Is the mainstream American news media now pro-Iranian, stirring up Muslim hatred and revenge and spewing it into our living rooms? Well, after all, the media was restructured by Barack Obama and his Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, who was born in Iran, who helped get a million Muslims into the U.S., and who helped give us the wonderful Ilhan Omar.

This latest anti-Trump, pro-Iranian bile being spewed into our homes and offices by CNN, the New York Times and The Washington Post, among others, with news footage of a wailing Ayatollah shedding tears over the casket of his fallen personal assassin Gen. Soleimani, killed by a Trump directed drone, with hundreds of thousands of angry Iranians chanting “death to America” “Death to Trump” makes one wonder whose side the American media is on.

Along with the photo of the angry hordes in Tehran the New York Times ran the front page headlines:
“Tears From Ayatollah as Iran Mourns Dead General”
“God the almighty has promised to get his revenge,” said the man who will take over for Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, increasing fears of an escalating cycle of retaliation.”
“Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani may have been part of quiet efforts by Iran and Saudi Arabia to reduce tensions, acting as a go-between at the time of his death.”
“Suleimani may have been emissary in outreach to Saudis.”
“Trump doubles down on threat to attack Iran’s cultural sites.”

Now, the New York Times is a paper owned by the Jewish Sulzberger family, and isn’t one of Iran’s priorities the destruction of Israelite swine along with the devil American? Doesn’t promoting Iran make them a little nervous?

Then, on CNN, there was Jewish Jake Tapper grilling Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about a Trump tweet vowing to hit 52 sites in Iran if they retaliated, including cultural sites. All Tapper wanted to know about was the cultural sites, and whether if Trump struck them wouldn’t that be against the Geneva Convention? Heck with Suleimani being the worst terrorist this side of Bin Laden.

There was in fact little mention in the mainstream media – led by CNN, the NYTimes and Washington Post – of what a scumbag Soleimani was, a killer responsible for at least 600 American deaths, who was directing an unknown number of Iranian terrorist groups throughout the Middle East, to destabilize the region and hopefully spread Iran’s brand of Shiite Islam, which has been the underlying cause of all the Middle East slaughter for the past half century.

Most of us who don’t have a terminal hatred of the Donald realize by now that CNN and the NYTimes and Post are the leading Trump bashers, who have been trying since his inauguration three years ago to take him down. But this latest Trump ordered drone killing in Bagdad of the top Iranian terrorist, the Ayatollah’s right hand assassin, has put the American media in a new, tougher spot: whether to keep bashing Trump by subtly siding with the American hating Iranians over Trump’s reckless behavior or, Allah forbid, give him credit for taking out one of the worst terrorists against the West anywhere on the planet.

Well, so far, since the media has become a mass political organization to take out the Donald, so far he’s still the demon when it comes to Iran.

But where does this 180 degree Iranian turn in the media come from, with America now the bad guy?

Why, look no further than our former Hope and Change Commander in Chief and former Leader of the Free World Barack Obama, and especially his Senior Advisor, his right brain and “mind meld” Valerie Jarrett, who was born in Iran, who has been with Barack and Michelle since the beginning in Chicago.

Valerie was labeled the “Obama Whisper” by the Washington media, who didn’t know exactly what she did in the White House, other than be at his side constantly, even living with the Obama’s in the White House quarters, the only Senior Advisor with Secret Service Protection. For those who watched closely, she not only ran the White House while Barack, never an administrator, played golf, she was the one who quietly directed America’s mid-East policy, as well as had enormous influence in restructuring the American media with her staff of 30, particularly CNN and the Times and the Post, and the person who as a young college student at Stanford, reportedly said:

“I am an Iranian by birth and of my Islamic faith. I am also an American and I seek to help change America to be a more Islamic country. My faith guides me and I feel like it is going well in the transition of using freedom of religion in America against itself.”

This quote has been on the Internet ever since Barack’s rise to the presidency, debunked by the Obama spin machine as yet another “conservative conspiracy theory.” But the influence of Valerie on Barack cannot be overstated, and her actions from the Oval Office during his term only give the quote more credence.

After spending her first four years in Shiraz, Iran, where her father, an African American physician ran a clinic, Valerie grew up a child of privilege in Kenwood/Hyde Park on Chicago’s South Side next to the University of Chicago.

Kenwood and Hyde Park are unlike the rest of still blue collar Chicago, an intellectual island surrounded on three sides by black ghettos and Lake Michigan on the fourth. Besides the home of professors and Nobel Prize winners, Hyde Park is also the home to a band of left wing radicals, including former 1960s radicals Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers and his lovely wife Bernadine “attack, expose, destroy” Dohrn, who was on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list in the 1970s for making a bomb that killed a cop, and from whose living room Barack Obama’s political career was launched.

Valerie, who has a law degree from Michigan, worked in City Hall first with Mayors Harold Washington and then Richard M. Daley in the Corporate Council’s office. She hired Michelle Obama into the city’s department of planning in 1992. That’s when she met Barack, and the three have been inseparable ever since. It was Valerie who described her eventual closeness to Barack as a “mind meld.”

One of the first things Valerie did after getting to the White House and setting up her large staff was, without going through the State Department, to secretly try and open up lines of communication with the country of her birth. Since it’s 1979 revolution, Iran had closed off all relations with the despised Western world as Ayatollah Khomeini installed his Shiite brand of Islam into the constitution and every facet of Iranian life. The country soon became a totalitarian religious dictatorship, held in check by a Revolutionary Guard, the Warriors of Islam, who kept people in check not unlike Hitler’s SS. In 1989, Khomeini died and was succeeded by Ali Kamenei as Ayatollah.

Before Valerie’s reaching out, Iran had little communication with the Western world since 1979, interacting mostly only with Russia and China and North Korea, with its war against Sunnni Sadam Hussein and sponsoring terrorist groups like Hezbollah to take down Israel. All the while, America and Israel remained the Devils, worse than swine, and every year Tehran square would fill with a designated day for people to chant their unified hatred of the West and Israel to the Ayatollah and the world.

In her early communications to Iranian leaders, Valerie told them she was an Iranian by birth who was now a senior advisor to the newly elected president of the United States, a man named Barack Hussein Obama, who was much different than previous American presidents, who wanted new peaceful relations with Iran, and wanted to extricate American troops from the Middle East, and restore normal peaceful relations with Iran and its people.

Less than six months into his presidency, on June 4, 2009, Barack would travel to Cairo, a neutral country, and while dismissing America’s longtime ally Israel as a bully, declared “I’ve come here to Cairo to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world, one based on mutual interest and mutual respect, and one based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition.”

Valerie and her staff, not the State Department, would be the driving force in getting Muslims into the United States. During the Obama years, mostly in the second term, close to a million Muslims were given green cards to settle in U.S. in cities all across the country, many getting some form of government assistance. Over 38,000 Muslims came from Somalia between 2010 and 2015, many settling in Minneapolis, who helped get the lovely hajib-wearing Ilhan Omar, a Somali, into congress as the new anti-Israeli, anti-imperialist Trump basher from the from the land of the Vikings.

In early 2015, Valerie brokered a meeting in the White House between Obama and 14 Muslim leaders, some who had close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a transnational Sunni Islamist movement that wants to implement sharia (Islamic) law under a global caliphate. She was also there as the U.S. worked with George Soros to help get millions of terrified Syrian Muslim refugees into Europe.

When the U.S. embassy in Bengazi was attacked on Sept. 11, 2012, a report would surface later that Valerie was the lead person in the Situation Room (Barack had gone to bed for the night) who issued a “stand down” order to the embassy when it was under attack, which killed four Americans including Ambassador J. Christopher Stephens.

In the media aftermath of Bengazi, Valerie’s good friend, National Security Advisor Susan Rice, went on news shows blaming the attack on the absolute lie that the attackers were spurred by an internet video, not by radical Islamists on the anniversary of the World Trade Center massacre, which is what happened.
Because all the Middle East information spin that flowed from Valerie’s staff of 30 inside the White House was designed not to piss off the Muslim world, especially the Iranians. She reportedly had Barack hold off the capture/assassination of Osama bin Laden on three occasions because it might shed a bad light on Barack with the Muslim world.

Then, after bin Laden was killed, the White House would dismiss a story by Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersch, that the Navy SEALS had worked closely with Pakistani (read Muslim) intelligence, and was not acting alone.

Because of her closeness to Barack, she grew to become the most feared person in the White House, almost a defacto vice president, who could make people disappear if she didn’t like them, or they crossed her, the most famous being Barack’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, an equally intense Obama loyalist, who rammed heads with Valerie and accused her of trying to do his job, until he abruptly resigned to go back to Chicago and run for his “dream job” as mayor of the most corrupt, racially divided, violent city in the country, heading toward a financial cliff.

Barack would not condemn Iran when it came down on hard on demonstrations in Tehran in 2015, nor would he send a delegate from the United States to Paris for the memorial in the aftermath of the terrorist massacre at Charlie Hebdo, the magazine that was about to put out a caricature of Muhammed. Neither would Barack uttered the words, “radical Islamic terrorist.” It was all Valerie, his Iranian mind meld.

Then there were the Iran nuclear negotiations, directing Obama Secretary of State John Kerry all the way, excluding our ally Israel, telling Kerry to give the Iranians whatever they wanted, including not having to reveal their nuclear work to that point, and separating the nuclear deal from all their other terrorist activity around the Middle East, including their funding of Hezbollah.
Barack and Valerie helped push for world banks to release some $56 billion (some say it was $150 billion) in Iranian assets frozen after the Iranian revolution, when Iran was shut out of the world banking system.

Valerie and Barack would authorize and have sent $1.7 billion in cash, in foreign currencies strapped to pallets and flown to Tehran in 2015, just as four American hostages were release, which was directed by the White House, but which they would deny was ransom.

And we’ve all surely forgotten when the White House tried to promote foreign investment in Iran, bringing business into the country for tours and hopefully open their wallets for deals. But when no companies came forward, because the risk was too great, Valerie went to her home City of Chicago, and Boeing Company, which came up with a deal to sell 100 Boeing planes to Iraq. In exchange, the White House gave Boeing a $4 billion contract to build two new Air Force One 747s, which Trump later cancelled, saying: “I want people to make money, but not that much money.”

On the media side, Valerie was also behind the thorough restructuring of the media into becoming a more anti-Republican (mostly Trump), more Iranian-friendly crew of newsreaders, especially CNN, The New York Times and the Washington Post, elevating Iran in its reporting to a legitimate nation among nations, suppressing any and all news of its terrorist doings.

Newsreaders and commentators sent to CNN by Valerie include Van Jones, the African American who was her first choice (she headed the White House transition team) as Obama’s “Green Czar” but who had to back out of the Cabinet post after his past radical Marxism came to light.

Then of course there is David Axelrod, Barack’s spinmeister from Chicago, who has worn two hats since 2015 as Senior Advisor to the president – as close to Barack as Valerie – as well as CNN’s Senior Political Advisor – two hats he still wears today. Besides defending Barack’s pro-Iranian stance, Axelrod never had a bad thing to say about Iran or its totalitarian, terrorist regime.

Valerie’s daughter, Laura, is CNN’s Justice Department reporter. And since Trump moved into the White House, there have been a steady flow of ex-Obama officials through the studios to question Trump’s decision making as needed, including former CIA Director John Brennan and former National Security Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper.

Even terminal Trump haters would acknowledge that since the democratically elected president took office, the sole mission of CNN, and to a lessor extent the NYTimes and the Washington Post, has been to bring him down, first with relentless and fake Russian Collusion hysteria, and now with an impeachment circus being ramrodded through congress that completely tramples on the Constitution and the Rules of law.

That’s why it is interesting to watch how CNN and the others dance after Trump unexpectedly took out Sueliman, trying to keep demonizing him and defending Iran even though he took out a monster terrorist and didn’t expand the war in the Middle East to do it.

It’s interesting, because many of CNN’s biggest Trump bashing reporters are Jewish – Wolf Bitzer, Jake Tapper – who now must squirm in their chairs while reading a teleprompter that takes Iran’s side.

And where’s Valerie in the aftermath of Sueliman? Well, apart from doing what she can to keep CNN and the Times and Post on task, up pops her old friend Ro Khanna, a graduate of Valerie’s favorite school, the University of Chicago, who worked for Barack (and Valerie) ringing doorbells and handing out flyers when Barack was a young State Senator. Ro is now a U.S. Congressman from California, and just wrote legislation that prevents Trump from taking further military action against Iran. No other country. Just Iran.

And guess who wrote similar legislation for the Senate? None other than Bernie Sanders, who not many know went to the University of Chicago and was political science classmates with anti-imperialist terrorist Bernadine Dohrn’s during the crazy 1960s. All part of the Kenwood/Hyde Park family.

Then, when all the media has been oiled to keep bashing the Donald while defending Iran, the Ayatolla has to go and shoot down a Ukranian commercial airline with 176 passengers on board.

That’s a tough one even for CNN to spin.

But back home in Chicago, Valerie’s favorite newspaper, the Chicago Sun Times, ran an editorial that read: “As the Trump administration keeps talking tough about Iran, we can only ask, ‘Isn’t the president indirectly to blame for the loss of civilian lives?'”

Spin is easy if you can control the messenger.

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