Do you know the worst thing about this COVID-19 lying fear campaign run by Barack Obama, George Soros, their governor and mayor flunkies and their Pravda CNN? It’s not so much throwing millions out of work, destroying once great cities, and not caring. It’s that they want us and our children not to trust our neighbors anymore and stay afraid of the world so they can control us. They are Commie scum.

As we now enter the fifth month of this coronavirus pandemic-of-fear horseshit, with the rigged numbers of infected and dying subsiding, and states supposedly relaxing restrictions, we still have the constantly lying, fearmongering media keeping us in a mental lockdown and fear, having to wear worthless, shaming masks when we go outside, so we all stay afraid until the November election.

But that’s the plan of the commies in the media and governor’s and mayor’s offices who are running the show, propped up by CNN and the NBCs and the rest of the media fearmongers, all directed by Barack Obama and George Soros hidden inside their multi-million dollar East Coast mansion compounds.

They want to stay into our heads with their constant lies, so that we won’t trust our neighbors or the world, or even ourselves; not make friends or even think about falling in love. Because as long as we stay afraid of the world and each other, we are easier to control. We used to be the friendliest country in the world, with the friendliest people. Now were heading toward the controlled robots in communist China or Russia.

The first mistake we made was letting these commie governor and mayor scum order the shutdown of entire cities and states, force us into our homes and apartments, separate us from the comfort of our colleagues at work and friends at school, shut down churches to separate us from any loving God, and put us into a solitary isolation from the reassuring world we knew.

But we went inside because we trusted the media to tell us the truth, and trusted the governors and mayors to have our best interests at heart, even miniature Dr. Anthony Fauci, when they said a new Black Plague was coming, hospitals would be overloaded and people soon dying in the streets – an invisible enemy of Death like the one that wiped out half of Europe in the late Middle Ages.

So we went compliantly inside and stayed inside, like Jews into boxcars in 1930s Germany, because Barack’s comrade governors and mayors told us they were doing it for our safety, just as the German’s did with the Jews. We did not think for a second that it was all an orchestrated power grab by the commies/socialists/globalists to take down a capitalist economy and its white middle class, and create a New World Communist Order with them in charge.

We were told to put on masks for our protection, just as the Jews were told to wear the yellow Star of David, to mark us as compliant ones obeying their government orders, and shamed by our neighbors and the media if we did not.

They said the masks were to protest us and others from this invisible deadly virus, but they were really shaming masks, just like the yellow Stars of David the Nazi’s told the German Jews to wear, while turning us against our neighbors and suspicious of our friends if there was no mask. Comrade Mayors Garcetti of Los Angeles and de Blasio of New York even set up 800 hotlines to anonymously rat people out, and other cities and towns put in ordinances for fines and arrest if people didn’t cover their faces.

As we have said here from this barstool before, it was all an Alinsky attack of epic proportions, engineered by Saul’s prized disciple Barack, who hid in his $8.1 million Georgetown, D.C. command center, communicating and directed by his billionaire America hater George inside his upstate New York compound, communicating with governors and mayors and CNN to direct the campaign.

Saul had said: “You only get power as a response to a threat,” and “All progress comes as a response to a threat, and the reaction to the threat is where you get progress.” He also said: “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself. Imagination and ego can dream up many more consequences than any activist.” He could have added, “and with the help of constant lying fearmongering from the media.”

Because this Alinsky campaign of fear could not have been pulled off without CNN, the NBCs, and the others of the “mainstream media,” which are now controlled by Barack and George. All reasoned voices about the benign nature of the virus for most people were censured or silenced by their censors in the media and internet, who constantly kept up the lying pressure with manufactured hysteria.

They kept us from churches and schools and places of work – anywhere we could go to for comfort or emotional or spiritual refuge, though not the liquor or pot stores, or abortion clinics, which were deemed “essential.” Weddings were cancelled. There would be no gatherings at funeral homes to mourn the dead. Beaches and lakefronts and parks were shut down because the mayors or governors did not trust us to keep a safe “social distance” from others and prevent transmission of this invisible plague, so society became one massive solitary confinement.

Miniature Dr. Fauci, became the commie’s media face and voice for the invisible plague, telling us we needed to stay shut down, and counter the capitalist Trump, who wanted to keep the economy open. At first, Fauci said he would never wear a mask because it wouldn’t protect us, as did the Surgeon General. Then Fauci said he would wear one only to protect himself, then only to protect others. He said a million or two people could die. Now he tells us it could go on a long, long time, that we should never shake hands again, and that opening up states depended on “how much death we wanted to tolerate.”

No mention on CNN or the others that most of the people who were dying were in nursing homes, some where governors signed executive orders allowing infected people inside, or that those who died all had serious underlying medical conditions like heart disease or diabetes, who were marked as dying from COVID-19 when they really didn’t, because hospital were paid $39,000 for every coronavirus death and $13,000 for every coronavirus admission, whether true or not. Nor would the media report that of those tested, only four percent tested positive, or that 99 percent of those healthy who got it, especially young people, passed through just fine with minor symptoms.

No mention, either of the non-CNN medical experts who said the mortality rate COVID-19 is just .04% for people under age 70 — which is equal to or lower than the seasonal flu — and the case spike is being driven by younger people contracting the virus on a larger scale, who will be just fine.

As Dr. Scott Atlas, former chief of neuroradiology at Stanford Medical center explained of the spike in new cases, it “doesn’t really matter how many cases” there are — what is important is “who gets the cases.” And of the four percent who get infected, most will be just fine.

But the goal of Barack and George and their commie governors and mayors, and their Pravda media, is to keep people in fear and out of work as long as possible, keep the economy shut down with waitresses and cashiers wearing shaming, oxygen depriving masks, keep people unemployed, and destroy cities like New York and Los Angeles and Chicago, which will never be the same, at least until the election, so they can keep people afraid as long as possible, at least until November.

Because this whole coronavirus media campaign is about getting into people’s heads, and keeping fear alive, making them conscious of that fear by wearing masks, and creating doubt and uncertainty about their friends and neighbors and the world. This is what commies do to gain and keep control.

They’re going after the kids next, talking of masks and social distancing and no friendly interaction or sports when school starts in the fall, if it starts, instilling fear in the youngest of us. Because commies need for the next generation to be regimented and afraid as soon as possible, so they can be controlled by government, and grow up to be obedient comrades.

As Karl Marx said: “In this revolution we will have to awaken the Devil in the people to stir up the basest passions. Our mission is to destroy, not edify.”
Or as Vladimir Lenin said at the start of the Bolskevik revolution, when there was widespread famine in Russia: “Famine would destroy not only faith in the Czar, but in God, too.”

Maybe this time around we will get a quote from George or Barack, something to the effect that: “Coronavirus would destroy not only faith in Trump, but in God, too.” But don’t count on it.

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