Barack Obama’s and Bill Ayers’ progressive socialism is taking root in Chicago, with rising taxes on businesses and the homeowners; pot smoking promoted by government officials; abortions on demand; lesbians running the city and LGBTQ studies taught in schools; while the middle class leaves in droves and black teens keep up their genocide, as the city heads toward a financial cliff. So things are going well!

There was some uncertainty when the new African American lesbian Mayor Lori Lightfoot took office in Chicago, as to who was behind her, giving support and guidance. She had never held public office before, let alone any major government positions in the third largest city in the country. She didn’t seem to have much of an organization behind her, like the legendary Daley’s.

She won the Chicago mayoral runoff in April, 2019 against Cook County Board Chairman Toni Preckwinkle, getting 73.7 percent of the vote to Preckwinkle’s 26.3 percent. But that’s deceptive, because it was the lowest voter turnout in Chicago mayoral history, with only 32 percent of registered voters showing up to vote, an indication that not only have Chicagoans been so beaten down by a century of corrupt politics that have lost all hope for any kind of meaningful reform, so don’t even bother going to the polls.

The legendary machine of the original Boss Richard J. Daley was long ago dismantled and sent to the junk pile soon after he died in 1976. Harold Washington was able to assemble a “rainbow coalition” of blacks, Hispanics and lakefront liberals and won a second term before he died of a massive heart attack brought on by his legendary appetite for the city’s pizza and Italian beef.

Richard M. Daley, the Boss’ son, was able to keep his job for 24 years, driving the city closer and closer to bankruptcy with every term, and could have likely been mayor for longer reign of pillage except someone, somewhere, told him he was retiring, and Rahm Emmanuel left his job in the Obama White House for his lifelong “dream job” on the fifth floor of City Hall on LaSalle Street.

Rahm’s dream job included managing the most corrupt city government in the country, where 70 cents on every property tax dollar taken in – by law earmarked for schools – is instead sent to pay down the more than $60 billion in pension obligations for government workers, and where the black teen violence on the South and West Sides was ending 400 to 600 young black lives a year, with thousands more wounded every 365 days.

The feisty, mean-spirited Rahm seemed to be doing a decent job plugging the exploding dike – covering up the city’s dire financial straits, trying to keep business and professionals from fleeing the city and state, and containing the black on black violence to the all-black South and West Sides and away from tax-paying residents. But the truth is, Chicago under Rahm, as it was under Daley, is very close to going the way of Detroit financially and socially, let by its massive public pension obligations, its catastrophic black-on-black crime and crushing taxes that are gobbled up by the city’s corruption.

Despite all the problems, Rahm was all set with a $12 million campaign chest to run for a third term, when the still feisty 59-year-old abruptly decided he wanted to spend more time with his family, and before taking a job as a another Trump-bashing ABC political commentator two weeks after leaving office.
Then up out of political nowhere pops the very short, well under five feet tall, lesbian lawyer Lightfoot, whose resume included a partnership at the downtown corporate law firm of Mayer Brown; a brief stint as Assistant U.S. Attorney for Northern Illinois, and a former president of the Chicago Police Board and chair of the Chicago Police Accountability Task Force. But no experience in the baseball-bat-to-the-knees world of Chicago politics.

While Mayor Lori has not revealed her clout – the Chicago term for political sponsorship – the best guess from her actions the past year in office is that she is another political creation of the Chicago Progressives, headquartered somewhere in Hyde Park, near the University of Chicago, the political birthplace of their most famous creations Barack and Michelle Obama, before they went off to our nation’s capital and the Oval Office.

The Chicago Progressives have as their godfather and godmother Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers and his Weather Underground wife Bernadine “kill the pigs” Dohrn, the 1960s bomb making college communist revolutionaries, who are believed to be responsible for at least 20 bombings in the late 60s and 70s of government buildings after they wrote a “Declaration of a State of War” in 1970 that formally declared “war” on the U.S. Government.

Since emerging from the hiding in the 1970s and getting off the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List, Ayers and Dohrn have lived anonymously in intellectual Hyde Park, blending in with the professors at the coffee shops, while working on the Progressive agenda by finding and nurturing new talent to enter the mainstream political system, or, as their guiding demon, Saul Alinsky, the originally Chicago community organizer said: “True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism. The cut their hair, put on suits and infiltrate the system from within.”

Barack’s political career was launched from the Ayers/Dohrn Hyde Park living room in 1995, though he didn’t call himself a progressive then, but seems to be helping guide the movement from his Georgetown mansion since leaving office, with help from the media he helped re-mold, CNN and The New York Times, to take down the capitalist pig with blonde combover.

This past year, Bill and Bernadine’s adopted son, Chesa Boudin, who they raised since age two because Chesa’s parents and Bill and Bernadine’s Weather Underground comrades were sent to prison for a Brinks armed robbery that killed two policemen and a security guard, was recently elected State’s Attorney in San Francisco, vowing to end the system of mass incarceration – an Ayers pet project – as well as not round up the homeless along Market Street who defecate on the sidewalk and leave their empty needle vials, chasing away the city’s important tourist business.

Ayers said in an article after Trump’s election that he still hopes to dismantle the “system of white supremacy,” namely capitalism and the white middle class, as he enters his golden years at 75.

Another key Hyde Park progressive is Valerie Jarrett, who was a City Hall insider with Richie Daley the Younger, who has been with Barack since the beginning, describing their relationship as a “mind meld,” who lived with the Obama’s in the White House and is generally considered the person who ran the Oval Office (she sent chief of staff Rahm packing to Chicago and his “dream job”). Valerie reportedly still lives with the Obama’s in their $8 million Georgetown, D.C., compound, and is a leader with Michelle of the Progressive’s MeToo Movement, dispatching prominent white men and Republicans without due process, and helping Barack advise the Progressive presidential candidates as needed.

Lesbian Lori has been following the progressive script ever since sitting down in the Daley’s old chair on the 5th Floor of City Hall. She has stacked the city hall offices with lesbians and radical feminists: those females and LGBTQ creatures who want socialist women to take over the world. Even before sitting down in Daley’s old chair, she sent out word through the Chicago Sun Times – which has become the socialist rag much like CNN and the NYTimes have for Barack – asking ordinary citizens to submit resumes if they had good ideas on how to run the city, and staged meetings in poor areas to get input from residents – to show she is a mayor of the people.

She fired the well-liked police chief Eddie Johnson and wants to move the city more toward community activist involved policing, another Ayers’ socialist dream, though vehemently opposed by the Police Union.

But despite Ayers’ socialist dream of a government controlled police force, it will not work in Chicago to end or even stem the epidemic black-on-black gun violence that is an outgrowth of decades and generations of welfare, which has created thousands and thousands of enraged, fatherless black teens who control the streets on the South and West Sides of the city. Citizen-directed police cannot solve the problem of destroyed black families and fatherless boys, or even the millions of easily available stolen guns, because most law abiding citizens want guns, too, and are too terrified to leave their houses and apartments to help monitor well-armed, fatherless teens.

After first stating that the city budget was close to $700 million short of balancing, she miraculously came up with the shortfall, plus directed $780 million in tax increment financing – TIF – money that Rahm had sent to development projects around the downtown business district, to poor black South and West Side neighborhoods, to remedy what she, and Bill Ayers, said were decades of “disinvestment” and create “transformative change.”

But the problem with that plan, as it has been for decades in Chicago, is any large government sums sent into the ghettos to rebuild them first go into to the pockets of politicians and their contractor pals, and what is left for development is never enough to turn the tide of poverty in the ghettos, and they quickly turn from improved housing and stores back into ghettos because of all the violence.

That’s what happened with projects Valerie Jarrett ran in Woodlawn on the South Side in the 1990s,after she left City Hall, for which she was paid $300,000 per year, with bonus.

Now Lori wants LGBTQs to be able to get preference on lucrative city contract work.

Along with the new progressive governor, J.B. Pritzker, Barack’s and Valerie’s good pal who bought the governor’s mansion two years ago with $168 million of his $3.2 billion of inherited wealth, Lightfoot has also pushed the Progressive’s platform of legalized marijuana, with shops set up around the city, including the downtown business district, which should help advance Ayers’ dream of dismantling capitalism because with the new, high-powered weed, people won’t want to work, so the government can take care of them.

Lightfoot told everyone in an article in the Sun Times not to smoke if they are pregnant, and the paper ran a front-page article about the lieutenant governor, another progressive, being first in line to get her own, now legal stash.

Right after his inauguration, Pritzker had signed a bill to allow abortion on demand, providing for third trimester abortions, or infanticide if you prefer, which Pritzker said makes Illinois the most “progressive” state in the union. Marx had said to bring down a culture and install socialism, one must attack its moral beliefs. In Chicago, once the largest Catholic archdiocese in the country, third trimester infanticide is all that. does that in spades. Meanwhile, in the welfare ghettos, poor black women utilize abortion more than any female group.

Like Pritzker, Lightfoot is also pushing the progressive agenda of more and more taxes on anything that involving the middle class and in Chicago, she has the Teacher’s Union on her side to help. At the beginning of the school year, the union staged an 11 day strike, locking out 355,000 students and creating mass anxiety among their parents, complete with angry demonstrations down that Bill Ayers helped organize.

The teachers got everything Lightfoot had offered them before the strike, including a new $1.5 billion five year contract that everyone agreed the city did not have funds to cover. When asked where the money would come from, the teacher’s union president Jesse Sharkey, a former member of the International Socialists Organization, and his vice president Stacy Davis Gates, a Bill Ayers activist, told the Sun Times, “Why, taxes on business and property taxes.”
It was all summed up by a shirt Bill Ayers was wearing at a rally during the strike that read: “More Love, Less Capitalism.”

Lightfoot has also given her support to another progressive cause, protecting all the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants brought to the Sanctuary City under the Obama Administration, most from Central America, many of them put directly on welfare and Medicaid. When Trump announced the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents would start rounding them up for deportation, Mayor Lori told Chicago police not to cooperate. She wants to keep them, as they will be important for future Progressive voting rolls. The Sun-Times reports that many of the immigrants are converting to transgenderism and some are converting to Islam.

Mayor Lori has also endorsed States Attorney Kim Foxx for re-election. That’s the same Kim Foxx who sealed the indictment of gay actor Jesse Smollett, who staged a racist attack two weeks before the Cook County primary, and who was not charged after Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff called King and asked her to go easy on Jesse, as he was a friend of the former First Family.

Kim is also a progressive, funded into office by George Soros, friend of Barack and Bill Ayers, who is in the mold of Ayers adopted son Chesa, who promises not to prosecute misdemeanor crimes, has expunged thousands of marijuana convictions, and forgiven hundreds of thousands of dollars in parking ticket fines.

But what her leniency has created, which Bill Ayers understands well, is that word has gotten out in the black areas about her revolving justice door, and there has been an increase of black teens going into white shopping areas, including Michigan Avenue’s Magnificent Mile, and carting off merchandise, knowing they nothing will happen to them.

There has also been an increase of black teens roaming the downtown business district, the white Near North Side, and even on the transit system, robbing people, taking their cell phones, even beating them up, with the same freedom of knowing nothing will happen to them.

Because fear is a big driver of Bill Ayers and Barack Obama’s socialism. It helps take down the system of white supremacy. Plus, if people are afraid, they cannot rise up and take your power away.

But Lori seems to have been promised higher things. She attended the Trump impeachment hearings, led by Progressive Barack pal Adam Schiff, and was at the Donald’s State of the Union Address, which she told the Sun Times was “divisive and offensive.”

So look for Lori o be in Washington soon, maybe as Chicago’s new U.S. Congresswoman. All it takes is a call from the right person.

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