A week after disrespecting Charlamagne Tha God for not being black enough by thinking Trump, demented Joe Biden was back before the teleprompter, playing black people and Millennials again, draping himself in the American flag and Martin Luther King, speaking of Justice, saying he will the end the nation’s manufactured racial strife, but only if we get rid of the Donald.

There was demented Joe Biden on podcast again, with no less than five American flags behind him, right after the manufactured race riots that his old boss Barack Obama helped foment following the death of a black man in police custody in Minneapolis, sincerely saying he understands our pain and confusion in this difficult and chaotic time, and promising to bring us all together again like Barack did in 2008.

And just like Barack back in 2008, it was classic Alinsky – rubbing raw the sores of discontent to galvanize for radical social change come November.

He reminded everyone of George Floyd’s last words – “I can’t breathe” – as a white Minneapolis policeman held his knee on Floyd’s neck before he died. It was reminiscent of another incident in New York where another black man said the same words before he died in a chokehold from a white cop.

“The country is crying out for leadership,” Joe said, reading the teleprompter with sincere, solemn eyes. “Leadership that can unite us. Leadership that can bring us together. Leadership that can recognize the deep pain and deep grief of communities that have had a knee on their neck for a long time. Leadership that can deal with the growing economic inequality in our nation.”

“We have to recognize,” he went on reading, “what this incumbent president is doing to our economy and the pursuit of justice. We can recognize a president who is more interested in power than in principal.”

“Because that is what the presidency is: the duty to care.” The words would have made the most seasoned crocodile weep.

Like his old boss Barack, the Progressives have thrown the race card on the election table with the riots that have swept the country following the death of Mr. Floyd at the knee of a white Minneapolis cop. We watch fearfully the last few nights as marauding young people smash store windows on New York’s Fifth Avenue and torch cars in Santa Monica, spray graffiti on government buildings in Washington, D.C., reading “No Justice, NO Peace.” All dutifully stoked to hysterical pitch by CNN and CNBC and the rest of the mainstream Alinskyite newsreaders.

There are peaceful demonstrators among them, but the ones causing all the mayhem and destruction for the television cameras are the anarchist ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter and other extremist radicals organized and paid by globalists George Soros and Barack Obama, with logistical support from Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers, the 1960s bomb making radical terrorist, all who want to bring down Ayers’ despised “system of white supremacy,” namely capitalism and the white middle class.

While Mr. Floyd’s family decried the violence and said it is a disrespect to George’s name, that he was a good and gentle man, his death instead has been the latest vehicle for the Progressive socialists, led by Soros and Obama and Ayers, to stoke racial fears and hatreds among both blacks and white, something they did so well during the Obama years, so they can leverage fear and “racism” with voters in the fall, turning people against Trump, who they have demonized as a dictator and white supremacist, and get them to vote for a candidate who is one sentence away from commitment to an assisted living facility.

With the daily racist bleating of their media, the three globalist Musketeers and their anarchist thugs are trying to turn the national election debate again to the invisible demon of racism, playing black people that Joe Biden is the one to finally bring justice to their centuries of oppression, and turn on the Donald, who is keeping them oppressed.

This time around, they’ve even enlisted basketball icon and billionaire Michael Jordan, never a civil rights leader, who issued a statement following Floyd’s death and the ensuing staged riots, which was likely written by the same person who wrote Joe’s teleprompter speech.

‘‘I stand with those who are calling out the ingrained racism and violence toward people of color in our country. We have had enough.”

‘‘I don’t have the answers, but our collective voices show strength and the inability to be divided by others. We must listen to each other, show compassion and empathy and never turn our backs on senseless brutality. We need to continue peaceful expressions against injustice and demand accountability. Our unified voice needs to put pressure on our leaders to change our laws, or else we need to use our vote to create systemic change. Every one of us needs to be part of the solution, and we must work together to ensure justice for all.’’

They are hoping that blacks and Millennials will listen to Michael, if they are still remembering Joe’s put down of Charlamagne Tha God that “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

With Michael speaking out against racism, maybe white Millennials will go to the polls and vote for Joe to ease their consciences, thinking that Joe will magically make racism disappear, not realizing that behind him are globalist scumbags who not only won’t lead blacks to justice and a better life, but just might take their cell phones away once George and Barack and Bill dismantle the system of white supremacy.

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