How in the name of Lucifer can Democratic Party leaders Barack Obama and George Soros get Joe Biden elected President when he has advanced dementia? Easy. Just have your media pretend he’s normal to millennials; keep the coronavirus hysteria alive and key states on lockdown; keep the demonizing pressure on Trump, then steal the election with mail-in ballots.

Anyone with half a brain can see that the Democratic Party is not the John Kennedy or Bill Clinton Party of one’s parents – a lively, fun-loving group of liberals and moderates who want to bring goofy ideas to the rest of us, grow government entitlements, while pretending to be the protectors of the down-trodden and less fortunate.

But as we approach the November 3rd presidential election, it’s obvious that this is a wholly different brand of Democrats leading the party, wanting to take back the White House with hysteria and fear on November 3rd.

That’s because the Party of the Donkey is now being run by radical socialist Democrats, led by George Soros, Barack Obama, and those still pesky Clintons who just won’t go away.

Instead of lively, raucous open conventions, the platform of these new Democrats is being shaped and run from secretive command-center bunkers in Georgetown, D.C., where our multi-millionaire ex-Commander-in-Chief resides, and from a mansion in Katonah, New York, an hour north of Manhattan, where Soros directs his $18 billion Open Society Foundation to take down capitalism and its white middle class, funding groups that promote abortion, legalized marijuana, same sex marriage initiatives, Black Lives Matter and Antifa, among other ventures.

Soros’ groups like Media Matters and attack everything conservative – family values, pro-life, rule of constitutional law, old white businessmen – while preaching open borders, anti-capitalism and “diversity,” meaning Muslims and the LGBTQ agenda. Open Society Groups promote minority rights causes, criminal justice “reform,” Alinsky attack community organizing, extending the welfare state, promoting left-wing media — think CNN — anti-Christian groups, unilateral American disarmament, radical environmentalism (Green New Deals), radical feminism, global governance, legalization of drugs, and euthanasia and assisted suicide: everything that goes against capitalism and white middle class morals.

He has funded and helped elect states attorney’s who want to end mass incarceration, which has came in handy when he sent OCF funded Antifa and Black Lives Matter into cities to loot and riot, and were never arrested or charged. Soros’ America is one without religion or God, where pot is legal, abortion free, and unemployment through the roof. That is the new Democratic party this election year.

George worked hand and glove with Barack while Barack was in the White House, getting same-sex marriage into society, transgenders into the military, and LGBTQ studies into the shools. He worked with Hillary while she was at the State Department, funding projects around the globe to de-stabilize governments and install his socialism (while helping the Clinton Foundation raise billions).

Now they and a select group of big doners are the unchallenged leaders of the Democrats, and they’ve got all guns blazing heading into the election to get rid of Trump.

The other thing most people with half a brain realize is that their candidate for president, Joe Biden, literally has half a brain left, if that, and they must manage him and his basement teleprompter for the next three months.

By most objective assessments, Joe has some form of advanced senility or dementia, maybe even early Alzheimer’s. Under normal conditions, with an objective, free press, Joe wouldn’t stand a chance in a general election. If there were ever to be a presidential debate with the Trumpster, Joe would be reduced to a babbling vegetable in front of the nation and would surely lose.

But his condition is being covered up by the mainstream media and the Millennial-favorite cable networks CNN and CNBC, as well as the once-great New York Times and Washington Post, which Obama and Soros also control, as they do the Democratic Party. The reporters and teleprompter readers at these outlets, which dominate news dissemination in America, are under strict orders to pretend that Joe is normal until November, while they go about their daily demonizing of Trump as dictator and unstable character taking America into the Abyss.

Because this new Democratic Party and its media is socialist, or globalist, whichever you prefer – desperately wanting to get back the White House after Hillary’s unfortunate defeat, which they have been trying to do ever since Trump’s inauguration, so they can resume their campaign to take down capitalism and the white middle class, and create an America where everyone is equal and poor and ruled by, guess who?

This coronavirus lockdown is being directed by these new Soros/Obama-led Democrats, and is also geared for the election, with Barack and George’s stooge governors and mayors in key states like California, New York, Illinois, Michigan and Washington State leading the campaign of fear into November. Think about it: when, in the history of pandemics have we thrown 40 million people out of work, ordered everyone to stay locked inside, close churches, social distance, wear masks with threat of fines or arrest?

Never, because as these New Democrats know, when pandemics are allowed to flow through a society, like the Swine Flu in 2009-10, maybe 20 percent of the population will get infected, less than 1 percent will die – mostly old people with pre-existing conditions – and 99 percent with healthy immune systems will survive after some discomfort.

But this is a presidential election year, and a Republican capitalist is in office, and everything must be shut down, as CNN day after day leads the hysteria of the impending Black Plague, and the governors suspend constitutional rights, throw millions out of work, and impose worthless shaming orders to stay apart and wear masks in capitalist enterprises like stores and businesses, or houses of worship. Pot shops and liquor store and abortion clinics, okay.

It’s okay, though, for angry protestors of these new progressive socialist/globalist Democrats to assemble in the streets and pretend to protest the death of a black man – remember George Floyd? – in the name of “social justice,” which is a euphemism for taking down the system of white supremacy. And it’s okay for George to send in his bankrolled Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs to destroy businesses and private property, tear down statues of white statesmen and explorers in New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Denver and spread fear and anxiety through the surrounding white populace.

When the Trumpster threatens to send in federal troops to stop the violence and looting, because Barack’s and George’s local Mayors won’t, they have their media say he is bringing his fascist iron fist down on peaceful protestors, not anarchists, because that will play better with the voters. Then they have their Marxist Black Lives Matter, spray paint their name everywhere, including Washington, D.C. and in front of Trump Tower in New York – and on NBA courts and players jerseys, as if they are a civil rights group, when they are all about destroying white capitalism and the nuclear family. It plays better with voters.

Because these New Democrats are Alinskyites, followers of Saul Alinsky, the community organizer who wrote Rules for Radicals dedicated to Lucifer, who has been Barack’s guiding demon ever since his days in Chicago.

Saul said: “You only get power as a reaction to a threat,” and “All progress comes as a response to a threat, and the reaction to the threat is where you get progress.” He also said: “There is no evolution without revolution, and there is no revolution without conflict. That is the line that separates liberals from radicals.” Win and gain power any way you can, Saul said, ethics or morals or democracy be damned.

And when the election comes, create more chaos and try to steal the election with mail in ballots – which will include millions of names that should not legally vote – and harvest them, vote them, and send them in with your troops.

These are the new Democrats. And if you don’t like it, just get out of the way, because George turns 90 on Aug. 12, and he’s running out of time before he has his date with Lucifer, the first radical, who Saul said “did hit job so well they gave him his own kingdom.”

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