How do you make a transgender? First, brainwash children in public schools about gender fluidity. Then, if they think they might be the opposite sex, put them on hormone blockers to stop puberty. If they still want to switch, allow pre-teenage girls to have breasts removed, or boys to have their penis taken off. Then round up the socialist adults involved, including media, and jail them for pedophilia.

The transgender onslaught seems to be back in full swing in our wonderful socialist media, which is about 90 percent of the garbage coming through our television sets and computer screens.

They’re out in force, shaming Republicans for their homophobic hate speech, getting gay Pete Buttigieg to tell us how bullying of LGBTQ people is hurting their feelings and he’ll change all that, but mostly hitting the middle-class suburbanite voters that getting their child on hormone blockers is fine. It’s the heterosexual bullying that is the problem.

And who is the biggest heterosexual bully of them all? The guy in the oval office with the blonde combover, that’s who. Remember come election time. Trump must be removed!

By now, we must agree that our media – led by CNN, the New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC, CBS and the sheep on the Internet posing as reporters – are fully socialist, demonizing Trump the capitalist just about non-stop since he took office, despite fairly winning a democratic election.

And have you noticed that a large number of these Trump hating socialists are homosexuals, coming to us again through the leading media outlets?

Well if you haven’t, you should, because part of the LGBTQ agenda, apart from attacking the Donald and conservatives – is that another name for middle class heterosexuals? – is to promote the confused transgender creatures and their lifestyle into our living rooms and in the public schools, as if it were more than .00001% of our population, to say to the middle class parents and children that this is normal behavior, so to further undermine and confuse the middle class, based on heterosexual families, which is all good for the socialists.

The LGBTQ socialists have taken over the media. Once decent journalistic publications like The Atlantic and National Geographic have featured front page spreads on transgenders, with Geographic featuring a girl of not more than seven years old looking at us with piercing trans eyes on the cover.  For their part, CNN and the NYTimes and the Post regularly feature trans stories.

The internet news outlets are slobbering all over trans events and people, rarely mentioning the sexual orientation of the rest of the 99.9 percent of the population.
The once working man’s Chicago Sun Times, now unabashedly socialist, due to the influence of Chicago’s favorite rich proletariat son Barack Obama –the President who gave us transgenders in the military and trans bathrooms in public schools – offers a drop down on its home page to a page designated to LGBTQ news.

On a recent episode of CBS Sunday Morning, the show that we welcomed into our living rooms on the Sabbath 40 years ago to hear avuncular Charles Kuralt talk about the arts and interview interesting people from small towns, recently had a nine minute lead story about three transgender teenagers who the show discovered five years ago, updating us on their “re-assignment” surgery to remove unwanted sex organs as they enter their teenage years.

One transgender “girl” on the show told of having her ovaries removed as a teenager and another who was born a boy and had his penis removed after taking hormone blockers so “they” could realize their true selves as the sex opposite than the one they were “assigned” at birth. A third person on the whow was a trans girl who was born a boy, but decided at six “he” was really a “girl,” or a new “they” in trans parlance, and was now thinking of getting hormone shots to complete the transition (get it?) and “change what I don’t want,” namely being a boy.

Even Hillary Clinton, trying to keep her name in the media limelight and support the movement, popped up in a news story, saying that her “decision to stay in her marriage with Bill Clinton when he was president was not easy and comparable to a family having to deal with a girl telling her parents she is really a boy.”

In one fell sound bite, Hillary was able to get her name out and help push the transgender narrative along, while at the same time distance herself from Bill, who everyone knows is a sleaze ball and a likely pedophile himself, close friend of billionaire pedophile Jeffery Epstein who flew on his Lolita Express jet 26 times.

Hillary, while acknowledging that she unfortunately was married to 49-year-old Bill when he was having his two-year affair in the White House with 22-year-old Monica Lewinsky, wants the world to know she recognizes Bill as scum, the decision not to leave him was the same as a parent who wants to do right by her child’s inner child, and allow for hormone blocker injections and let her remove her undeveloped breasts and ovaries (if born a girl) or penis (if born a boy) so she/he could realize their true selves.

An interesting statement, Hillary, but you’re trying to say too many stupid things at once.

Just as the earlier homosexual media tsunami helped ramrod homosexual marriage through the Supreme Court, this transgender media push for .0001 percent of the population fails to look at the dark, satanic side of the movement, which is brainwashing young children about “gender fluidity,” allowing injections to children as young as 10 with hormone blockers, the same powerful “chemical castrators” used on sex offenders, so they won’t reach normal puberty. These drugs in adults and children have led to fatal blood clots, suicidal behavior, lowered IQs, brittle bones and sterility, as well as death.

But the sneaky media socialists, who on the CBS show asked the children about suicidal thoughts, quickly linked them to bullying the children received in school. They also brought the Donald into the story as the chief bully of transgenders, diverting the spotlight from their pedophilia.

Not to mention that the LGBTQ “activists” have been able to push their satanic practices as normal with the spineless Endocrine Society and the American Academy of Pediatrics, which have endorsed hormone blockers with children as harmless.  The LGBTQs are  trying to get endorsement from the Food and Drug Administration, something that would likely have happened if Barack or Hillary were in the White House.  Currently, the FDA sites the 41,000 “adverse events” from hormone blockers between 2013 and June 30, 2019 as reasons for their delay.

It’s evil stuff, folks, but the socialist media is driving this as normal, healthy behavior moved along by the LGBTQ agenda, with sensitive children just trying to be themselves and be accepted by society, but being bullied by a cruel heterosexual (Republican) world, not that it is satanic ritualistic pedophilia and mutilation to attack the morals of a democratic society and further their socialist cause.

With the Donald, a heterosexual capitalist in the White House reversing all the Obama transgender decrees, the LGBTQ fascists have gone on the attack not just in the public schools in five states (NY, IL, CO, CA, OR) but underground against corporations. CNN reported a story of Procter and Gamble agreeing to remove the Venus symbol – used over the years to represent the female sex – from its female hygiene products, to placate LGBTQ activists and be “inclusive” to its transgender and nonbinary customers, because, as the LGBTQ socialists tell us, not all people who menstruate are women and not all women menstruate.

It’s the new creeping socialist totalitarianism: getting corporations to push androgynous, non-reproductive sexuality in their advertisements to the masses, shaming them as homophobic if they don’t comply, so the LGBTQs, once they get back in power.  Then they can regulate who has children on a more massive scale, using hormone blocking and transgender surgery along with their old standby – abortion – to attack the moral underpinnings of society, and brainwash children’s minds so they can move in and take control.

So just remember the next time you see a story by our wonderful, caring media of a transgender being bullied by conservative society, there’s a LGBTQ socialist behind them with a pitchfork.

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