but which are all designed to confuse the formerly heterosexual business world and white middle class.

With their man in the White House, the Commies were able to take control of the mainstream media, led by their new socialist propagandist CNN, as well as the once revered New York Times and Washington Post, staffing them with many Marxist homosexual reporters and newsreaders who could care less about a Democratic republic than they did ushering a new socialist world order.

Gradually they took control of the Democratic Party, calling themselves Progressives, a name the Commies used in the 1940s, which sounds more friendly and less threatening. They were also Alinskyites, ideological followers of Saul Alinsky, the Chicago community organizer who studied as a college student under Al Capone and wrote the book Rules for Radicals dedicated to Lucifer.

Saul was all about gaining power through threat and confrontation and by any unethical Machiavellian means possible. “You only get power as a reaction to a threat,” he said, adding: “There is no evolution without revolution, and there is no revolution without conflict. That is the line that separates liberals from radicals.” Afterward, the Democratic Party would be led by socialist radicals.

This became especially clear when a capitalist with a blond combover unexpectedly won a populist election for president and took away the Oval Office from the Marxists. Even before he was inaugurated, they cut loose their Alinsky attack dogs at CNN and MSNBC and the NYTimes, to take him down, demonizing and ridiculing him at every turn, taking a false Russian collusion narrative and screeching it hysterically through the airwaves and into our homes and businesses and schools, using criminally leaked information from their pals in government, as well as a steady flow of lies, to amp up anxiety that we had elected a crook to the White House.

Then, when that collusion story was proven false by a Justice Department Special Counsel, up popped cries for impeachment based upon a harmless phone call to Ukraine they called a quid pro quo. No matter that it was another political circus, driven by corrupted congressmen and women, to cast more doubt about the capitalist.

Then came the mother Alinsky attack of them all: the coronavirus campaign of fear, cut loose by CNN and the others lying that this was an impending Black Plague, which allowed governors and mayors put in place by the Commies to shut down cities and states economies, order everyone indoors fascist style, throwing 40 million people, mostly in the restaurant and service businesses, out of work and creating massive anxiety and fear throughout the land, and especially in middle-class suburbia.

It was a lockdown based on fear, not on science, which they lied to us, and it effected most the middle class, which was built and geared on socializing. People became paranoid and suspicious of everyone around them, their neighbors, their friends, shopkeepers. Schools were shut. Children could not play with their friends. Churches were closed. There would be no weddings, or gatherings at restaurants or bars to socialize, no funerals to mourn the dead and grieve. It was decreed that everyone must wear a mask, which heightened the paranoia and mistrust.

That’s what the commies wanted, everyone isolated from one another and in fear, with the government and media controlling the false message that this virus was the next Black Plague, which could kill anyone at any age at any time, which was a total and complete lie. The reality was that it was like any other flu, where less than 2 percent of the population got infected and .01 percent of those died, mostly old and already seriously ill.

But once the fear was instilled, CNN could keep the hysteria and fear alive day after frightening day, and the governors and mayors keep everyone isolated inside and afraid of one another.

“Keep the pressure on,” Saul said. “Don’t let up.”

Suicides and alcoholism and depression would rise, which is also what the commies wanted, because as Marx had said, one must destroy the spirit of a people in order to take control. When one is denied his fellow men to socialize with, denied church to worship a God, denied a job to ground him or her and give dignity, then they become perfect subjects for the People’s Revolution.

Because it was an election year, and as Saul had said: “The despair is there. Now it’s up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize them for radical social change.”

Then on top of the Fear Pandemic came another Alinsky series of attacks. On June 2, a black man died while being arrested by white police in Minneapolis. We would not know until much later that he had died of a lethal dose of fentanyl in his system.

But the next day, the commies mobilized paid protestors in cities throughout the country, who mixed in with their paid Marxists, Antifa and Black Lives Matter anarchists, who had been organized and funded by comrade billionaire George Soros, who lives in his mansion in upstate New York, and Bill Ayers, the 1960s bomb making radical who, calls himself a “communist with a small c,” and who hides in a spider hole in Hyde Park, Chicago.

More than the coronavirus shutdown, Antifa and BLM have been able to spread fear throughout once great cities like Chicago, New York, Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, destroying shopping districts, making people afraid to go out at night, shutting down commerce.

We are told by the media that the BLM movement is the result of pent up black anger due to years of abuse by white policemen, that it demonstrates the need for police reform, even defunding and dismantling police forces. But that is yet another Commie lie. The number of black men killed by police is miniscule, especially compared to the black-on-black genocide in places like Chicago, which the Commies care nothing about. They’ve even been able to recruit rich black athletes to speak out about “systemic white racism,” not knowing they are dupes being used by people who want to end capitalism, which would mean an end to their livelihoods.

Many of the white protestors in the BLM marches are college men and women educated (brainwashed) in “Social Justice” curriculum pushed through the schools by the commies that teach America is a racist, oppressive society and should be dismantled. They are dupes as well.

The commies want to amp up fear and divide the races as much as possible before the election, and blame it all on Trump.

Now the media tells us this election will be a vote on the handling of the coronavirus, as well as who is best able to reconcile the racial divide, both false narratives manufactured by the Commies and their media.

As Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, once said: “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.” The Nazi’s were, after all, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.  Sound familiar?

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