Poor black people have always gotten the short end of the stick in Chicago, with politicians paying attention to them only at election time. In this election year, they’re being played by the Bill Ayers and Barack Obama and George Soros socialists, who are turning the ghettos into even worse war zones to prepare for November 3rd.

During the 21-year-reign of Richard J. Daley 1st, from 1955 to 1976, when the black population in Chicago grew to over a million residents, Boss Daley kept the African American population segregated rigidly in the South and later the West Sides of the city, once made up of Irish and Slavic and Italian, who fled to the suburbs as the black population moved in, while excluding blacks from the labor unions and the overall white economy.

Chicago became known as the most segregated city in the country in the 1960s, even more systemically racist than any town or county in Alabama, and Daley’s mostly Irish and Slavic cops were as brutal as any police force in Selma or Montgomery. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said Daley’s Chicago was more racist and segregated than any city in the South during the 1960s, with white hatred through the bungalow belt as vicious as any in Alabama or Mississippi.

Through the original Daley years and beyond, because they were excluded from the unions and larger economy, black neighborhoods deteriorated into ever worsening slums, the largest and worst in the nation, and beginning with Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society in the late 1960s were sustained by welfare and a drug economy, rarely receiving urban renewal funds to rebuild their ghettos.

The massive federal funds that flowed through City Hall and earmarked for black communities were skimmed off by politicians and their contractor pals in the nation’s most politically corrupt city, with the possible exception of the occasional housing project that became violent urban prisons of welfare.

But come election time, the South and West Sides always delivered for Boss Daley big time, often in larger percentages than his loyal white wards. That’s because Daley had working for him U.S. Representative William Dawson, called the most powerful black politician in America, with his own army of precinct workers who would often go into the polling booths with black voters on election day, or give them a chicken or a bottle of wine to vote for the Democrat of their choice, and then deliver the votes dutifully to the Daley machine.

Boss Daley dropped dead while in office in 1976, and when their beloved Harold Washington won the Mayor’s seat in 1983, blacks turned out in record numbers for him, but white Daley machine aldermen blocked his every move to do much for the black community during his tenure until 1987, when he slumped over on Daley’s old desk on the 5th Floor of City Hall.

Daley’s son, Richard M. – “Richie the Younger” – ruled for another 20 years beginning in 1989, and while he brought more black people into City Hall and city jobs, and got blacks into the unions, the large ghetto neighborhoods descended into hellish war zones of poverty, dependent on welfare and drugs, with fatherless teenage males in drug gangs taking control of the streets and terrorizing everyone who couldn’t leave, which meant everyone. Still, blacks kept delivering votes faithfully to the new Daley Democrats, partly because there wasn’t any other choice.

Then, a young, Harvard educated bi-racial man from Hyde Park near the University of Chicago preaching “Hope and Change” rose improbably to the presidency, and blacks came out in record numbers again, thinking he might help end their misery. But he did nothing. He would send Rahm Emanuel back to replace Richie and run things from 2011 to 2019, but Rahm, too, did nothing to rebuild the black community or the black family, because the black welfare underclass was so vast and entrenched, and the black-on-black violence so pervasive and intractable.

From the death of Martin Luther King in 1968 – the watershed year when hope vanished in black Chicago, to today, more than 35,000 mostly young black men have been murdered on the streets and alleyways of the city, with most killed by other black men over drugs or no reason at all on the South and West Sides. Another 200,000 or so have been wounded by guns in that time, many with permanently shattered lives, while still another quarter million or so souls walk around with some level of PTSD from having witnessed the violence. This is not to mention the everyday, massive stress of poverty that weighs on everyone.

The black-on black genocide and carnage is approaching Vietnam numbers, and doesn’t take into account the epidemic drug addiction and alcohol abuse, or the daily, ongoing sexual and physical abuse of women and children. Residents of the ghettos call the city Chiraq, ruled and terrorized by some 167,000 gang members in the city, again most of them young black males, many of them recruited into gangs from the 16,000 or so homeless school age children looking for shelter and protection.

As the once large gangs were broken up and diffused into smaller and smaller groups fighting over fewer blocks, and the drive-by took hold as an efficient accessory of terror, the number of shootings went up, while keeping the murders at a constant 400 to 600 per year into the turn of the new Millennium.

In this century, the once large gangs became more fractured into smaller and smaller gangs, mostly teenagers, which accelerated the number of shootings. For most of the country, the number of shootings and murders were incomprehensible. But in Chicago, they were reported and accepted in the newspapers like the city’s lousy weather – something people just accepted and lived with.

Then, during the latter years of the Emanuel tenure, Chicago started getting national attention for its violence, as the shootings sometimes rose to more than 50 during the weekends. Emanuel, who earlier in his administration noted that all the funerals he went to were for fatherless males, was sometimes forced to explain to national media about what was happening in his city, and would make comments how the churches and leaders in the black community needed to step up to help stop the violence, neither of which had any control over 15-year-olds with all the illegal handguns they needed.

But by then, Emanuel was on is way out, having received a call from someone who said he needed to spend more time with his family, despite his $12 million campaign war chest and supreme confidence at getting re-elected to a 3rd term.
That call appears to have come from someone within the Chicago progressives, located in Hyde Park near the University of Chicago, headed by communist Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers, 75, the 1960s bomb making terrorist turned community activist and educator on “social justice” who still wants to dismantle the “system of white supremacy,” along with Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett, Barack’s right brain, both who helped get Barack to the White House.

It was the Hyde Park progressive crowd who would call out Emanuel when he would ask for the churches and black leaders to step up to end the violence. They would have some black female leader go to the unofficial socialist newspaper, the Chicago Sun Times, and accuse Emanuel of “victim shaming,” meaning that all those who had been killed, as well as all those who pulled the triggers, were victims – namely victims of Ayers’ despised “system of white supremacy.” They are Marxist-socialist intellectuals led by Ayers, who in their twisted ideology believe that blacks are not responsible for all the death and misery in their slum neighborhoods: white society is.

The progressives were also able to demonize the police by focusing media attention, especially in the Sun Times, on the killing of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald in 2014, who was shot 16 times by white Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke. The shooting and its video dominated the news for two years, until McDonald was sent to prison, while hardly ever a story of the some 800 murders by of black males by other black males over the same time, because that wasn’t news.

With the exit of Emanuel, the Progressives quietly elected one of their own: tiny, mean lesbian Lori Lightfoot, though she wouldn’t show her true bullying meanness toward white Chicago until she got into office. She was elected in a runoff in one of the lowest voter turnouts in Chicago history, after a third Daley, William, who was supported heavily by the business community, was removed after his whiteness was demonized two weeks before the primary, when gay black actor Jessie Smollett staged a fake racist attack, describing on national television white males with a noose, which turned out to be gay Nigerian weightlifters who were revealed well after the primary.

Lightfoot was proclaimed a “reform” candidate by the Sun-Times, the unofficial socialist newspaper, but it soon became apparent that she was a closet Hyde Park Progressive. The term “progressive” in 1940s Chicago was synonymous with communist, when Barack’s Hawaiian mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying commie, wrote a column for The Star, a communist rag, trying to keep America out of the war, while recruiting blacks into the cause for Stalin’s Kremlin.

Lightfoot at the very beginning went around the city, listening to concerns of the people, then with a budget $780 million in shortfall declared she miraculously found $250 million to direct into the poor black areas on the South and West Sides, to bring “transformational change” to the neighborhoods that had suffered from “disinvestment” for decades. But to anyone who understands Chicago, and the size and scope of the ghetto problems, $250 million was like building a sandcastle at the Indiana Dunes State Park across the lake, in order to bring transformational change to the sandscape.

It is the part of the socialist/progressive plan to change Chicago’s black ghettos, led by former bombmaking communist Ayers. The others are to end mass incarceration, which Ayers calls the “new Jim Crow;” empty out Cook County Jail and Joliet prison, which are mostly black; defund the police and put the money into community resources, like health clinics and housing and mental health facilities, and somehow find jobs for all the fatherless teenage boys killing each other.

More than anyone, Ayers has tried to demonize the police as symbols of white supremacy within the black community, making them the problem, not there to serve and protect. When Barack was in the White House, he sent his Justice Department to Chicago to declare the CPD a “racist organization,” which further fueled black anger against the cops, and accelerated million-dollar lawsuits against the city and police for civil rights violations, a novel way to redistribute of wealth.

One of Ayers closest comrades, Marxist Catholic Priest Father Michael Pfleger from St. Sabina Church on 79th Street, preaches to his all-black congregation that white society as the devil causing all the havoc in the black community, and leads angry marches of his parishioners against gun violence, which he says is caused by guns coming in from white suburbs.

With the financial backing of his and Barack’s other comrade, billionaire George Soros, who hates America as much as Ayers, the progressives have also installed Cook County State’s Attorney Kimm Foxx, who is black, and has been leading the Ayers’ progressive movement to let more people out of jail; releasing people if they can’t make bond; not prosecuting misdemeanor crimes like shoplifting under $1,000, reducing crimes like carjacking if a suspect tells police he didn’t know the vehicle was stolen, reducing the charge to trespassing, and letting the carjacker go.

With more criminals back on the streets, there are more and more crimes being committed by blacks in white neighborhoods: Bill Ayers’ examples of black power against the system of white supremacy.

Foxx is in the same mold as Ayers’ adopted son, Chesa Boudin, who was recently elected District Attorney in San Francisco, with the help of Soros, under the platform of ending mass incarceration, and not prosecuting misdemeanor crimes like Foxx, including all the homeless who leave feces and needles along Market Street every day, which has killed San Francisco’s (capitalist) tourist business. Ayers and his Weather Underground wife took in Chesa as a two year old when his biological parents, fellow Underground comrades were sent to prison for a Brinks armed robbery in Nyak, New York, that killed two cops and a security guard.

Miraculously, in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown of Chicago, Mayor Lightfoot comes up with a 107 page, post-COVID “Recovery Task force Advisory Report,” calling for all kinds of investment in the poor black and brown communities, with all kinds of social and mental health services, providing vague jobs for minorities, once the coronavirus passes, and to “create the most advanced healing-centered region in the country.” Where the money comes from for this is anyone’s guess, though in Chicago it surely won’t ever get to the neighborhoods once the politicians get their cut.

Meanwhile, the slaughter and suffering continue in the black ghettos. Last month, 15 people were shot coming out of a funeral home in a gang drive-by, including teenagers and a few elderly, in what was said was retaliation against the deceased gang member lying inside the funeral home.

The next day, Father Pfleger went to the scene and told television cameras: “I kept thinking about Dr. Martin Luther King and what he said about the four little girls who were killed decades ago in a church bombing in Birmingham. Dr. King said: ‘Yes, we must find the bomber. But we must also arrest the society that formed the bomber.’”

Another activist, Trina Reynolds-Tyler – no doubt trained in the Ayers school of activism – said at a rally that attempts to “reform” the police have gone nowhere, meaning lasting change will only come through divesting from CPD and investing in community resources, like mental health care.

“Police accountability to us looks like defunding the police. It looks like reducing the proximity of police to people,” she said. “People should have access to safety, access to treatment on a regular basis. Period. And they shouldn’t have to be arrested to access services.”

So, this being an election year, it looks like there will be no end to the violence and shooting — murders were up 139% in July over last year — as the Obama/Ayers/Soros progressives play black people with worthless “reform,” while further destabilizing the black community and stirring more fear before November 3rd.

This is, after all, Chicago, where in election years anything is fair game. As Ayers once said in his bombmaking days: “In a revolution, sometimes people have to die.”

He could have said the same about a once great city.

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