Here we go again – the Democrats in Congress, led by Barack Obama’s Chicago Socialists and his network CNN, have begun another round of impeachment panic over Trump’s call to the Ukraine. But like the horseshit Russian collusion story, it is meant to give them their only chance in 2020 to take back the White House, and cover up Barack’s own massive corruption.

It was only a matter of time after the two-year Russian Collusion horseshit was flung through our television and computer screens by nasty, shaming, Republican-hating CNN and the rest of the mindless internet drones, that something equally empty would rise up like a vengeful, angry god to take its place and demonize Trump before the 2020 election, since the Democrats, or should we say Progressive Socialists, have no candidates or messages to defeat the Donald fair and square.

It is Chicago politics at its most sleazy – no holds barred character assassination – and brought to us by Barack Obama and his Chicago Progressive Socialists, who emerged from the intellectual commie swamp around the University of Chicago, and rose so improbably to the White House, bringing Hope and Change, though Barack never told us it was socialist change.

He never told us, either, that the lead Chicago Progressive and the man who gave him tutorials in socialism was Bill “I hate America” Ayers, the 1960s unapologetic bomb maker who lives in Hyde Park, Chicago, with his wife, the equally unapologetic Bernadine Dohrn, once on the FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted list for bomb making that killed a cop. Nor that Barack’s two top advisors, the sinister-looking spinmeisters David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett, had deep commie roots.

Then, when Hillary unexpectedly was cast into political oblivion by a true populist in a truly democratic election, Barack had to rally his still loyal troops to take down the Trumpster, not only because he was an old white Republican, but a capitalist with a capital C.

Luckily, while still president, Barack had not only restructured CNN into a socialist propagandist news outlet, but installed his mean, anti-capitalist, anti-Republican, and most importantly, anti-Trump “journalists” in key publications like The New York Times, The Washington Post, a number of internet outlets like The Hill and Politico, to try and take down the Donald and get Barack or someone like him back in office by with a tsunami of negative Trump news blasted through television sets and computer screens under the pretext of real journalism.

And they have been relentless. Trotsky and Mao would have been proud. CNN has led the way, first with a two-year, non-stop, shrill shrieking 24-7 assault on the Trumpster over the Russian Collusion horseshit, with the appointment of a special counsel and twenty-four-month “investigation” and 400-page report that came back with nothing.
But that didn’t stop CNN.

Their propagandists have kept after Trump ever since, as mean and nasty as ever, with their beady-eyed teleprompter readers like Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer, Brooke Baldwin, as cold and condemning as can be, along with their daily shrill, shrieking experts on Trump sleaze, to cast daily doubt and shame on the man with the blonde combover. Axelrod jumped right from a senior advisor to Barack to a senior political consultant at CNN, while still working with Barack. Valerie Jarrett’s daughter Laura is a Justice Department correspondent, which is pretty funny given Barack’s and Valerie’s massive corruption of the rule of law at Justice.

And Millennials, this is what socialist news is like if they disapprove of you – scowling, beady-eyed, mean-spirited shaming – if they don’t send you off to the Gulag first.
What has been lost in the constant, massive billows of fire and angry smoke blown at Trump is the fact that Barack during the 2016 election pulled some classic Chicago-style corruption at his FBI, Justice Department and intelligence agencies reporting to him in order to stop the Donald and keep Hillary out of jail, an intricately woven scheme that which makes Watergate seem like children peeing in a sandbox.

But CNN, which is says it is journalistic organization, as well as other members of the “mainstream media” – NBC, CNBC, ABC, CBS, even the Associated Press – has not reported on Barack and the Chicago Progressive’s sleaze, largely because their mindless, talking heads are still loyal and supportive of Barack’s socialism, because they were installed by him and Valerie, and have no loyalty to any journalistic creed or integrity as members of the Fourth Estate which was assigned to protect us all from government corruption and tyranny.

In fact, it has emerged through a few congressmen, a watchdog group called Judicial Watch, and a video group called Epoch Times that has been doing real investigative work, that Barack beginning during the 2016 primaries, as Trump look like he was gaining real populist steam, was directing a massive scheme from the Oval Office to take down Trump, using a number of high-ranking officials in the FBI and Justice to get a false Steele dossier on Trump, paid for we are told by Hillary’s campaign and the Democratic Party (though it’s really Barack and his gang) which falsely showed Russian collusion.

Top people inside the FBI and Justice knew the dossier was fake, but Barack’s people inside Justice pushed the dossier as legit through the FISA court, which rules under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, set up to investigate foreign spies inside the U.S., but in this case used to spy on a Republican candidate for president, Trump, who the court was told by the FBI was working with the Russians.

Then there was James Comey, who was Barack’s head of the FBI, who snuck in for a meeting with Trump after the election, took memo notes, typed them up on an FBI computer and instead of giving them all to the FBI, gave some to a “friend,” who passed them onto the New York Times, which led to a screeching media cry for a special prosecutor to look into the Russian Collusion which corrupted our presidential election.

There is all kinds of sleazy Chicago crap that went on – illegal leaks from the to CNN and other “news” outlets from the Special Prosecutor and FBI about the bullshit Russian collusion and screamed through our television sets. FBI suppression of the information that Hillary Clinton had a private email server while Secretary of State, from which she was sending classified information that the Chinese were hacking, and that she deleted more than 30,000 emails before the FBI was handed the investigation, which soon disappeared during the election.

Thankfully, for those who believe in the rule of law and the Constitution, though not CNN, Barack Obama’s Progressives, or CNN, Trump won in true democratic fashion, and after a worthless two years of Jeff Sessions heading the Justice Department, Trump appointed William Barr, who seems to be competent and not driven by politics, a rare combination in Washington.

Barr appointed internal investigators within Justice and the FBI to look into both the origins of the Steele Dossier, as well as the abuses of the FISA Court, which for the few who have followed the story, has huge potential to track back to Barack’s and Valerie’s Oval Office. The report is currently on Barr’s desk as he goes over it to prepare what will be release to the public.

So, wonder of wonders, just as Barr is going over the final FISA report and origins of the Steele dossier, up pops a whistleblower call about a phone conversation Trump had with the president of Ukraine in which he asks the Ukraine leader to look into possible corruption by Joe Biden when he was Barack’s Vice President.

Biden had apparently asked that the Ukraine government fire a special prosecutor who was looking into corruption involving Biden’s son and a Ukraine oil and gas company that may have involved payoffs to get American business, something that happens in Chicago every day. Ukraine was also involved then with helping Hillary raise money for the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State, but that’s another Chicago pay-to-play story.

But the Chicago sleaze in the Ukraine has been covered up by the flames and smoke over Trump making the call, which was perfectly legal, and involved no quid pro quo, but now hysterical is being screamed into our living rooms by CNN and the others as a prime reason to impeach him.

It’s interesting to note that Rep. Adam Schiff of California, Barack’s old pal and a major leaker himself, who is driving the “Impeach Trump for the Ukraine Call” movement, described Trump’s phone conversation in a live press conference over the networks as a “classic mob shakedown,” of the Ukrainian president to investigate Biden or lose American aide.

That “classic mob shakedown” was the exact same language David Axelrod used on CNN during a Trump bashing panel on the Ukraine conversation, saying it was all about Congress cleaning up corruption before the 2020 election.

Gosh, you don’t suppose Schiff and Axelrod and Barack and Valerie had a conference call to coordinate the message beforehand, do you?

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