On Father’s Day weekend in Chicago, 104 mostly black people shot, 14 fatally, including a 3-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl. Where was Black Lives Matter? Probably shaking down corporations or desecrating statues of white men, because that’s what Bill Ayers set them up to do – attack the system of white supremacy – not help black people end their horrific misery.

Over the recent Father’s Day weekend in Chicago there were 104 people shot, most of them black, with 14 killed, including a 3-year-old boy and a 13-year old girl. The following Monday, another 41 were shot, 6 fatally, including two women. On Tuesday, 16 more were shot, one killed. Wednesday, 17 shot, one killed. Then Thursday, 2 killed and 12 wounded.

That brought the total murdered by gunshot in the city to 283 so far this year, with another 1,337 shot and wounded, most of them black and male, the vast majority on the South and West Sides of the city, with most of the shooters black and male, though only a handful would be caught, since many were drive-bys.

On Monday, after the Father’s Day weekend carnage, Tio Hardiman, a black anti-crime activist stood before television cameras in Englewood, one of the poorest and most violent black neighborhoods in the city, saying with profound anguish: “Where is the outrage for the 3-year-old that was killed, the same outrage when George Floyd was killed by the police in Minneapolis? There should be 30,000, 40,000, 50,000 people on the streets right now shutting down the black community until we get it right.”

Sorry, Tio, but there would be no mass media outrage as there was when George Floyd was killed by a white policeman in Minneapolis; no Black Lives Matter or Antifa breaking store windows or burning police cars; no thousands of peaceful black and white college age marchers in manufactured outrage chanting “No Justice! No Peace!” wearing BLM shirts; no Al Sharpton from MSNBC flying in from New York to preach “Murder!” at the funeral of the 3 year old boy as he did over Floyd’s casket.

That’s because there were no white cops involved in any of the Chicago shootings or deaths over the Father’s Day weekend, as there very rarely are in any of the shootings, and because it was just another weekend in the ongoing black-on-black genocide that has been happening since the death of Martin Luther King – a 52 year uninterrupted span of carnage that has witnessed more than 35,000 mostly black men killed by mostly other black men, and five times that number shot and wounded.

There would be no angry, hysterical national news coverage on CNN and the NBC stations either, or on any of the other networks or internet outlets to broadcast the outrage that Tio Hardiman pleaded for. No one would dispatch Black Lives Matter or Antifa thugs to break windows or loot stores to attack the “system of white supremacy” and stir fear among whites.

Nor would young protestors be sent to the streets from Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action non-profit or from the Democratic Socialist of America to chant “No Justice, No Peace,” because there is no political leverage to be gained from black-on-black violence in the ghettos, especially when no white police are involved, because no one cares.

That’s because Black Lives Matter and Antifa were set up and organized as Alinsky attack thugs principally by Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers, the 1960s bomb making terrorist who lives in his spider hole in Hyde Park near the safe, intellectual University of Chicago, who at age 76 still calls himself a “communist with a small c” and is still weaving his radical webs.

Ayers had help getting BLM off the ground in a big way and into the national media after the Ferguson riots outside St. Louis in 2014, following the shooting of a black youth as he attacked a white off-duty cop. He had the quiet, tacit approval then from his Hyde Park comrade and then president Barack, the man whose political career he helped launch from his and Weather Underground wife Bernadine Dohrn’s Hyde Park living room in 1995.

Funding for BLM would come then, as now, largely from billionaire George Soros, the 89-year-old dark messianic founder of the $18 billion Open Society Foundations, who has said: “Destroying America will be the culmination of my life’s work.” Let’s just hope he dies before that happens.

None of them could give a ghetto rat’s ass about poor black people or their living hells of violence. In fact, they want more, because black violence causes waves of fear throughout both black and white societies, and fear is their oxygen. Plus, they are in the midst of a presidential election year, and want nothing more – nothing more – than to remove a capitalist president from the Oval Office so they can resume their march toward a globalist/socialist/communist world, with them in charge, of course. Stirring the shame of racism in white society through the media is their main campaign issue and motivator, and Black Lives Matter fear helps that along.

The new black Chicago superintendent of police said after the Father’s Day weekend slaughter that much of the shootings were caused by habitual violent felons who were let out of jail and back to the streets, which is part of the Ayer’s led plan in the name of “prison reform,” though it is more about creating more havoc and fear.

The release of the prisoners was facilitated by Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, who Soros helped re-elected last fall with $4 million in campaign contributions, just as he contributed heavily to other states attorney’s who let looters and rioters quickly out of jail in New York and Seattle and Los Angeles and Minneapolis to create more havoc following the Floyd riots in those cities.

Now, through the racist fearmongering of a national and internet media controlled by Obama and Soros, Black Lives Matter is now a political force, the arbiters of what is racist, shaking down large corporations like Nike {$40 million) and Reebok ($20 million), lest they be branded and shamed publicly as racists, not to rebuild black families or communities, but to plan and fund other campaigns, like tearing down statues and other symbols of “white supremacy.”

Because that is Ayers plan all along – to solve his narcissistic vision of the problem of race in Chicago and the rest of the country, by empowering blacks through the media and attack groups like BLM, stirring racial fears and hatreds, to ultimately take down capitalism and the white middle class, so that everyone is equal and poor and violent like in Englewood, ruled by the likes of himself and Barack and Soros.

In 1969, Ayers always enraged “radical communist” wife Bernadine said: “The best thing that we can be doing for ourselves, as well as for the Black Panthers and the revolutionary black liberation struggle, is to build a fucking white revolutionary movement.” In 2008, the year their godson Barack was elected president, they wrote a book The Race Against White Supremacy. Now they seem close to a finish line or sorts.

Ayers is the driving demon behind calls to defund the police. He worked with Barack’s Justice Department to demonize cops in Chicago when Justice came in and designated the Chicago Police a “racist organization,” fueling black anger against the cops to even greater heights and allowing for more civil rights lawsuits and multi-million dollar settlements, a novel socialist redistribution of wealth in a bankrupted city, though everyone with half a brain understands that such a defunding would create even more havoc and fear in the black communities. But that’s what they want.

Ayers is also behind the movement to get Millennials to renounce their “white privilege,” bowing in shame and guilt to blacks for their history of segregation and poverty. That guilt is what drives Ayers, who was raised in upper middle-class white suburbia. In his deep, deep, deep narcissism and shame, he cannot begin to see that the ever more elusive solution to the misery and violence in black ghettos is getting them off welfare, providing dignity through work, and rebuilding families with father’s involved, so there won’t be as many enraged, fatherless boys and men relentless in killing each other.

But that’s what Trump wants to do, and Trump is the devil. For Ayers, all the killing in Chicago is “serial murder” by white society, and the black shooters are victims as much as the murdered. Imagine what it would be like inside his twisted, dark soul, though we’ve had a glimpse these past few weeks.

Now, with the help of Barack and Soros’ twisted, brainwashed media, the Ayers’ terrorist thugs at BLM have become more popular with the Millennials than Trump, and the racism they have spread though the airwaves is now the main campaign issue for November. As a recent article in The Hill, a Barack favorite, stated, “this movement is about black freedom, not white comfort.” Tell that to Tio Hardiman.

As Barack said in his recent $7 million video fund raiser for Joe Biden this week, while Joe looked into the camera and smiled vacantly:

“What makes me optimistic is the fact that there is a great awakening going on around the country, particularly among younger people, who are saying not only are they fed up with the shambolic, disorganized, meanspirited approach to government that we’ve seen over the last couple of years, but more than that, are eager to take on some of the core challenges that have faced this country for centuries, who are willing to demand an honest accounting of how we think about race in this country…”

So don’t expect any outrage anytime soon for Englewood or murdered and terrorized blacks in Chicago, Tio. Because Barack is playing the race card with the Millennials again for more Hope and Change.

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