Well, Barack has finally done it, bulldozed and intimidated his way through the House with his socialist shills Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi, trashing the rule of law and constitution to take down a democratically elected capitalist president on false impeachment charges. Now the Fear of Trump will be spread across the land by Barack’s dupes in the media in time for the primaries. But will it be enough?

The telltale came last Wednesday night, Dec. 19th, when Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi went before the television cameras to announce the historic vote to impeach the Donald and a cheer went up from somewhere inside the crowd watching. Nancy quickly waggled her finger at the celebrants to quiet their cheering, so the rest of us throughout television land couldn’t hear how happy they were or who it was that was cheering.

It should have been a somber moment: the elected Democratic members of Congress, who were put there by the people in their districts to represent them in this wondrous democracy, had voted to remove from office a president who had been fairly elected by a majority of more than 63 million voters across the country. Only twice before in the nation’s 240 year history had such a vote been cast in Congress.

It’s serious stuff and shouldn’t be taken lightly. But the cheers at the announced impeachment vote, and Nancy’s quick response to shut it down, showed there was something else beneath the congressmen and women casting this most serious vote of their elected lives.

That’s because what we heard and saw in that moment of Democratic Party joy was the socialist elation they felt in finally voting to remove a democratically elected, capitalist president from office, something the previous president, Barack Obama and his Chicago socialists have been trying to accomplish from behind the walls of his Georgetown mansion, with the help of their media dupes, CNN and The New York Times and The Washington Post, since the Donald was sworn into office three years ago.

The socialists have relentlessly, gleefully and viciously demonized Trump at every turn since then, painting him as a colluder with the Russians, a sexist, a homophobe, a white supremacists, a dictator, a psycho, a separator of “Dreamer” families at the border, someone who all who our allies hate and is destabilizing the world. They are all false, mean accusations, but that hasn’t stopped them for a second.

Little mention in the mainstream media – which Barack was able to restructure into a tool for distributing socialist propaganda into our homes and businesses – mentioning Trump’s capitalist achievements: the booming economy and stock market; historically low unemployment, including record jobs growth among blacks and Hispanics; his backing off the Chinese who have been stealing our technology and selling us cheap goods produced by slave labor for decades; plus securing the borders so we can remain a sovereign nation.

That’s because Barack and his socialists want high unemployment, a weak economy, millions of poor ignorant immigrants flooding over the borders, and especially doing what they can – now that he is out of office – to dismantle capitalism and the white middle class, which has been the economic ballast to the country for almost a century. Because the they need social instability to succeed.

In the words of Saul Alinsky, Barack’s socialist patron fiend of community organizing: “the despair is there, now it’s up for us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent; galvanize them for radical social change.” And if you don’t have despair, then create it by demonizing a democratically elected, capitalist president and taking him down by hysterically blasting ridicule and lies about him through the media.

With the Russian collusion narrative a bust after the Mueller Report, Barack then went to his comrade in congress, wide-eyed Adam Schiff, as corrupt a politician you could find outside Chicago and head of the House Intelligence Committee, who emerged with the story of an anonymous whistleblower who said six people from the American intelligence community (Gosh, wonder who they were?) told him Trump had made a phone call to the Ukrainian president, saying he wanted dirt on former Obama vice president Joe Biden, now running for president, or else he would withhold U.S. aide to Ukraine.

So despite Trump releasing the transcript of the call, which showed no such quid pro quo, Schiff launched his impeachment inquiry over “abuse of power,” even though such an inquiry in constitutional law would be launched by the House Judiciary committee, and any such abuse of power be first taken to the courts.

No matter, the impeachment hysteria over corrupt, dictator Trump was out of the flaming congressional barn, galloping through Barack’s loyal media, with daily demonizing by CNN on the evil Trumpster, with the same sinister gleaming-eyed joy they had with the failed Russian collusion narrative.

Schiff then launched his own, personal kangaroo court in the media, with witness after witness, all former Obama appointees in the Ukraine, testifying with hearsay evidence about Trump’s misdeeds. The evil constitutionalist Republicans were kept from talking to the whistleblower, or bringing their own witnesses to testify, because in a kangaroo court, the kind Hitler to get rid of his political enemies, the outcome is pre-determined – this time to nail Trump in the American electoral mind for good.

So with permission from speaker Nancy Pelosi, Schiff got his report to the Judiciary Committee, where is should have begun, and had his investigator, lawyer Daniel Goldman, to tell the committee that it was his opinion that what Trump did qualified as “high crimes and misdemeanors,” then dutifully screamed to the land by CNN, even though the eventual charges – abuse of power and contempt of congress – were not crimes under the constitution, as Bill Clinton’s perjury and obstruction of justice were.

But no matter, the impeachment narrative was now hitched to the media beast screaming through the land via CNN, pretending to reflect public opinion while they were stirring it like witches over a pot, as Barack’s loyal Democratic comrades on the Intelligence and Judiciary committees rubber stamped their approval for impeachment, and it went on to the full House for a vote.

That’s another reason to believe that Barack and is socialists are behind the constitutional-trashing tsunami. To bring the vote to the full House, the false narrative and process had to be approved by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who though calling herself a progressive seemed to be one who in her career adhered to following the Constitution and rule of law.

But Barack and his Chicago pals, who are political ideologues and don’t bother with pesky annoyances such as a Constitution, apparently whispered into Nancy’s ear and she took the vote to the entire house for a vote, while it seemed her heart, as cold as it is, was not fully into the role of dragon lady steamrolling the rule of law.

When a reporter had the audacity to ask Nancy whether or not, as some were saying, that this whole process was being steamrolled through the House because the Democrats hated Trump, she launched into a finger-wagging tirade, saying she was raised a good Catholic and taught not to hate, but that Trump didn’t care about gun violence against young people, or saving the environment, or helping protect young “Dreamer” immigrants, so “don’t mess with me.” No about how he broke the law.

Because this whole impeachment fraud is about mean socialist politics – executed in Chicago style – about demonizing and getting rid of a democratically elected, capitalist president – truth and the constitution be damned! That’s because we’re heading into an election season, and the Donald holds all the cards, with a booming stock market, huge job creation, and an expanding middle class, while the Democratic Party, which as been taken over by Barack’s Socialists, have no candidates and no economic plan except socialism, which will make everyone, except Barack and his pals, poor and destitute.

So instead of following the rules again, Nancy says she is withholding sending the impeachment vote to the Senate, where it will certainly be trash-canned by the Republican majority, because she says she wants to make sure the process in the Senate is “fair,” which is pretty funny.

By keeping the impeachment from the senate, it also allows the words Trump and Impeachment to be linked together in the hysterical, shaming media as states enter the primary season early next year.

Otherwise, how are people to know who the real crooks are when they go to vote?

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