Will Millennials will ever figure out before the election that the media is full of crap with all its demonizing of Trump? It’s Barack and his Progressive socialists who are the crooks, with their brainwashed talking heads spewing Trump lies into our homes and covering up Barack’s massive sleaze. Maybe they won’t care, until the socialists come and take away their cell phones.

It has been an amazing spectacle, as watched by anyone who remembers or knows what responsible journalism is all about, seeing the media attack on the Donald for things that always end up being total bull manure.

Ever since he was fairly elected and inaugurated three years ago, the Trumpster has been under constant, relentless attack by a media led by CNN and closely followed by the rest of the once “mainstream” television news stations, night after night, day after day, with mean-spirited, ridiculing news stories demonizing the Donald at every turn.

Look closely and you see that the ones going after the Trumpster are many homosexuals and feminists – some radical feminists who want to get rid of all men – people who hate Republican men and don’t care much for democratic elections, who have been after him from the day he was inaugurated, with CNN and The New York Times and Washington Post latching on to the fake Russian Collusion story —  which we’re finding was generated by Barack and his Administration — like a pit bull, never stopping for a breath.

Some observers of real journalism knew from the beginning that the Russian Collusion was horseshit and invented as a vehicle to take down a democratically elected, capitalist president who had done nothing wrong, and thought that sensible heads would prevail and all the hysterical noise would die down when Robert Mueller came back with his empty report after two solid years of media panic that we had a criminal in the White House. But it didn’t stop for a second.

The viper news readers at CNN kept after Trump without pause, blaming him as a white supremacist president who caused mass the mass shootings in Texas and Ohio and California; pulling children from their mothers at the border; leading a trade war with China that would bring the world to recession; turning against our former allies in Europe; abandoning the Kurds by pulling American Troops out of the Mideast, blah, blah, mean spirited blah.

Hardly a peep came from any of the mainstream media about the record low unemployment; record high stock market; the tax plan that put more money in peoples’ pockets; backing off the Chinese to play fair; securing the borders against a flood of illegal refugees. Anything positive he does is given a negative spin. It was all “the sky is falling” and Trump’s the reason.

Now, a year before the election, up pops an anonymous whistle blower about a call Trump made to the president of Ukraine in July that has turned into a vote by the Democrats in the House to launch an impeachment investigation.  Though nothing about Barack’s former VP Joe Biden’s name being mention on the call and Joe’s threatening to withhold aid to the Ukraine unless they dropped an investigation into his son, who was getting $50,000 a month from an oil and gas company for doing nothing.  Because this is  all about Trump and the 2020 election.

Again, anyone who understands journalism once based on truth and facts and fairness can see in a nanosecond that this is another Russian Collusion horseshit story to cause fear and uncertainty about Donald leading into next year’s election. Unfortunately, the Millennials don’t remember that kind of journalism with integrity coming from their handhelds.

The lying vipers at CNN will keep the impeachment story front and center every day now as long as they can, followed in lock step as needed by the teleprompter readers on all the major networks in their evening news and morning talk shows, as well as at The New York Times, Washington Post and others whose entire jobs are to bash the Donald, and those nameless, faceless creatures on the internet who remind us every day how Trump is lying and ruining the world.

Because all the media lying is about the election and all about convincing the Millennials that Trump is a crook, because as Barack Obama and his Progressive socialists know, if they can convince the young voters that above all else Trump must be removed from office, then they might have a chance in the 2020, despite all the positive things Trump has done for the economy. Then, all the journalistic lying will be worth it.

The daily, non-stop demonizing of Trump is also critical because if they let their hysteria start to tone down to normal news, then they might have to report on a real story and real truth from the investigation now going on by Attorney General William Barr into the massive corruption that took place under Obama and his Chicago pals in 2016 to try and keep Trump from getting elected in the first place.

CNN, which was restructured by Obama and still has many of his people on CNN”s staff, was involved up to its keister in the whole corruption of the FBI and Justice Department to stop Trump, with help from the State Department, the CIA, the NSA under pal Susan Rice, with classified documents leaked regularly to CNN and NYTimes and the Post, like a sieve under a rancid faucet.

It was such a massive scam, in fact, that if it was ever fully investigated following the rule of law, that Wolf and Anderson and Don might very well get fitted for orange jumpsuits.

It will be fun watching all that unfold, how CNN and the rest of the media tries to spin and suppress the report from Barr when it comes out, which may or may not mention Barack’s name, though he was certainly behind all the corruption, because something so massive, involving multiple departments to stop Trump, could not have been carried out without the direction of the Oval Office. (For more info, go to a real news source, The Epoch Times, or Judicial Watch).

At some point, unless we all get swallowed up by a socialist totalitarian dictatorship, the truth has a way of coming out, even with a brainwashed media spinning the news and geared to protect a former corrupt president.

But it will depend largely on whether the Millennials eventually figure out the truth and decide to vote for someone Anderson Cooper once told them was crooked.
Because if they don’t, the Progressives might send everyone they don’t like to the Gulag, and Wolf Blitzer will be the gatekeeper with a riding crop.

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