Want to understand the current hysterical impeachment stupidity in Congress? Look no further than Saul Alinsky, Barack Obama’s guiding demon, who is also behind Adam Schiff’s wide eyes. Alinsky was all about stirring fear and chaos to shake up the establishment. Barack wants the same, but instead of empowering impoverished black communities like Saul, Barack just wants his power back.

Congress used to be such a polite, if idiotic place, filled with anal-retentive types who would occasionally posture before the cameras, pretending they were actually doing something important for the American people, working diligently inside the bureaucratic beast.

But then the Donald got elected, fair and square, and Barack Obama and his Progressives were forced to leave the sanctity of the Oval Office instead of turning over the keys to his anointed Progressive successor, Hillary.

He told us that one of the things he wanted to do in retirement was dabble in community organizing again, an occupation he said he loved but left in 1980s Chicago to go on to Harvard Law School, then into politics. We just listened, thinking that Barack with his wonderful smile and stirring speeches about justice and equality, would organize some sort of local community parades, or maybe help coach a little league team.

But what Barack didn’t tell us, because the media he left behind was as brainless and corrupted as Congress so we never thought about it, was that the community organizing he planned to return to was what he had learned from the radical godfather of community organizing – Saul Alinsky – which was all about attacking the establishment. Alinsky made his name by attacking the Chicago machine led by Mayor Richard J. Daley, with angry protests to bring Daley to the bargaining table, or stop a corporation or university from taking over slum land.

Saul wrote Rules for Radicals in 1971, the year before he died, informing readers in the prologue that “The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away.”

Saul dedicated his book to Lucifer, and instructed his followers to take away power from the Haves in any way you can, just get it done, ethics or morals be damned. Saul said Lucifer was “the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom.”

Right from the get-go, even before Trump was inaugurated, the media that Barack helped transform before he left – CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC, CNBC, many others – installing journalists who had been taught Alinsky attack journalism with menacing teleprompter reading, went after democratically elected, capitalist Donald like dogs of war to bring him down.

It may just be one’s imagination, but 9 out of 10 CNN on-camera personnel look like they could sprout horns at any moment. (Check out Caitlin Collins smile sometime, or Wolf Blitzer’s steely gaze, or pasty gay Anderson Cooper. You expect to see a pitchfork at any moment.)

Barack even lends out his former senior advisor David Axelrod, who still runs with the ex-president, to CNN when necessary, to elaborate to television viewers on some evil doing by the Donald. Axelrod’s smile is a sinister as a used car salesman going in for the kill.

Barack’s Alinsky media latched onto the Russian Collusion story like a pit bull, spewing fear into our living rooms night after night, day after day for two solid years, demonizing the Trumpster as the new Hitler colluding with Putin to rig the elections. Even after the Mueller Report found no collusion, CNN and the rest kept the pressure on Alinsky style, not missing a second in painting him a sexist, a white supremacist, as racist, someone whose rhetoric inspired mass shootings of Jews and blacks and Mexicans, when, if anyone CNN was stirring up the fear.

Saul said: “The despair is there; now it’s up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, organize them for radical social change.” And if you don’t have discontent among television viewers, then manufacture it: paint Trump as a psychotic, racist dictator so we will be so anxious and afraid there will be a public outcry, through CNN of course, to remove him from office.

The Kavanaugh hearings were Alinsky – sudden, furious, anxiety producing attacks carried into our homes and offices through the media, complete with angry feminist and lesbian protestors, to stir up Luciferian doubt and fear about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, then convicting him in the kangaroo media court, trying to destroy his reputation in the country’s mind, without any thought to journalistic ethics of fairness, or the rule of law.

Because Alinsky is not about affording the enemy due process or following constitutional rules. Saul, and Barack’s followers, are about stirring chaos and fear, rubbing raw the sores of discontent, with ridicule and character assassination, so they can presumably “organize for radical social change.” In other words, get rid of a democratically elected president who has not done anything to warrant such a drastic move. Being a lout is not an article of impeachment.

The MeToo movement was Alinsky – attacking, convicting and destroying careers of prominent men in the media kangaroo court, without due process or the accused being able to face his accuser – a movement our former radical feminist First Lady Michelle and Barack’s “mind meld” Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett have acknowledged being part of.

The four congresswomen of color — the Squad — led by mean, hajib-wearing Ilhan Omar and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez with her Maleficent red lipstick and Green New Deal, are all Alinsky creatures, elected into Congress mid-term not to write legislation but to attack the Republican establishment and its poster boy with the blonde combover.

Now up pops Barack pal and major leaker of fake information on Trump to the press, Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, with his wide open eyes as though he just sat down a chair of nails, with his anonymous whistleblower, wanting to impeach Trump outside constitutional rules – the Intelligence Committee doesn’t impeach, the Judiciary Committee impeaches – and trying to ruin our holidays with more daily screeching for Trump’s head on CNN and the rest.

It’s Alinsky through and through, dragging witnesses before prime-time cameras to demonize the Donald with hearsay evidence, while at the same time covering up some real sleaze by Barack and his administration in the Ukraine to influence the 2016 election – like the little reported-on Ukranian “human rights lobbyist” Alexandra Chalupa, a contractor for the Democratic National Committee who worked with Ukrainian officials to collect dirt on the Trump campaign, which she provided to the DNC and Hillary, while making 28 visits to the Obama White House.

Then there was the Ukranian government secretly paying $1 million in IMF funds into Hillary’s campaign. And Joe Biden’s quid pro quo of threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid if the Ukrainians didn’t fire a prosecutor looking into a corrupt oil and gas company paying his son to sit on their board, which is being dismissed by our wonderful “mainstream” media as yet another a Republican “conspiracy theory.”

No, this has to be about attacking and demonizing the Trumpster, Alinsky style. That’s why Barack never told us exactly what kind of community organizing he planned to do. Saul just said to win and win at all costs. You don’t have to worry about integrity, even if you’re an ex-president.

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