How did Barack Obama trash the once great Democratic Party? Well, he wanted to be a kingmaker, but came up with only dunces. He wanted to turn the Party into a radical socialist organization, and build its platform on removing a capitalist president. Now the Party is a train wreck.

In June 2018, there was a feature story in Vanity Fair about how Barack Obama, two years into retirement but not playing as much golf as he used to, was “quietly re-entering Democratic politics (and) asserting his role as kingmaker ahead of the 2020 election.”

The article quoted Barack as questioning whether his administration had “pushed to far” in it’s promotion of “cosmopolitan values,” namely all the inclusion and LGBTQ diversity politics that defined the Obama years, flooding the media he influenced and regulations he signed from the Oval Office with a constant stream of that diversity, even into the schools, to re-shape the white American culture into one big happy family with more homosexuals, Muslims and people of color.

The article said that Barack asked himself whether he had underestimated the simmering anger of Rust Belt workers, white “indentitarians” and other “culture warriors,” people who worried their country was changing too much, too fast.
“Maybe,” Barack said, “people just want to fall back into their tribe.”
So at that point, Vanity Fair said, after two years of the Donald, Barack was quietly re-entering Democratic politics from his $8 million compound in Georgetown, D.C, “asserting his role as presidential kingmaker ahead of the 2020 elections.”

The article went on to say that Barack had been meeting with at least nine possible Democratic candidates, including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and several then unknowns, such as South Bend’s gay mayor Pete Buttigeig.
“According to multiple people familiar with them, the meetings run long, often over an hour. Obama tends to give advice, guidance, talk about the future of the party, and everyone’s places in it. The conversations can be searching, get philosophical, then quickly veer back to brass tacks. He’ll give his thoughts on campaigns. He’ll offer to help make sure donors and party bigwigs are returning calls.”

But as we have said many times from this Corner Tavern barstool, the two people who shaped Barack’s own political mindset during his formative 20s back in Chicago, were three radical socialists: Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers, the 1960s student bomb maker – “a communist with a small c” – and his Weather Underground wife Bernadine “kill the pigs” Dohrn, as well as the late Saul Alinsky, who wrote Rules for Radicals, about confrontational, demonizing community organizing , which was dedicated to Lucifer. Barack’s political career was launched in 1995 from Bill and Bernadine’s Hyde Park Chicago living room, after Bill had helped him get into Harvard.

So if you accept those two Chicago socialist radicals as Barack’s guiding political demons, then what has transpired since the Vanity Fair article – hell, even right after Trump was elected – makes perfect Alinsky/Ayers sense. He wanted then and still wants to turn the Democratic party into a radical socialist organization, first by stirring up enough national angst on Trump to remove the democratically-elected, capitalist president from office, and return one of his own, since Hillary let him down.

Saul’s had preached: “The despair is there. Now it’s up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize them for radical social change.” He was also about gaining power, or taking it back if you lose it, so in the event a conservative capitalist takes your power, get in there and throw some disruptive Ayers’-style bombs into Congress, and attack the system from within, following Saul’s other dictum: “True revolutionaries don’t flaunt their radicalism. They put on suits, cut their hair, and infiltrate the system from within,” and take back power anyway you can – the constitution and rule of law and fair play be damned, because, Saul said, “in war, the end justifies almost any means.”

So Barack’s political re-entry actually began well before the Vanity Fair article.

Immediately following the Donald’s inauguration, even before, Barack began community organizing to get him out. Led by the news organization he took control of and still leads – CNN – along with other friends he placed at the New York Times and Washington Post, Barack launched his assault on Trump, first with a fake “Russian Collusion” narrative that went on for two solid, mean spirited, hysterical years, along the way painting him as a sexist, racist, white supremacist to try and stir enough national angst about the new president to build public media outcry for his removal.

Barack’s old pals at the FBI and Justice department even helped fuel the media flames, as the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, Barack’s former FBI Director conducted his worthless $24 million investigation, with periodic leaks of classified material on Trump to CNN and the NYTimes fed by his former FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, as well as pal Adam Schiff, the failed Hollywood screenwriter who became head of the House Intelligence Committee.

Comey and McCabe, along with a half dozen other top FBI officials, would also be key players before they were fired by Trump, would also with CNN and NYTimes, followed by the rest of the media, helped keep Barack’s own, very real and massive corruption scandal hidden by covering up his involvement in the fake Trump-Russian dossier that Barack’s and pals had produced, sending it through the FISA court to spy on and stop the Donald’s 2016 presidential campaign. At the same time, his FBI pals and media also helped bury the private e-mail scandal by Hillary while she was Secretary of State which, had Comey and McCabe not been corrupted, would have landed her in jail.

But that didn’t work, because Mueller’s investigation went nowhere, as they knew it would. But the investigation kept the false, Trump corruption narrative hysterically alive for two years at CNN and the others, pumped hysterically into our homes and offices.

Meanwhile, as the Vanity Fair article attested, after seeing that the Russian Collusion attack wasn’t working, Barack started meeting with and advising his socialist candidates – Sanders and Warren, Kamela Harris and Corey Booker and Beto O’Rourke – sending them out to test the political waters, propped up by his media as best it could. CNN and the NYTimes, not the DNC, sponsored “debates” and town hall meetings, trying to generate interest with voters, keeping other Democratic candidates that Barack didn’t like marginalized through little news coverage. The CNN/NYTimes thus became the de facto Democratic National Committee, promoting Barack’s favored candidates.

But Bernie couldn’t seem to overcome the image of an angry Jewish delicatessen customer sending back cold soup, even with all the free things he was promising. Elizabeth was the same, promising to take away money from rich people like a raving schoolmarm, as most people realized she would likely take away their money as well, so her campaign has gone nowhere. Other Barack favorites Booker and Harris and O’Rourke, disappeared.

Only gay Pete Buttigieg, said to be Barack’s favorite all along, is still standing, as are Bernie and Elizabeth, though they are on walkers. Pete, last week won the Iowa caucus – or did he? – with 26 percent of the vote – or was it 20 percent? – after a vote that made the Iowa Democratic Party look like a convention of morons.

Barack was hoping Mayor Pete could use the first caucus as the “Iowa bounce” that so helped Barack back in 2008 going into New Hampshire. But if one looked underneath the CNN hype, Pete received just north of 500 votes, which doesn’t seem to qualify for “Something extraordinary has happened” in Iowa that first claimed, but later had to back off of when the voter confusion took over as the lead story.

So now that the Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi impeachment balloon has been burst in the Senate by the evil Republicans, and after the Donald’s rousing State of the Union speech touting the economy and job growth and raising America’s stature in the world again, Barack and his Chicago crew are back behind his $8 million Georgetown compound walls, re-grouping, trying to come up with another Alinsky attack to galvanize progressives before the election.

It looks like Barack has even gone to a moderate, multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who is trying to be the first to by the election with commercials bought with his own money, which have now begun to feature prominently his past friendship with Barack, to win some black votes. Not the preferred socialist progressive face.

But with the impeachment gone as a voting factor, the momentum seems to have clearly shifted to the Donald and the economy, which has defined every previous presidential election. Now the non-radical, non-socialist Democrats, who still make up most of the Party, must decide whether to vote for Bernie or Elizabeth, and take down the economy, or support Mayor Pete, who is really just like Barack with lighter skin.

Because the other candidate, 77-year-old Joe Biden, who wasn’t invited to Barack’s presidential kingmaking conferences despite being his vice president for eight years, is getting pulled into some of Barack’s quicksand, having to explain at every campaign stop why he helped son Hunter land a nice million dollar job for doing nothing on the board of Burisma, a Ukranian oil and gas company, while Joe was Barack’s second in command.

Gosh, it was never this hard getting your favorite candidate elected in Chicago.

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