Law and order capitalist Trumpster goes to Chicago, hoping to meet top cop about city’s out-of-control gun violence and letting in thousands of illegal immigrants and criminals. What he doesn’t realize is that Barack’s Progressives have taken over, and they need the illegals and criminals for future voting rolls, while young black males killing each other help stir fear for radical social change.

The Donald was in Chicago this week, speaking to a convention of top police officials from across the nation. But there was one high ranking policeman who wasn’t there, who the president especially wanted to see to talk about the city’s rampant gun violence and hiding illegal immigrants from the feds, namely Chicago’s own Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

Johnson had said before the Donald arrived that he wouldn’t attend the president’s speech because “the values of the people of Chicago are more important to me than anything that could be said in the speech.”


Well, as background, while New York and Los Angeles have cut their murder rates drastically, Chicago is the murder capital of the country with 402 murders so far this year, more than those two cities combined, with another 2,000 shot and wounded.

Roughly 83 percent of the victims are black, male and young, with the overwhelmingly number of the shootings, like the rest of Chicago’s crime, taking place one the black South and West Sides. It can be assumed that most of the shooters are black males, as well, although there is only a 20 percent clearance rate because witness are hard to find.

Trump has been calling out Chicago and its violence, saying: “It’s embarrassing for us as a nation. All over the world they’re talking about Chicago. Afghanistan is a safe place by comparison. It’s true.” The Donald says knows people in law enforcement, Chicagoans, who say they could clean up the city in a week.

That may be a Trumpian exaggeration, but the fact is that the guns being used are mostly stolen, purchased on the black market, and any attempt to stop the flow of guns and the violence would take a herculean sweep by law enforcement of Chicago’s black ghettos, taking weapons from angry fatherless, unemployed teenage boys and men in the drug trade, who have no fear of police.

Why don’t they fear police? Because when our great Hope and Change Commander in Chief Barack Obama was in the White House, the Chicago police were descended upon with the wrath of his Justice Department that effectively neutered the police with paperwork and rules – like if you just draw your gun against a suspect, you need to write a full report – and on and on, so that young armed teenagers on the street don’t fear cops, knowing the cops have been backed off.

Just a week before Barack left office, his Justice Department under Loretta Lynch issued a news release that read: “The Justice Department announced today that it has found reasonable cause to believe that the Chicago Police Department (CPD) engages in a pattern or practice of using force, including deadly force, in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.”

In other words, the Chicago cops according to Barack, son of Chicago, and his head law enforcement officer, are a bunch of racist, hate-mongering bullies who routinely resort to the use of “deadly force” in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures.

Now why would Barack issue such a release just a week before the Donald takes over?

Because Barack was, is and always will be a closet socialist and taking control of the police is part of that bone-headed ideology. He learned his socialism from Bill “I hate white America” Ayers, the 1960s radical bomb maker, who is still in his Hyde Park Progressive spider hole near Barack’s empty mansion, and has taken it upon himself to end racism by taking down the “system of white supremacy,” while Barack is in Georgetown, D.C., doing the same.

While Barack was president, back in his Windy City the big news story that evolved during his second term was a white Chicago cop, Jason Van Dyke, who shot an unarmed black teenager, Laquan McDonald, 16 times on a dark Southwest Side street on Oct. 20th 2014. The video of the incident was suppressed for a year while Barack’s pal and Mayor Rahm Emmanuel completed his run for a second term as mayor. Then all hell broke loose.

The Chicago Sun Times, which has been taken over by the Progressives and is now a socialist newspaper, in cooperation with the local television media, turned the tape into a hysterical media tsunami, stirring black rage against white cops, while reporting as little as possible about the black-on-black teenage genocide that goes on in the South Side and West Side every day and night.

Van Dyke, was originally exonerated for the shooting because Johnson was carrying a knife, screaming on drugs, and moving toward the police when Van Dyke started shooting. But when the video surfaced, the media stirred outrage was so intense that he was charged and convicted of second degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery for each bullet, and sentenced to seven years in prison; the first Chicago police officer in half a century to be convicted of murder for an on-duty incident.

Through the trial, angry young black community organizers who attended the trial spoke often to the cameras about police racism, and while the jury was deliberating, the Sun Times ran an editorial warning of a potential race riot should the verdict come back not guilty. The story was a media example of Barack and Bill’s mentor Saul Alinsky’s dictum: “The despair is there; now its up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, organize them for radical social change.” Or in this case, use the media to stir anger and rage all the way.

The case and the black anger it stirred was given as a reason that Emanuel suddenly decided not to run for re-election despite amassing a $12 million war-chest and bragging about his inevitable upcoming victory, because he had become expendable by Barack and his socialists.

Then came the improbable election of African American lesbian Lori Lightfoot, the first of either group to ascend to the fifth floor mayor’s office in City Hall, despite having no government experience and apparently no organization. That’s because she was being backed by Barack and Bill’s Hyde Park Progressives, who have built a sort of underground community organizing activist army. (Six Democratic socialists were elected to the city council – unheard of in 150 years of Chicago’s rough and tumble politics.

While Lightfoot ran a quiet campaign, she won a runoff vote against Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, another black woman, though not a lesbian, getting 73 percent of the 500,000 votes cast, or about 25 percent of the 1.5 million registered voters, in one of the lowest mayoral votes in Chicago history.

By contrast, Harold Washington, Chicago’s first black mayor, received just 52 percent of 1.2 million votes cast – or 80 percent or registered voters – when he won in 1983. Lightfoot was elected by less than 25 percent of registered voters.

The voting numbers were abysmally low because Chicagoans over the years have been so beaten down and cynical from a century or more of sleazy, corrupt politics that many don’t even bother to vote. This is great for the socialists, who are well organized, or in the case of Barack’s good and trusted friend J.B. Pritzker, can elect a new Progressive governor who inherited $3.2 billion from the family Hyatt hotel fortune, and spent $186 million of that money to buy the mansion in Springfield.

While Barack and his Hyde Park Progressives remained quietly in the background for both Pritzker and Lightfoot, they have both been fast out of the socialist gate after their elections, with Pritzker expanding abortion “rights” to the third trimester; legalizing gambling and marijuana; introducing transgender studies in schools, all to attack middle class mores, as well as raise gasoline taxes, which hits the middle class in their pocketbook. Pritzker also wants a “Progressive Tax” to hit the rich, because part of the grand socialist plan is to take down the middle class and hit the rich so everyone is poorer and in more despair, better to organize.

Both Pritzker and Lightfoot have come to the defense of Chicago’s massive number of illegal immigrants as a sanctuary city, which means Chicago police cannot communicate with immigration authorities if they suspect an arrest is an illegal immigrant, and they won’t cooperate on INS raids, which pisses Trump off to no end.

When Barack’s Justice Department came down on the cops as a “racist organization,” that led to a consent decree so the department is under supervision of a Federal Judge monitoring how they are following new policies and practices put into place, like writing a report whenever their weapons are drawn, policies Mayor Lightfoot helped write when she President of the Police Accountability Task Force, to further complicate cops lives.

But nothing for the thousands of young black men with illegal weapons out each night searching for teenage male victims.

Lightfoot has forecast she will have to raise property taxes to meet the budget shortfall, after multiple successive years of tax raises under Rahm, which have already crushed middle class homeowners, with no ideas on how to help grow revenues through business development, because the Progressives hate business. It’s capitalism.

Trump the capitalist is the enemy in Chicago because he wants to create “enterprise zones” in the ghetto. But the socialists want blacks where they are: dependent on government, poor, with no answers for their culture of violence that hangs over the entire metropolitan area. Because when people are afraid, they’re easier to organize.
So it was no surprise that when Trump left Chicago, the headline on the Sun Times blared:


That should help stir Chicago rage against the Donald, keep the despair in black neighborhoods high, and help Barack and Bill organize for more radical social change.

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