Millennials, you are now in a socialist totalitarian state for your protection. So stay indoors, wear masks if you must go outside, keep your social distancing, don’t shake hands, do not, under any circumstances trust anyone, or try to make friends. We will manage that for you. And when we tell you next time to go into the boxcars, go compliantly, and don’t bother bringing luggage.

Now we finally know what life is like in China, or back in Stalinist Russia – a socialist totalitarian state where the government controls everyone through fear, does the thinking for you, tells you what to do, when and where to go outside, all kept in place by a mean, shaming media.

In this new mean, nasty coronavirus dictatorship, like in communist China and Russia, all decisions on human behavior are made by policy bureaucrats behind the curtain, deciding what is “essential” and “non-essential” human interaction, while the economy spirals into recession and tens of millions stay unemployed, because they need masses of unemployed, scared people to survive.

It didn’t have to be like this. We didn’t have to shut down the economy, throw millions of people out of work. But the media and a bunch of progressive (read socialist) governors were able to pull it off by the media turning a normal pandemic flu – similar to ones we’ve had before and gotten through safely by washing our hands, or, if too sick, staying home and away from others – into the new Black Plague.

But the media and the progressive governors are now under the control of the socialists, or more accurately the globalists, led by Barack Obama and George Soros among other elitists, who are now exerting their fascist, dictatorial control over us all. And we are going along compliantly, sent into our locked-down homes, like Russians into boxcars for a ride into the country until, we are told, this Black Plague passes.

There was a similar pandemic flu during the Obama years – the Swine flu – from 2009-10, in which 61 million people were infected, 274,000 hospitalized, and 12,469 people who died. But hardly any media coverage then, no economy shut down.

Go on the website of Johns Hopkins University, considered the leading authority on coronavirus – – which states that the virus is similar to the normal flu, with the same symptoms and slim chances of death.

But through the Obama/Soros controlled media, COVID-19 is the next Black Plague, and rather than inform people intelligently and objectively to take normal precautions as it passes, the socialist governors, also under Obama/Soros control. Instead, through the propagandist, fearmongering media have issued their fascist orders to shut down businesses, throw millions into unemployment, and everyone on stay-at-home lockdown indefinitely, while the capitalist economy spirals into recession, or worse, until, we are told, the progressive governors and mayors and the media tell us it’s safe to go outside. Whenever that is.

It’s all about reclaiming the White House in the fall and removing a democratically-elected capitalist from office, using Saul Alinsky tactics of intimidation, fear and demonizing the capitalist from office so they can resume their agenda of dismantling capitalism and the white middle class. This is their revolutionary war, and as Saul said: “In war, the ends justify almost any means.”

In the meantime, they are using the shutdown of the economy and lock-down to advance their socialist/globalist agenda: dismantling capitalism; using empty hotels to house the homeless; letting prisoners out of prisons; getting undocumented immigrants onto government health and welfare rolls; and getting more government control over businesses that ask for coronavirus stimulus money.

They are also playing black people much more than Barack did under Hope and Change. Funding that is earmarked for uninsured coronavirus victims is financially incentivizing hospitals and doctors to diagnose patients with coronavirus, and Medicare is paying $13,000 to hospitals if they admit a patient for coronavirus, and $39,000 if they get that person to use a ventilator.

There is also a bonus if doctors sign death certificates saying a person dies from coronavirus, even if that person gets hit by a bus, an old Chicago trick that encourages and incentivizes corruption, as well as spike the coronavirus statistics, to be spread daily on CNN and the other news demons, in their relentless fear campaign.

The incentivized treatment and designation of coronavirus as the cause of death is also fueling the socialist/globalist-led propaganda in the black communities that blacks are victims of an unfair, racist white society, and that the only way to remedy that is nationalized health care for all, which will no more bring good health care to ghetto blacks than Barack’s preaching Hope changed life in those ghettos.

It is more along the lines of Saul Alinsky: “The despair is there. Now it’s up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize them for radical social change.” The black despair is a result of the welfare state to begin with, though Barack and George and their CNN newsreaders don’t have the integrity to tell black people the truth, they must play them for their own power while leaving them in despair, as they buy new and larger estates for themselves.

They are also using this new despair and fear and anxiety among white working society to keep the fascist totalitarianism alive to dismantle capitalism and the white middle class, once an active, hard-working socially-engaged group, and forever turn them into people who are afraid to go to work, afraid to trust and interact with their friends and co-workers and shopkeepers and neighbors.

As Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s in-house physician, said: “Behave as though you have the virus yourself, and others around you have it.”

Or, as little Dr. Benjamin Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, “strongly recommended,” everyone should avoid shaking hands ever again, even after a vaccine arrives for the virus and things start going back to normal, and spread like wildfire through the media.

It’s the ongoing onslaught of fear in the media and into our isolated homes that could make that happen, and delay or prevent the working capitalist economy from getting moving again. Will we come out of this still distrusting everyone, wearing useless face masks, fearing human touch and contact from even our former friends and co-workers?

Or will we realize that we’ve been played by a fascist, fear-mongering media and fascist governors and mayors for their own government power grab, while demonizing a fairly elected president who really seems to care about America and its people and its democratic values?

So what will it be, millennials and suburban housewives, and even black folks? Will you realize you were being played like a devil’s Stradivarius with fear by the socialist/globalists and their media, and shake off that fear and greet your friends and neighbors and shopkeepers again with a handshake and mask-less smile?

Or the next time they come around, and they will, will you go compliantly into boxcars for a ride into the country until the next crisis passes?

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