When will black people ever realize they have been played by Democrats, now the Progressives, for the past 50 years? Maybe never, as long as their leaders are guys like imperial Barack Obama or shriveled Al Sharpton, or demented Joe Biden – none of them a Martin Luther King – who want blacks to stay where they are, in violent poverty, so Barack and Al and Joe can maintain their royal lifestyle.

All the Democrat, now Progressive leaders and media got into a cover-your-ass frenzy this past week after their presidential candidate, Joe Biden told popular black radio and television host Charlamagne Tha God during his national syndicated radio podcast – The Breakfast Club – telling Tha God that “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

The arrogant stupidity of the comment took everyone in the Democratic, now Progressive world by sudden, shocking surprise, and quickly hit the national television and internet airwaves.

Everyone knows that Joe is struggling with early dementia problems, barely able to read a teleprompter, but even so how could the white Democratic presidential candidate say something so stupid and demeaning to a well-followed, well-respected black person on his national podcast radio show, with millions of black listeners and potential voters?

The mainstream media, led by CNN and CNBC, covered up the interview as best they could and didn’t report it. But it was out there, especially with blacks, and had to be addressed.

They sent U.S. Rep. Val Demmings, a black representative from Florida into the political fray to cover Joe’s stupid ass. Demmings, who has been named as a possible running mate for Joe along with dozens of other progressive women, black and white, said Joe “shouldn’t have said” what he did, noting that the former vice president “apologized for it.”

Then she turned on Trump, as expected, calling him out for his campaign quickly launching a $1 million digital ad highlighting Biden’s racist rant.

Even shriveled Rev. Al Sharpton, the New York preacher and supposed civil rights leader, who now has his own show on MSNBC, as the network’s chief black spokesman on what is racist, mainly Trump, said of Joe’s stupidity, and later his lame apology: “I think he’s right to say it’s was inappropriate and that it was cavalier – which may even be an understatement,” but what Charlamagne the God was saying, Al said, was “you’ve got to deliver a platform and a policy that we have the faith you will enact.”

Then Al tossed in his own racist grenade at Trump. “You have to remember he’s running against a man who called African country an A-T-S-hole country, who rose in his political career saying Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States.”
“So it’s not a question of who he (Biden) is running against, it’s who he is running for.”

What Joe needs to do, Rev. Al said, is to attach himself to an agenda, like Obamacare or voting rights, so black people will understand what he really stands for something. In case they were uncertain, CNBC ran a banner under the rev’s sunken face, reading “75 percent of black American’s are against Trump.”

But Joe was just speaking the truth, and somewhere inside his addled brain he knew it.

Because the Democratic Party, the historical protector of the downtrodden, especially blacks, has been taken over by the Progressives, headed by Rev. Al’s good friend Barack Obama, who runs the party and Joe, from somewhere inside his $8 million walled compound on Embassy Row in D.C.

Not many remember, but before Joe cut off Charlamagne with his angry “you ain’t black” tirade, Tha God had said “it doesn’t have nothin’ to do with Trump, it has to do with I want something done for my community.”

What has been done to those communities, most of them in Democratic-run northern cities like New York and Chicago and Cleveland and Baltimore and Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., is they have descended into drug infested war zone hells, where fatherless teenage males control the streets and the drug trade; where black families have been destroyed through welfare: where the single-parent birth control is abortion; where child and female sexual abuse is epidemic; where most of the population walks around with some level of PTSD from witnessing violence, and where an undeniable, but unreported black-on-black genocide is taking place every day.

In Chicago, Barack’s once adopted city before leaving permanently for D.C., there have been more than 35,000 murders since the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968 – 35,000 HUMAN SOULS!!! – with most of those murders young black males killed by other young black males over the drug trade. Multiply that number by four or five and you get the number of human beings wounded, then multiply that 35,000 by another four or five times and you get the number of people who witnessed the violence.

It all started with Democratic President Lyndon Johnson, who implemented his War on Poverty and Great Society welfare state in black ghettos, which destroyed the black family, sent thousands of fatherless, enraged males into the streets with plenty of stolen guns, and fueled generations of drug addiction, an unbroken cycle of female and child abuse, and turned those ghettos into expanding war zone hells.

That’s what Tha God was talking about, wanting some relief for the black community, if Joe and his ass-covering media had been listening.

But the Democrats, now Progressives, want it all to stay that way, because they have a captive, controllable population of dependent people who can be mobilized come election time, if you remind them that it is white society that is causing all their despair.

That’s what happened when Barack came through in 2008, preaching Hope and Change like Dr. King, though not telling anyone his Change was more government dependency and continued despair for blacks, and his Hope was an $8.1 million mansion and a $60 million book contract for himself and Michelle at the end of the White House stint, on their way to a billion in net worth.

So Joe wasn’t lying or being racist. He was just telling it like it is.
Just remember, black folks, the real enemy is Trump, the one who was creating jobs for blacks in record numbers before the pandemic, which is also racist because the Democratic/Progressive-rigged numbers are highest coming out of the ghettos.

Because once the Progressives get back the White House, everything will be right again.

If there are any young black people left.

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