How is Barack going to manage stumping for Dementia Joe from his bunker in Georgetown, while still directing the coronavirus media campaign to take down the capitalist Donald? Oh, that’s right, he’s got his non-for-profit Organizing for Action – the new radical progressive Democratic Party to push his old agenda, and Joe will just blissfully have to go along.

Last week, as expected, our former 44th President and Leader of the Free World, Barack Obama, finally popped his greying head up from inside his $8.1 million, 8,200-square-foot, walled mansion compound in Washington’s Embassy Row section of Georgetown, D.C., to read a teleprompter with his old friendly baritone conviction, announcing he is endorsing his former Vice President Joe Biden for president of our nation in this fall election, because “Joe gets stuff done.”

The tepid endorsement, much less stirring than Barack’s old Hope and Change oratory, was no surprise as Joe, 77, despite his accelerating dementia and difficulty completing a thought, is the last candidate standing from all the other presidential hopefuls Barack had secretly favored, and Barack is looked upon as the de facto head of the Democratic Party, so it was time to anoint Joe.

Barack had secretly supported other candidates during the primaries from inside his compound, alongside his alter ego since Chicago, Valerie Jarrett, most notably Kamala Harris; gay South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg; angry feminist Senator Elizabeth Warren; African-American New Jersey Senator Cory Booker; former El Paso congressman and 2nd Amendment basher Beto O’Rourke; even Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar.

All of them in one way or another represented elements of Barack’s Hope and Change – universal health care to crush the economy; the LGBTQ agenda to confuse and take down the white middle class; opening borders to more masses of undocumented immigrants and on the government dole in sanctuary cities; Green New Deals to dismantle capitalism; or letting prisoners back out onto the streets in the name of prison reform, while proposing nothing to help re-build the black family so decimated by welfare.

But none of them, unfortunately, had Barack’s ability to stir Millennials or white suburban housewives: it was hard to mold Kamala and Cory into the new Dr. King, like Barack’s handlers did; Pete couldn’t overcome his flaming gayness; and Amy and Elizabeth were just mean wenches.

There were others in the Democratic field that Barack did not necessarily want, who stepped forward to stop Trump, like late entry former New York Mayor and billionaire Mike Bloomberg. Despite Barack lending his face to Mike’s polished television ads, he was eventually brought down by his blandness in debates, no support from Barack’s media CNN and the NBC stations, and angry Elizabeth berating him in debates like a nagging wife for being a sexist.

Only Bernie Sanders, who like Barack was socialist (though he was open about it while Barack still hid in his compound), but did seem beholden to Barack and running his own campaign, which was based entirely on eliminating student debt and taking down rich white men, was able to win primaries and gather delegates with the support of young angry socialist activists and social media bullies who wanted to a slice of power, as well as get their college debt cleared away.

But Bernie never could overcome his angry socialism and appeal to mainstream Democratic voters, and always came across as an angry Jewish patron sending back cold soup in a delicatessen.

All the while, Joe plugged along without his former Boss’ endorsement, building a dominating number of delegates, especially after South Carolina, where black voters still seemed to like him, despite his growing difficulty completing a full thought or sentence while snapping back at people who attacked his son Hunter for deals Joe cut while Vice President, like getting Hunter on the board of a Ukrainian oil and gas company at $1 million per year, and helping him set up a billion dollar hedge fund in China. What’s a father if he can’t help his son?

So now, despite his best efforts, Barack is stuck with Joe, and must endorse him because no one is left. His odds would seem insurmountable, given Joe’s expanding dementia, even reading a teleprompter. One imagines mean Donald debating Joe and poor Biden peeing his pants or reduced to blubbering and tears before a national television audience. By almost all accounts, this election should be a slaughter for the Donald.

But that’s only if you don’t see what Barack and Valerie have up their sleeves, because Barack has been playing nowhere near the golf he did when he was in the White House.

First, in 2013, the Chicago gang organized a non-for-profit called Organizing for Action, which Michelle described OfA as “the next phase of our movement for change,” and allow her and Barack’s supporters to “finish what we started and truly make that change we believe in.” She said the mission of OfA is to “change our country” in accordance with her husband’s vision of how to “bridge (the) divide between “the world as it is and the world as it should be.”

Organizing for Action would grow into a huge, well-funded 501(c)(4) nonprofit with more than 30,000 volunteers nationwide and close to 250 offices across the country. While donations to the Democratic National Committee have been declining, money flowing into OfA have been on the rise, with multiple donors giving the foundation over $1 million each.

Given Barack’s clandestine agenda while in the White House, one can safely assume the “world as it should be” described by Michelle would include ramming the LGBTQ agenda throughout every nook and cranny of American culture, including schools, businesses, and the military; promoting abortion on demand; getting as many Progressive (read socialist) thinkers into government leadership; installing radical feminists (females who want to take over everything) throughout businesses and the media; and dismantling the “system of white supremacy,” namely capitalism and the white middle class.

But doing nothing to lift black people from their horrible urban poverty and violence.

Very few people realize that the name Organizing for Action comes from Barack’s old spiritual demon Saul Alinsky, the first community organizer who wrote Rules for Radicals dedicated to Lucifer, who said in 1972 before he died: “Organization for action will now and in the decade ahead center upon America’s white middle class. That is where the power is.” So figure that Barack’s and Michelle’s Organizing for Action is all about taking that middle-class power and giving it to themselves.

That would explain why Barack’s Oval Office tried to flood as many dark skinned, uneducated, frightened refugees into the country as possible; overregulate business and the financial markets; have their EPA pretending to save the environment while taking down extractive industries, the building blocks of capitalism and the middle class; while getting as many LGBTQs into the military and public schools to confuse heterosexual soldiers and children about their future as creators of family.

With the expected election of Hillary they were ready to disband OfA, but then the Donald pulled off his unexpected victory, stealing the Oval Office, and Barack and Co. reassembled OfA into a creature to take down Trump, with the help of their demonic newsreaders at CNN, which Barack had restructured with his pals, along with others at NBC, CNBC, The New York Times and Washington Post. They even came out with a manual on ways for OfA faithful to attack and disrupt Republican town hall meetings. Then came the #MeToo movement to take down influential white men, which Michelle and Valerie have acknowledged being part of.

Then, in late 2018, after Barack’s loyal networks and news organizations (CNN, the NBCs) pummeled the Donald relentlessly and he was still standing, he decided to fold OfA into the National Democratic Redistricting Committee to address gerrymandering, because, he said, ““People want common sense gun safety laws, Congress ignores it. People want compressive immigration reform, Congress ignores it. The single most important thing that could be done at the grassroots level over the next few years is to make sure the rules of the road are fair. If we do that, I think we’ll do the right thing.”

So expect some major gerrymandering by OfA volunteers to consolidate the black and brown vote this coming fall.

So with the loyal OfA army at his disposal, maybe Barack doesn’t need Joe to have all his marbles to win back the White House in November. They are the new activist Democratic Party, and Barack is chairman. They are ready to go out and harvest ballots from all the millions they have registered, many who shouldn’t be registered at all, even fill out ballots for them, just like in the days of old Richard J. Daley and his machine.

They are calling for the Democratic Convention to be held on line because of the coronavirus, which could save another embarrassing speech by Joe before the nation. Maybe even a live debate with Trump could be avoided, saying they want to protect people in the studio from this new Black Plague that has temporarily shut down capitalism and deprived the Donald of his greatest campaign weapon that just three months ago seemed the unstoppable economic tsunami that he would ride to a second term.

The key will be how this coronavirus fearmongering by Barack’s media will play out come November. Barack wants to keep the economy shut down, have millions out of work, everyone still locked down so his OfA faithful can steal the election. One must keep the despair in high gear, because as Saul said: “The despair if there, now its up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize them for radical social change.”

Or, as Barack said in his recent endorsement of Joe:

“The vast inequalities created by the new economy are easier to see now, but they existed long before this pandemic hit. Health professionals, teachers, delivery drivers, grocery clerks, cleaners, the people who truly make our economy run – they’ve always been essential. And for years, too many of the people who do the essential work of this country have been underpaid, financially stressed, and given too little support. And that applies to the next generation of Americans – young people graduating into unprecedented unemployment. They’re going to need economic policies that give them faith in the future and give them relief from crushing student loan debt.”

Of course, Barack and his Progressives won’t do anything for any of those people, just as he did nothing for blacks with his Hope and Change. But if he’s able to pull it off, maybe he and Michelle can get another new compound, after their one in Georgetown, and the new $20 million estate they bought in Martha’s Vineyard.

By then, Joe will be carted off to a dementia facility befitting a former Vice President, and someone Barack really likes will be seated in his old Oval Office chair, Michelle and Valerie at his or her side, with feet up on the desk, just like Barack used to do. Then maybe he’ll have time to play more golf.

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