People, don’t sweat these protests and riots, supposedly over George Floyd. They’re all being manufactured by Barack Obama and George Soros and Bill Ayers and their propagandist media, to stir racial hatreds and fears before the election. They just want to regain the White House, and keep playing the races as needed to get there.

First of all, what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis was abominable.  It was clearly murder by white cops against a black man, and they should all be put in jail for a long, long time.

But what has followed – the mass protests in cities across the country; riots and the looting and arson of cars and stores, even some cops being attacked and killed, with calls for racial justice and “systemic” change, has nothing to do with what tragically happened to Floyd.

The violent disruptions and chaos on the streets and media hysteria following Floyd’s death have everything to do with the upcoming elections, to stir anger among blacks; fear and guilt among whites; to demonize police and divide the country racially, so the Democratic Party, now the Progressive Socialists led by Barack Obama and George Soros, so they can regain the Oval Office in November.

They are trying to link this recent violence and chaos on city streets to what happened after the death of Dr. Martin Luther King in 1968, when riots erupted in northern ghettos and businesses were looted and burned in a release of black rage and grief for the loss of the great civil rights leader.

Dr. King was the towering world leader of the civil rights movement before he was killed: a spiritual man of great integrity, who put himself on the front lines of the very real fight for racial equality and justice for blacks: for voting rights, jobs, better housing than their ghetto slums.  He wanted concrete reforms from white society that would help blacks lift themselves from poverty.

Dr. King was not about ending racism, knowing that hatred against blacks was something endemic to white society.  He wanted jobs and better housing for his people in spite of it – a man committed to passive resistance like his spiritual mentor Mahatma Ghandi, meeting the viciousness of white racism in places like Alabama and Chicago with the “soul force” of the Civil Rights movement.

After Dr. King died, a Grand Canyon-wide void of leadership, especially peaceful resistance, opened up in the civil rights movement which has never been filled, only with people who preached “justice,” but were more interested in getting in front of television cameras than helping lift their people from poverty, providing dignity through work, and rebuilding black communities and families to stand on their own.

In the aftermath of Dr. King’s death, the Great Society programs of social welfare begun by Lyndon Johnson, transformed the northern black ghettos into massive enclaves of government dependency, with no work, only government checks and the drug trade to sustain themselves.  Black males became expendable as members of families, as Aid to Dependent Children welfare forced them out, creating generations of angry, fatherless young men fighting over the drug trade who would begin a black-on-black genocide that has not stopped since.

In Chicago, the largest and worst of the northern ghettos on the all-black South and West Sides, where more than 35,000 mostly young black men have been murdered since Dr. King’s death, most of them shot and killed by other young black men, with five times that number shot and wounded in that time, and only a relative few involving Chicago police, there has been another underground transformation of leadership that has taken place.

Along with the war-zone gun violence, the South and West Sides, as with other northern ghettos in Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Cleveland, have become living hells of poverty, unending violence of sexual and child abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, and despair, not unlike what happened to Indian reservations after they became dependent on government for survival.

In Chicago, since Dr. King’s death, the debate on black “racial justice,” interestingly enough, was largely taken over and driven by two 1960s white student radicals, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, the bomb-making anarchist/communist Che wannabes who as Weather Undergound leaders set bombs at government and police buildings in their “Declaration of War” against United States capitalism and imperialism.

Ayers and Dohrn always wanted to be in solidarity with the more violent and radical black Panthers and Black Liberation movements, not so much the peaceful Dr. King.  It was Dorhn who said: “The best thing that we can be doing for ourselves, as well as for the [Black] Panthers and the revolutionary black liberation struggle, is to build a fucking white revolutionary movement.”

They were both spoiled, narcissistic children of upper middle-class white suburbia, who hated their skin, with monstrous guilt about black oppression, who would spend their angry lives renouncing their “white privilege” and vowing to dismantle the “system of white supremacy” – capitalism and the white middle class, as the socialist/communist solution to making everyone equal.

Ayers became a professor of education in Chicago after his bomb making days, never losing his revolutionary fire or deep hatred of white America and its capitalism.  He would become a force in  pushing the teaching of “social justice” in the public schools, which taught young children and college students that American and its white institutions were inherently racist and subjugated people of black and brown skin.  “Education is the motor-force of revolution,” Ayers would say after giving up bomgs.

Ayers would work with black community organizations and churches in Chicago, spreading his dark gospel about white America through the South and West Sides, drawing the black community into his belief that all the violence and poverty and suffering, were caused by the system of white supremacy, not breakdown of the black family and neighborhoods caused by welfare.  To Ayers and his followers, all the thousands upon thousands of enraged, fatherless black teens firing lead into other black teens, all the generations of incarcerated, were victims, and white society was the real cause and enemy.

In the mid-1980s, he recruited a young, confused, bi-racial man named Barack Obama and became his father figure, along with his Marxist black liberation friend Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and they schooled the young man into their world view of race in America.  Ayers told Barack he could make him the first black president of the United States, and helped him get to Harvard to build his resume, with Ayers’s father Thomas, a prominent Chicago businessman, helping pay the tuition out of his own white guilt and hoping it would redeem his son for his wayward, bombmaking past.

Barack’s political career was launched from the Ayers/Dorhn living room in Hyde Park near the University of Chicago.  With the help of two seasoned Chicago politicians, Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod, Barack would learn to read a teleprompter like Dr. King preached, and the rest, as they say, is history.  Or part of it.

From the White House, Barack would help Ayers stir white fears and black anger, dividing the races for political gain as Marx had written.  After the riots in Ferguson, Missouri in August 2014, which Ayers likely helped fuel – two months before the mid-term election – following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, who had just robbed a store, and as he was attacking a police officer, Ayers helped form Black Lives Matter, a group funded by another Barack mentor, George Soros, the globalist billionaire who hated America just as much as Ayers did.

It was Soros, now 89, who said: “Destroying America will be the culmination of my life’s work.”  Soros would later go on to help fund ANTIFA, a group of anarchists the spitting image of Ayer’s and Dohrn’s Weather Undergound in the 1960s, who’s sole purpose is to violently attack institutions of “white supremacy” and stir white fear.

Barack also had his Justice Department come to Chicago and officially designate the police department a “racist organization,” which further fueled black animosity against the cops, and led to many more multi-million dollar civil rights lawsuits against police, a novel way to redistribute wealth in a bankrupted city.

Now we have the death of another black man in Minneapolis at the knee of a white policeman.  Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA were quickly mobilized to cities across the country to attack stores and police cars, like the Weather Underground did in their “Days of Rage” in Chicago in 1969.

The media, led by CNN and the NBCs, which were reshaped by Barack into socialist-propagandist “news” outlets, have led the hysteria over the death as yet another example of the racist system of white supremacy, demonizing all police as racists against blacks, who must be brought under control, even disbanded.  Barack and Valerie have gotten on the internet after Floyd’s death, urging “police reform” in order to bring “Justice” to the black community.  They’ve even enlisted sports stars and celebrities to attack, with Michael Jordan and LeBron James going after American racism.

Just remember, folks, this is an election year and we have a white capitalist in the White House who must be removed at all costs.  There’s black anger to be stoked.  We’re in a revolution to dismantle the system of white supremacy.  That’s more important than bringing jobs and rebuilding the black family and communities that Dr. King had hoped for.

Footnote: In the weekend following Floyd’s death, when the rioting started, a total of 82 people were shot and 19 killed on the South and West Sides of Chicago. None of them involved police.

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