White America, most of you are not racist, nor are most cops. Just remember, Black Lives Matter (and ANTIFA) are Alinsky attack dogs organized and funded by Bill Ayers and George Soros, who hate white capitalist America, along with some help from their godson Barack Obama. They don’t want to help black people. They just want to stir racial fears and hatreds, so they can regain the Oval Office in the Fall.

Just think, three weeks ago, George Floyd was an unknown, 46-year-old black man with a long rap sheet and violent criminal past, high on fentanyl and methamphetamine, when he was being arrested for trying to pass a $20 bill in Minneapolis, and a white cop trying to detain him killed him by holding his knee against Floyd’s neck.

Now, thanks to our wonderful media, Floyd is the new Martin Luther King, Jr. – a black martyr and a symbol of white racist cop brutality against black American males, the reason we are having angry protests and window-smashing riots in cities all over the country, led by anarchist Black Lives Matter and Antifa attack groups. All of which has led to hysterical calls in the same media and in halls of Congress for police reform and defunding police departments, as the races become polarized in fear and anger, almost on the verge of a race war.

It’s amazing what an effective Alinsky community organizing campaign can do if you are prepared to strike when one of the rare instances occurs when a white cop kills a black man, and someone was there to filmed it with a cell phone camera.

But our lead Alinskyites for Change – Barack “Hope and Change” Obama, George “I want to destroy America before I die” Soros and Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers, and their globalist minions, were ready, and launched their Alinsky media into hyper attack mode, led by the mean, shaming newsreaders at CNN and the NBCs, along with all the other faceless lizards posing as journalists throughout the Internet.

Within hours of Floyd’s death and the video, the call went out to the Obama/Soros/Ayers collectives throughout the country and thousands hit the streets. There were peaceful marchers carrying signs “Black Lives Matter” and “No Justice, No Peace.” They were staffed by loyal followers of Barack, some from his 30,000 member Organizing for Action non-profit, some from the Democratic Socialists of America, some from other progressive socialist groups.

They were joined by more violent types, headed by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, which were formed and funded by Soros and Ayers, much along the lines of Ayer’s anarchist Weather Underground, which staged it’s “Days of Rage” Michigan Avenue riot in Chicago in 1969, with the same smashing of store windows and setting fire to cop cars. They were supplemented by black ghetto kids who saw great opportunity to release pent up rage and get free stuff.

Soros with his billions and Open Society Foundation, was able to get out-of-town, unemployed Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters to stores in distant cities, providing transportation in chauffeured cars or with airline tickets. It was said he paid them $15 an hour, a living wage, along with all the goods one could carry through a smashed window.

The violent protestors were intermingled with peaceful marchers, in order to bait police into cracking heads or using tear gas, which would be carried on television and further fuel the scenes of police brutality carried into our living rooms by the wonderful, objective journalists at CNN and CNBC. They even hoped that Trump would send in the National Guard or Federal Troops, to demonize him and police the way Nixon was at Kent State and Richard J. Daley and his Chicago police were during the 1968 Democratic Convention.

All the while, the media, led by CNN and the NBCs, launched their own Alinsky demonizing campaign not only against every policeman in the country, but against white society as a whole, with shriveled “civil rights” leader Al Sharpton, another Obama/Soros pal, speaking at both of Floyd’s funerals, in Minneapolis and Houston, crying police “MURDER,” as we got live coverage of the cortege in Houston from airport to funeral home, much like we did when King and Kennedy were assassinated.

While the looting and violence died down, because there were no more stores left to loot and burn, the protests kept on for weeks under the banner of Black Lives Matter, which most anxious whites watched on television from inside their forced coronavirus lock-down apartments and homes.

Little did most know that the looters and rioters who were arrested, in cities like Seattle, New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles and Boston, were quickly let go, because the states attorneys in those cities were all elected with the help of Soros money, like Bill Ayers’ adopted son in San Francisco, Chesa Boudin, with instructions that such rioting and destructions of property be deemed non-chargeable misdemeanors.

The Black Lives Matter anarchists were lionized in the media, as leaders of some noble cause defending black people against demon racism, which as we all know is everywhere in white America, not just cops. The governors and mayors who locked down white America with the coronavirus went to kneel with black protestors, the new signal that they acknowledged their own shame at white privilege and begged for forgiveness.

Even Obama/Soros minions Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer donned Nigerian kente cloth scarves and knelt in shame in the Capitol rotunda, acknowledging their white privilege and beseeching black America in television land for forgiveness.
The cry of “defund the police” went up in the same cities that were looted because, as the media was telling us, all cops are racist and have been brutalizing black men for decades, if not centuries.

Sudanese immigrant, now U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar, another Obama/Soros dupe who should be jailed for breaking immigration laws by marrying her brother and breaking IRS laws by pillaging her campaign funds, said abolishing the police was needed in her adopted Minneapolis because the police department was “rotten to the core.” Black Washington D.C. mayor Muriel Bower, another friend of George and Barack, had Black Lives Matter painted across 16th Street near Lafayette Park, and other cities with progressive mayors followed suit.

By all measures, it was a grandly successful Alinsky campaign of attack headed into the November elections. “Organization is the ability to act, to leverage for power,” Saul said. “There is no evolution without revolution, and there is no revolution without conflict. This is the line that separates liberals from radicals.”

Saul also said: “All progress comes as a response to a threat, and the reaction to the threat is where you get progress.”

So as a result of this Floyd campaign of attack, led by a lying media (Saul said win any way you can), we now have “racism” as a major issue going into the fall, all cops branded as racist killers, and Black Lives Matter the new civil rights organization.

No matter that last year there were 10 black men killed by police across the country, most of them in attacks, and in the same period 8,000 homicides of black Americans occurred, mostly at the hands of other black Americans.

Barack and George and Bill need to divide the races and stir fear with lies to get back the White House, and at 89 years of age, this is likely George’s last presidential campaign to take down democracy, before he goes below for his Eternity.

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