Hey Millennials, do you know what a kangaroo court is? Hitler used it in Nazi Germany to get rid of his enemies, all convicted on little or faked evidence. Now we have Adam Schiff running his kangaroo court (for Barack Obama?) to demonize the Trumpster before the next election.

Back in 1930s Germany, with the country still reeling from the worldwide Depression and their brutal punishment at Versailles, a new chancellor named Adolph Hitler rose to power with stirring oratory rousing Germans’ anger and humiliation, and uniting them in hatred against the communists and Jews. But he still didn’t have all levels of government under his control.

Then, on Feb. 27, 1933, a fire broke out that destroyed the Reichstag, the home of the German parliament in Berlin. That night, Adolph’s good pal Hermann Goring, rushed to the soon to be Furher, screaming: “This is Communist outrage. One of the Communist culprits has been arrested.”

Four communists were eventually rounded up and tried in the German Supreme Court. But only one of them, Marinus van der Lubbe, a Dutch commie, was convicted of arson and attempting to overthrow the government, and beheaded in 1934 though (opps!) that conviction was later overturned, though too late to put Marinus’ head back.

The fire and subsequent trials were credited with the Nazi’s consolidating their power by demonizing the communists. But Hitler didn’t like the fact that three of the suspects were released in the German Supreme Court, so he created his own People’s Court, which worked outside constitutional law, and convicted and condemned many of his perceived opponents to death.

Hitler’s People’s Court was a kangaroo court, where the president of the court acted as prosecutor, denouncing defendants, and pronouncing his verdict and sentencing without objection from defense counsel to the point that being hauled before it was tantamount to a death sentence, all dutifully reported by the Hitler-friendly media. The People’s Court frequently dispensed with even the nominal laws and procedures of regular German trials, and as such was characterized as a kangaroo court.

There are many historians who believe the Reichstag fire was started by the Nazis to demonize and scapegoat the communists with a “false flag” event to consolidate their power. Progressives today might call that a “conspiracy theory.”

Now you have Adam Schiff, by wondrous coincidence a Jew, who has dragged up an anonymous whistleblower report about a telephone call Trump made to the president of the Ukraine in July, which Schiff and his progressive pal behind the curtain, Barack Obama, hope to turn into a 2019 Reichstag fire to help the Progressives in next year’s election, because they can’t beat him on the economy or their pathetic flock of candidates.

Barack and his pals never liked the outcome of the 2016 election, because his candidate Hillary was not able to close the deal, and the progressives were kicked out of the Oval Office, and he has used all the firepower of the media he molded before he left – mostly CNN, along with daily Trump bashers at the New York Times and Washington Post – to try and remove the Donald from office.

First it was the bogus “Russian collusion” story in the election, screamed hysterically by those wonderful progressive (i.e. socialist) propagandist media outlets, with side trips of screeching hysteria over Trump’s mental state; his racism and sexism; ridiculing him with former hookers dragged before the cameras and writing books; having fired FBI director James Comey, who should be in jail for leaking classified documents, to demonize him on CNN; and now the whistleblower and the Ukrainian call, which are just as empty as the rest, if one were to look for underlying facts.

Schiff, a dear friend of Barack’s who as head of the House Intelligence Committee was one of the principal leakers to the media of false information during the Russian Collusion hysteria, has, despite Republican calls for his resignation over the leaks, been able to assemble his own People’s Court, with the help of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, all outside the Constitution and rule of law, with Schiff the sole judge, jury and executioner in his media kangaroo court pumped into our living rooms.

With help from another Obama pal Pelosi, they had the House vote to approve an impeachment inquiry, when the constitution spells out that such an inquiry must be done through the House Judiciary Committee, not Schiff’s Intelligence Committee. Apparently, they didn’t trust their other friend Jerry Nadler, as head of that committee, to pull it off with a straight face like Schiff.

But such technicalities of the constitution have been lost in all the impeachment hysteria generated by the big three – CNN, the NYTimes and Washington Post – who are doing their damnedest to spread the news like the Reichstag fire, to connect and spew the words “Impeachment” and “Trump” into as many homes as they can before next November, so undecideds in the Heartland and Millennials will say: “He must be a crook, because the media wouldn’t convict a duly elected president on just hearsay evidence and innuendo, would they? They are our protectors from tyranny, after all.”

But that’s what’s happening. All the witnesses coming into Schiff’s committee room and hysterically analyzed by CNN’s talking vipers were not in on Trump’s call to the Ukraine, and are giving only second hand stories or their own opinions of his treasonous deeds. But that’s not how CNN and the others are reporting it – he’s guilty as hell of interfering in the next election, of abuse of power. So off with his head!

Nor is there any reporting by the media on the purpose of Trump’s call: an inquiry into Joe Biden, who while Obama’s vice president, it turns out, told Ukraine officials to fire the top prosecutor in Ukraine who was looking into a sleazy oil and gas company where Biden’s son Hunter sat on the board, or else Joe would withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees to Ukraine. Now that’s some serious quid pro quo.

As has come out in these sham Schiff hearings in testimony from senior state department official George Kent, another high-ranking state department official, Victoria Newland, had helped concoct the scheme whereby Biden threatened to withhold U.S. aide if Ukraine didn’t fire the prosecutor.

Newland – coincidence of coincidences – was also involved neck deep in passing along the fake dossier on Trump during the 2016 election to the FBI, where it was used to convince a FISA court to allow the FBI to spy on Trump. That fact of course not reported by the media, nor was the whole Biden quid pro either, which the propagandists at CNN understand would defeat the purpose of this Reichstag fire.

So Obama people did start this new Reichstag fire after all, not Trump. So their media has no choice but to play this as a Trump demonizing event, as non-stop and hysterically as they can, pretending that Schiff is following facts and the constitution, as well as the rule of law, when he’s not.

Even Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, another Obama creation, acknowledged to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer as part of the script that this is all about the next election, to make sure there is no interference like last time. Yeah, Adolph and Hermann wanted to get rid of their interference, too.

Otherwise, Lucifer forbid, the Millennials may know the truth before 2020, that Trump did nothing wrong, and Anderson Cooper’s head might just explode on camera.

Now there’s a story!

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