Hey Millennials, are you now beginning to see that Trump is not the fascist he was painted by the media? Now its the Progressive socialist governors and mayors who are the fascists, led by Barack behind the curtain, who have put cities and states into iron-fisted lockdown, sending them into depressions, not to protect us, but to keep us anxious and afraid so they can consolidate their fascist power.

This fascist coronavirus lockdown, kept ratcheted tight by the constant lying fear spewed from CNN and the rest of the media, is revealing itself more and more a massive power play by the Progressive socialist governors and mayors in order to destroy the capitalist economy and its capitalist president, so they can exert and increase their totalitarian government power, not protect anyone from anything.

Just look behind the political thugs in Governor’s mansions and city halls, at who is pulling their strings from somewhere inside his $8.1 million Georgetown mansion compound on Embassy Row.

If you look beyond the coronavirus statistics, the number of deaths being reported are coming from high density cities like New York, Chicago, Detroit and Boston, cities and states led by so called Progressive governors and/or mayors.

The high statistics are coming mostly from poor areas, many with large black and homeless populations, statistics where underneath the supposed coronavirus-caused death is already an existing serious pathology, like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, COPD, kidney disease, etc., with many of the victims suffering from more than one existing disease already.

In Chicago, 45 percent of the people who supposedly died of coronavirus had serious heart disease, 42 percent had diabetes, 40 percent had hypertension, 17 percent COPD, 15 percent serious kidney disease, many with multiple serious illnesses.

But they were diagnosed as having died from coronavirus, which allowed the state and hospitals to reap $39,000 for each death from the federal government coronavirus emergency fund. For cash strapped hospital or state facilities, it’s a no-brainer, and a fact that CNN, in its journalistic prostitution never reports. African-Americans account for more than half of those who have tested positive and 72 percent of virus-related fatalities in Chicago, with over 90 percent of the deaths having at least one major underlying medical condition, sometimes more.

In addition, The Center for Disease Control, in its bureaucrat corruption, is allowing people to get diagnosed with coronavirus if they have chest pains or a sore throat, and if they get admitted to a hospital for COVID-19 treatment, that hospital gets $13,000 in federal funds, and if they get that patient on a ventilator, $39,000, even if that patient doesn’t die. That’s why they were screaming at Trump a the beginning for more ventilators.

In Chicago, which has always played blacks for political gain while doing nothing for them, this federal coronavirus stimulus is a windfall.

It’s a scam of epic proportions which has enabled a corrupted news media to spew lying fear of a Black Plague into our homes and allow sleazy governors and mayors to shut down the entire economy, force us into our homes, deny us our constitutional freedoms, and keep cities locked down under totalitarian rule, isolate healthy people who would normally not catch the virus (only 4 percent of the population will get it), and spiral the country into a depression.

Now the government and the media are in control, using that manufactured fear from rigged data to keep us in lock-down, socially isolated, distrusting our fellow man and merchants, even ourselves. There are some states that are now lifting some of the fascist rules and allowing people outside, as long as they stay apart, though not back to their jobs and healthy social interaction and income that they’ve lost.

But no relaxation of rules states and cities run by the Progressives, especially New York, California, Illinois and Michigan, which have kept the grip of fascism ratcheted down as tight as ever, with no encouraging words of when people can go outside and breath free air again.

And if you look behind the most fascist of the governors and mayors in those huge population states and cities you will find they are all progressive socialists, who are all dear and close comrades with Barack Obama, who remains in his $8.1 million command center on Embassy Row in Georgetown, D.C., not far from his old Oval Office that he feels was stolen from him.

The same former President and Leader of the Free World who restructured CNN into a socialist propaganda organization before he left and is a safe bet is directing those governors and mayors from his command center, as well as the newsreaders at CNN and CNBC and NBC, along with the once great New York Times and Washington Post, on what to say and do.

Because this whole coronavirus operation is an Alinsky attack of gargantuan proportions against what Barack’s mentor in Chicago, Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers, the 1960s and 70s bomb making terrorist, would call the “system of white supremacy” – capitalism and the white middle class. Ayers has spent most of his 75 miserable years trying to dismantle those two hated American behemoths as seen through his narcissistic eyes.

Ayers’ launched Barack’s political career from his and his “revolutionary communist” wife Beradine Dorhn’s Hyde Park home in 1995, after years of tutoring the young, racially confused bi-racial young man, passing him onto Chicago political insiders Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod for polishing, who taught him to read a teleprompter and sound like Martin Luther King.

Ayers then introduced Barack to George Soros, the billionaire financier who hated capitalism and people of white European heritage as much as Ayers did, ever since, at the age of 14, as a Jewish teenager in Budapest, Hungary, he posed as a Christian and helped the Nazi’s round up Jewish property, watching his fellow Hebrew neighbors climb into the boxcars. It was a time, he would say later, “that defined me,” going on to make billions shorting currencies and bringing recessions to England, Russia and Southeast Asia.

George, now 89, after pulling Barack into his world and helping fund his campaigns, is today every bit Barack’s godfather (father?), the son he never had, the prince who will carry out George’s messianic vision of a new socialist world order, with open borders, no religion, and one atheistic government overseeing masses of poor. To that end, they worked together during Barack’s presidency to get millions of terrified Syrian Muslim refugees into Christian Europe.

Now that same monstrous fear of death wrought by the Nazis on young George, which still torments him every day of his live, is being manufactured and sent through our television screens by CNN and the other media, and allowed Progressive governors and mayors to impose totalitarian rule just like the Nazis did in 1944 Budapest.

One wonders if Barack has moments when he wishes he could go back to being an idealistic community organizer, helping empower poor black neighborhoods in Chicago, before he sold his soul to Bill Ayers and George Soros and their shared demonic, narcissistic vision of a New World Order, all for eight years in the Oval Office and great wealth.

Or will Barack be like that British commander in the movie Bridge Over the River Kwai, played by Alec Guinnes, who as a prisoner of the Japanese in Burma during World War II helped his captors build a bridge over the Kwai River, but became so narcissistically attached to the bridge that he tried to stop its destruction by British commandos.

At the end of the movie, as the bridge was being blown up and he realizes the British commandoes are doing it, in his last dying breath he gasps: “Good God, what have I done?”

But that probably won’t happen, either, because the commandoes destroying capitalism are the progressive governor and mayor dupes, not anyone who believes in freedom or democracy.

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