George “I want to rule the World” Soros, 89, and Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers, 75, are back together in Chicago on their world socialist tour, trying to help re-elect Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, so she can keep spreading fear by releasing more criminals back onto the streets, because George and Bill and their Progressive pals like Barack need fear and anarchy to maintain their lifestyles and enslave us all.

One has to feel kind of sorry for Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx – best known for not prosecuting gay black actor Jesse Smollett for his fake racist hate crime that cost the city $130,000 – as she prepares for the upcoming Democratic primary in Chicago March 17. Kim’s heart doesn’t seem to be in it.

Kim’s lack of enthusiasm for re-election may be due to the fact that she is the latest African-American political pawn being played by the Chicago Progressives (read Socialists) in Hyde Park near the University of Chicago, who are led by Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers, the former bomb-making Weather Underground radical from the 1960s, who launched Barack Obama’s political career from his and Weather Underground wife Bernadine Dohrn’s apartment in 1995.

As Barack knows, once you sell your soul to the Progressives, there is no escape. They promise one fame and fortune, but if you want out, forget it, they’ve got too much invested. So Kim must plod on.

Since giving up bomb making, Ayers has taken to grooming socialist political candidates beginning in the 1980s, most famously with Barack, as well as furthering his other pet project: reforming the criminal justice system by not charging or letting out of prison as many inmates as possible; lowering the bar for felonies so criminals can be let go for misdemeanor charges; and expunging as many drug and felony cases as possible, so people will have clean records, until they get arrested again.

Bill says that this is to undo all the injustices done to black Chicagoans during the years of Mayor Richard J. Daley, when brutal Irish cops had their daily quotas of catch but not releasing young black teens and men by the tens of thousands, tossing them into the cesspool of Cook County jail, equal to any prison in a third world country.

See, Bill and his Weather Underground wife Bernadine are both still-angry 1960’s children of upper-middle-class white suburban privilege, who came of age during the Vietnam War and the civil rights upheavals. when Daley ruled the city like his own personal plantation.

Ayers, who still calls himself a “communist with a small c,” sees the epidemic of black on black violence in Chicago – with more than 35,000 mostly young black men murdered and hundreds of thousands wounded since the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, who were shot mostly by other young black males, and untold crime and violence against women and children – as a result of the “system of white supremacy,” namely capitalism and the white middle class he and Bernadine were nurtured in.

To Ayers’ twisted, narcissistic communist brain, even the shooters in black communities are victims, and the police are a criminal enterprise as agents and enforcers for white society, there to keep blacks in their place.

When Barack was in the White House, his Justice Department was sent to the Windy City and had the Chicago police department declared a “racist organization” – the first such designation for American law enforcement – while ignoring the fact that all the death and wounding of young black men, and the suffering of black women and children, was being wrought by other young black men.

To anyone who says that Ayers is retired at age 75 from his radical communist past, and not, as Barack said, “just someone I knew from the (Hyde Park) neighborhood,” have that person look at the recent election in San Francisco of Ayers’ and Dohrn’s adopted son, Chesa Boudin to that city’s District Attorney position, promising not to arrest or prosecute the homeless for defecating and leaving needle vials along Market Street, who wants to end all “mass incarceration,” which is already doing wonders for that once quaint City by the Bay that once thrived on tourism.

Bernadine and Bill took in Chesa at age two, gave him the kind of privileged education they had – Yale, Rhodes Scholar, studying under socialist Caesar Chavez in Venezuela – because Chesa’s biological parents, David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin, fellow Weather Underground members with Bill and Bernadine, were in jail for their parts in a 1982 Brinks armed robbery that killed two policemen and a security guard.

Ayers’ and Barack’s long time benefactor George Soros, the billionaire megalomaniac who hates America as much as Bill and wants to take down capitalism, plucked young, inexperienced but African American Cook County assistant states attorney Kim Foxx to be the head of law enforcement in Cook County, with a population of 5.3 million, the second largest prosecutors office in the nation, supervising nearly 900 attorneys and 1,500 employees, and yes, implementing Ayers’ brand of criminal justice reform.

From her first day in office, Foxx and her staff were Ayers whirlwinds, implementing such “reforms” as no longer tossing criminals in County Jail just because they couldn’t post bail of a $1,000; releasing six years of data on felony criminal cases, which now allows defense attorneys to build cases to overturn convictions; not prosecuting some 4,000 drug cases that her predecessor would have tried; and lowering the threshold of felony shoplifting cases so not prosecuting another 1,000 people and letting them go.

Now, shoplifting under $1,000 in merchandise is no longer a felony but a misdemeanor, and the shoplifter let go. Also carjacking, a staple on the South and West Sides for quick money or a new ride for a thug, is not always a felony under State’s Attorney Foxx, if the person riding in the carjacked vehicle tells the cop (or state’s attorney) he didn’t know it was stolen, so is charged with “trespassing,” a misdemeanor, and let go.

Even misdemeanor assault and battery, if the person is not killed or seriously injured, can be a misdemeanor, such as taking a cell phone and purse and leaving with a wack on the head.

Like Progressive lesbian mayor Lori Lightfoot, head prosecutor Kim is also protecting illegal immigrants from deportation by keeping prosecutors from cooperating with ICE agents, because the socialists need as many poor illegal refugees in the city and county as they can get for future voting rolls.

All was going smoothly in her new Bill Ayers’ reform until gay African American actor Jesse Smollett staged his fake white hate crime just before the 2019 mayoral primary – resulting in $130,000 in police time and a 16-count felony convictions “false report of offense” – for telling investigators and the rest of the nation that two white men wearing MAGA hats had put a noose around his neck, sprayed bleach on his skin, and told him to get out of town, “this is MAGA country.” They turned out to be two Nigerian weight lifters he paid $3,000 to stage the event.

Then it snuck out that during the investigation Kim had received a text from Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff Tina Tchen, saying she represented a friend of the Smollett family and could she (Foxx) get the FBI involved and not the Chicago police. Foxx then recused herself from the investigation, but her office soon released Smollett from the indictments and sealed the grand jury records.

The Chicago legal community, not privy to the new Ayers’ system of criminal justice for misdemeanor offenses, called for Kim’s resignation for incompetence, though she never stepped down, and is now up for re-election. Sensing that the voting public might also be averse to the “reforms,” knowing that shoplifting and carjacking and theft and minor battery crimes are up but not being prosecuted, including white areas and public transportation, Ayers’ pal George Soros upped his contributions to Foxx to $2 million from the $400,000 in the first campaign.

The billionaire Soros, who at age 89 is still very active in attacking American democratic institutions and capitalism from his estate in Katonah, NY, along with his $19 billion Open Society Foundations. It was Soros groups who provided angry lesbian demonstrators to disrupt the Kavanaugh hearings; helped organize caravans of Central Americans to our borders; worked together with Barack to flood Europe with Syrian refugees and destabilize the continent; helped fund such attack groups as Black Lives Matter that Ayers helped organize, and may even be involved in the recent stock market panic, because that’s how he made his first billion, driving down the British pound to try and break the Bank of England.

As for Foxx, she just needs to perk up and inform voters that she’s helping two supremely narcissistic megalomaniacs realize their utopian socialist dream by creating anarchy, spreading fear throughout Chicago and the world, so that they can enslave us all – black and white – and live in ruling splendor.

Surely voters will understand, if they’re not too afraid to go to the polls.

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