Illinois’ billionaire socialist Governor J.B. Pritzker, Barack’s pal, just declared a “State of Emergency” on coronavirus, to help fuel the media’s hysteria and get people to run to Bernie’s socialism to protect us all. But still no mention of the very real black-on-black holocaust. But, hey, they’re already socialist, so who cares?

Illinois’ new progressive (read socialist) governor, J.B. Pritzker, jumped into the media-driven hysteria over the Coronavirus yesterday, issuing a “disaster proclamation” – the state’s version of a “State of Emergency” – which J.B. said allows the Land of Lincoln to access to additional federal funding to help in its COVID-19 response, as well as elevate anxiety among the populace.

No matter that there are only 11 cases reported so far in a state of 12.8 million residents, although that is a 2017 number and tens of thousands of middle-class people have left the state since then because of its crushing taxes and crime and corruption.

The COVD-19 cases, while still with no deaths, represent about .000001 percent of the state’s population. But we must act fast to get those federal funds into state coffers, because we could be headed for a black plague, so don’t go outside just yet.

Billionaire Governor of inherited wealth J.B., who is not only one of the most corrupt politicians in the state’s long and storied history, but one of the dumbest, said of the funds: “We don’t need it now, but we may need it in the near future…because we can see, from other states, from other countries what’s coming. There’s going to be an increase in cases.”

So J.B. was taking on great leadership, he said, because “I want folks to understand: This is going to affect your daily life.”

Because in addition to amping up people’s fears of an invisible enemy that is less dangerous than the normal flu, he is preparing Illinois and Chicago for next Tuesday’s election primaries, so people won’t endanger themselves by going to the polls, and so the socialist candidates will have a better chance, because they thrive with low voter turnout as well as a population frozen by fear.

The other reality that helps the socialists in Illinois is that the high taxes and government fiscal corruption has driven the higher earning, higher educated voters to seek residence elsewhere, like Florida, living there for six months and a day to avoid Illinois’ taxes, and give up their right to vote for the corrupt politician of their choice: trends J.B. is keeping very much alive.

Those who are exiting are largely Republicans and moderate democrats, and educated, middle class earners. Pritzker, who inherited $3.2 billion of the family Hyatt Hotel fortune without having to work to build its wealth, stepped in to take on Republican governor Bruce Rauner in 2018, spending $168 million of his inherited cash on his campaign, which became the largest self-funded governor’s campaign in the nation’s history.

He defeated Rauner by 55% to 39% in the general election, getting 80% from inside Cook County that includes Chicago, along with other smaller cities that have their own pockets of poor. The fiscally conservative Rauner was hurt enormously by the flight of the educated middle class, despite a campaign that revealed Pritzker as one of the more corrupt politicians in a city and state overflowing with them like a backed up septic tank.

Before he decided to run for governor, J.B. had worked a deal with the Cook County Assessor to avoid $240,000 in taxes on one of his North Side mansions by having the toilets removed and the property declared “uninhabitable.” Along with his sister Penny, who inherited a paltry $2.5 billion, J.B. has been rewarded for his loyalty to Barack and his Hyde Park Progressive socialists around the University of Chicago.

Penny was Secretary of Commerce under Barack, a not too demanding position under a President who wanted to dismantle capitalism and its middle class, not promote free enterprise. J.B., for his loyalty, was allowed to buy the governors mansion in Springfield and do what he was told.

Right out of the chute, the vacant eyed, chubby, doofus J.B. has cheerfully gone about “making Illinois the most progressive state,” equal to New York and California, by passing draconian abortion laws that essentially allow infanticide, to attack middle class mores; legalized marijuana, so people won’t want to work; initiated an additional gas tax for a fantasy “Rebuild Illinois” program that further burdens the middle class; gotten LGBTQ studies in the public schools to confuse children about their sexuality even before puberty, and is pushing a “progressive tax,” which will surely drive more middle and upper middle class voters from the state.

Now, with primary election time next Tuesday, March 17th – former Richard J. Daley’s favorite green day – and the socialist media using the coronavirus as a weapon to spread fear among the masses, J.B. has been told to declared a state of emergency.

Barack, who is pulling the strings, has not declared who he wants – Bernie the angry socialist or Joe Biden, who is showing early stages of dementia. He has told his former loyalist candidates who dropped out – Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker, Beto O’Rourke and Elizabeth Warren – who all dropped by the wayside, to endorse Joe. But they had little following anyway, so it is mostly a backhanded, worthless Obama endorsement.

Quietly and subtly, though, Barack has been supporting angry Bernie in Illinois: by having J.B. stirring up ignorance and fear, which is the lifeblood of socialism; directing the Chicago Sun Times, which has become a socialist newspaper, to not say anything bad about Bernie, while having the Rev. Jesse Jackson, once the voice for civil rights after Dr. King died, come out in favor of Sanders, which to some seems curious.

Because it is socialism, in the form of welfare, that has destroyed black Chicago and turned neighborhoods on the South and West Sides into war zones of black-on-black genocide, with enraged fatherless teenage boys, the spawn of the welfare state, turning lethally on each other every day and night, and leaving those who survive with the perpetual suffering of PTSD or some other trauma of violence.

You want a real state of emergency? Since the death of Dr. King, there have been more than 35,000 mostly young black men murdered, and hundreds of thousands wounded, in Chicago streets, not to mention the endless, unfathomable child and sexual abuse of women, epidemic drug addition and alcohol abuse that goes on every day under socialism.

So Bernie is a tough sell in Chicago among blacks, for those who understand the very real human effects of the government taking control of poor people’s lives.
Unfortunately, Bernie can’t pretend he’s black, start talking like a preacher for Hope and Change, to get out the vote.

So the low-IQ J.B. will have to keep stirring fear and anxiety, along with our wonderful media, to advance the socialist revolution.

Stay tuned.

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