Hey Millennials. Do you want to know what socialism is like? Just go down to the DMV, give your cell phone to a mindless bureaucrat, then sit there for eight hours. Then come back the next day, and the next, without your number ever being called. Or if you want to know what it’s really like, walk through the West Side of Chicago, they’ve been socialist for decades. But don’t expect Bernie to come save you.

All this talk about socialism, which our first openly socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders – currently ahead in the Democratic primaries – defines as “taking on the entire establishment: taking on Wall Street; taking on the greed and corruption of the pharmaceutical industries; taking on the insurance companies. If you work 40 hours a week you should not be living in poverty. Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. . .Health care is a ‘human right’. . . Make sure all our kids have the opportunity to get a higher education.”

“That’s what the people want,” Bernie says. Or, according to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a socialist and Bernie fan told The View talk show hosts: “he’s a fighter for the working class, for people like us,” though not naming any on The View panel who qualified as “us.” His other big supporter, hajib wearing congresswoman Ilhan Omar said of Bernie’s candidacy: “This is not just a fight for democracy. This is a fight for a better future, one that we can all be proud of.”

But the details of this proud new fighting socialism is vague, as they were when our first and still undeclared socialist president, Barack Obama, stormed through the primaries and election in 2008 preaching Hope and Change.
Bernie won’t spell out the details of his plan, because he has none, just like Barack didn’t, other than to do what he can to dismantle capitalism and take down the middle class, so everyone will be equal and poor.

Bernie old Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes that his health care plan, which would eliminate private heath care companies, would cost $30 trillion, give or take a few trillion, his people have the exact figures. His and AOC’s Green New Deal would cost another $30 trillion. Then there’s wiping out student debt for a few more trillion.

It will all come from taxing the rich, Bernie says, though if one thought for a second, the numbers would also include taxing the middle class and businesses into extinction.

What would happened under Bernie, as Barack tried his best, was that our lives would become more and more regulated and complicated, businesses would be over-regulated and taxed so they couldn’t operate. Because this new socialism that Bernie’s supporters are learning in college is not about taking control of the means of production, as Marx taught. It’s about government squeezing business and the middle class it fuels into obsolescence so we are all poor and equal.

In the meantime, this socialism is about getting as many poor people onto government assistance – Medicaid, food stamps, welfare, and the like – so the system will implode. (There was a theory developed at Columbia University, a commie thinktank, that actually devised such a plan. It’s called the Cloward-Piven theory, after two social work professors. Look it up.)

The flood of poor, illiterate illegals, started by Barack, is important as well, getting them into sanctuary cities and on to government assistance and, eventually, onto progressive voting rolls, calling them Dreamers along the way.

Socialism is about government taking control of everything it can in our lives, including education, which Barack started as well, where LGBTQ lifestyle is taught to elementary school children; teaching infanticide abortion as a “reproductive right,” because the success of socialism is based on destroying any and all children or family-affirming beliefs, including Christian church teachings and marriage.

The government will be the new church, and everyone must bow down and submit, worshiping leaders like Bernie as Russia and China worshipped Stalin and Mao, the poster boys who will carry us to the wondrous dawn of this people’s revolution. The problem for those who aren’t part of a Bernie’s or Mao’s inner circle is life gets increasingly brutal, because there is no effort, and never was or will be, to devise a plan to improve ordinary lives.

We must all demonize the rich (read Republican) capitalists, who we are told are the ones making our lives so miserable and anxiety filled, when it is really the devil of technology that has created a world so difficult to navigate and work in, let alone put enough digital money in our bank accounts to pay the bills.
The socialists know this, but they are not about making our lives better. They want and need mass anxiety and fear in order to organize young minds and achieve their ends.

As their guiding demon, Saul Alinsky, who wrote the book Rules for Radicals, dedicated to Lucifer, said: “The despair is there. Now it’s up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize them for radical social change.”

Just remember this, Millennials: two years after Hope and Change was elected, he nationalized all student loans under Sallie Mae. There was a provision written into the legislations – that still exists – that says even if a person who took out a loan declares bankruptcy, he or she is still liable for the loan for the rest of their lives. Eight years later, as Barack was retiring, here comes Bernie promising to wipe out all that debt. Do you think that was part of their plan? You decide.

There is nothing like debt and dependency on government to destroy the spirit and idealism of a people, especially young people. The same holds true of confusing children at the youngest of ages about their sexuality, tossing concepts like transgenderism to a kinder gardener in the name of “diversity,” so they will grow up so confused about who they are they won’t want to marry and have families when they grow up.

That’s the other thing, Millennials. Socialists don’t want you to marry and have children. They want to keep reproduction under government control. Maybe we will all live on communes, like Bernie Town, where everyone is fed and content, no worries of how to make the wife happy or provide for children. The state does it all. Just don’t have any time frame on when you want that heart surgery, or get those teeth fixed. Just get in line. And don’t expect to have a soul, the government will take care of that, too.

But, if you have any doubts about socialism before you pull that voting lever for Bernie, go to Chicago and walk through the West Side, from the United Center where the Bulls play, all the way west some four miles to the city line at Austin Avenue. Or go south ten miles to Englewood, where socialism has been at work for decades.

Either direction, just wear bullet proof armor, or bring a body guard, though that won’t even help. Because on the South and West Sides of Chicago, with hundreds of thousands of government dependent souls, all black and poor, every day and night there are hundreds if not thousands of rapes and murders, robberies and car jackings, where government paychecks go to buy drugs, and the violence and death and human suffering, especially among the most tragic – the children – go on unabated like a war zone.

It was Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society that got it all going in the 1960s, the free aid to dependent children that made males unneeded in families, turning fatherless men and boys onto the streets with an unlimited supply of illegal guns to fight and kill over the drug trade, that started it all. It is a black-on-black genocide, where more than 35,000 gun murders of mostly young black men have occurred since the death of the Rev. Martin Luther King in 1968, with an unfathomable amount of other human suffering. And guess who utilize abortion more than any other group. Poor black women, that’s who.

This is the ultimate reality of Bernie’s socialism, though he of course will watch over us all, with his loyal supporters, who will protect him, like Barack, in whatever multi-million dollar compound he buys when he retires into his Golden Years.

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