The Trumpster writes a letter to lesbian Mayor Lori Lightfoot and billionaire governor J.B. “Tubby” Pritzker, offering to help ease Chicago’s war zone crime, but is rebuffed, apparently not knowing they report to Progressive Socialists Barack and Valerie, who would rather see 1,000 people shot than deal with a Republican capitalist.

In the week following the Father’s Day Weekend massacre in Chicago, when 104 people were shot, most of them black, and 14 killed, including three children, President Trump sent a letter to African-American lesbian Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Gov. J.B. “Tubby” Pritzker, offering the city federal help to “tackle unsolved challenges” and “urge action on the devastating violence in Chicago.”

The president said that while he has been heartened to see crime reductions nationally the last few years, he has been “horrified by the continued violence in this great American city.” He told Pritzker and Lightfoot that if they “were willing to put partisanship aside, we can revitalize distressed neighborhoods in Chicago, together. But to succeed, you must establish law and order.”

“Your lack of leadership on this important issue continues to fail the people you have sworn to protect,” the letter reads. “I am concerned it is another example of your lack of commitment to the vulnerable citizens who are victims of this violence and a lack of respect for the men and women in law enforcement.”

The letter seemed forthright and apolitical enough, expressing concern for the citizens of the nation’s third largest city who have been paralyzed by the mostly black-on-black violence, now unofficially dubbed the “Murder Capital of the U.S.,” or “Chiraq” by its black residents, with whole large sections of the South and West Sides of the city poverty-stricken war zones.

In the 52 years since the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, the last and greatest of the non-violent black civil rights leaders, more than 35,000 people have been shot and killed in Chicago, most of them black men shot by other black men, and four or five times that many shot and wounded, with hundreds of thousands of others walking around with some level of PTSD from having witnessed the carnage. The killings and levels of violence are worse than Afghanistan or Iraq for Americans – people who are not even soldiers – and are fast approaching Vietnam numbers for killed and wounded.

But apparently, The Donald does not understand the dynamics of the tribal Democratic politics in Chicago or Illinois, now ruled by the Progressive socialists, where any suggestion by a Republican as to how to manage the city and its volatile race issue is taken not only as an insult, but as a personal disrespect, which must be answered quickly and forcefully in kind.

The Trumpster also may or may not realize that Lesbian Lori and Tubby Pritzker are both puppets of Barack Obama and his right brain Valerie Jarrett, and to them he will always be the devil who stole their Oval Office, no matter how many black people are killed or wounded.

Right after the Donald’s letter on the city’s violence, tiny Lori, the city’s first African American lesbian mayor who stands less than five feet and perpetually mean, shot back in a tweet: “I don’t need leadership lessons from Donald Trump. As our police officers, street outreach workers and residents continue to work tirelessly to keep our communities safe, he’s using the victims of gun violence in our city to score cheap political points, spew racist rhetoric, and ignore the impact of COVID across this country. It is despicable, disgusting and all too typical. Same old tired playbook. How about some leadership not steeped in the divide and conquer tactics?”

Then not-too-bright Tubby Pritzker, who bought the governor’s mansion with $183 million of his $3.5 billion in inherited wealth two years ago, despite it being revealed during the campaign that he saved $240,000 in property taxes after removing the toilets from his North Side mansion and it then being assessed “uninhabitable,” said through a spokeswoman:

“Donald Trump is a failure who has once again resolved to a press stunt in an attempt to distract from his long list of failures, especially in his response to the deadly coronavirus and nationwide calls for racial justice.” The Pritzker spokeswoman said the Trump letter was the president’s attempt to “politicize tragedy.”

The Chicago Sun Times, the Progressive’s newspaper, also chimed in, saying Trump’s letter was “filled with insults,” and came after Trump the day before called Chicago “worse than Afghanistan,” accusing the Democratic leaders of putting their “political interests” ahead of “your own citizens.”

The Sun Times also ran an Opinion piece which stated: “Trump goes on to summarize federal funds that have flowed to the city, including for law enforcement. He does not mention that his administration has tried over the years to take away law enforcement related federal grants because of the city’s sanctuary city status.”

But no mention in any of the responses about the black-on-black genocide going on in the streets of the South and West Sides, the massive human suffering and pain in those communities every day, or how to end it.

Because the only way to end it is what black anti-crime activist Tio Hardiman, who is not a political insider and does not report to Obama or Jarrett, said after the Father’s Day Weekend Massacre: “Where is the outrage for the 3-year-old that was killed, the same outrage when George Floyd was killed by the police in Minneapolis? There should be 30,000, 40,000, 50,000 people on the streets right now shutting down the black community until we get it right.”

The violence, which began with the death of Dr. King and the turning of the South and West Sides into a massive welfare state, where black males became expendable as a part of a family unit, and enraged fatherless young males took to the streets by the tens of thousands, with easy access to illegal weapons, and began killing each other by the tens of thousands, and wounding each other by the hundreds of thousands.

Because at this horrific point it would now take a federal Marshall Plan to go in and stabilize the neighborhoods, get rid of the weapons and drugs, try to rebuild the communities and black families with jobs.

But that is not possible in Chicago under the Progressive Socialists, for two reasons. First, Chicago is the most corrupt political city in the country, run by a City Hall one resident once described as a “criminal enterprise,” where most federal money that comes in for urban renewal ends up in the pockets of politicians and their contractor friends, with little getting to the poorest neighborhoods.

The other problem is that with the Obama/Jarrett Progressive Socialists now in charge, the black community is where they want them, under government control in their welfare state. The Chicago Progressives come from Hyde Park, near the University of Chicago, and include Barack’s mentor Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers, the 60s bomb making radical terrorist, who helped form Black Lives Matter as a group to instill fear in white society and help bring down the “system of white supremacy” – capitalism and the white middle class. The Progressives are not interested in rebuilding the black family or communities. They want to bring down white society.

So forget about the letters offering help, Donald, at least to Chicago. Because in the Windy City, all the poor, suffering blacks are a political weapon for the Progressives in their revolutionary socialist struggle to spread more fear, take down capitalism and make us all equal and poor.

Or, as Mark Twain said over a hundred years ago: “The Civil War was a blot on our history, but not as great a blot as the buying and selling of Negro souls.”

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