“Mommy, teacher said that if I feel like a girl I can cut my weenie off.” WAKE UP, MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE! The LGBTQ pedophile Satanist socialists are now in the public schools, teaching children the homosexual lifestyle is normal, so they will grow up too sexually confused to procreate and thus destroy the middle class. And what about that tranny dressed as the devil reading to kids at the Michelle Obama library?

Earlier in August, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker, considered by many in the Land of Lincoln to be dumb as a box of rocks and a shill for Barack Obama, signed a bill mandating Illinois public schools teach children about the contributions to American society of people that identify as LGBTQ – that’s Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Queer.

The LGBTQ advocates who pushed for the law in the state legislature now must develop a curriculum to be taught to children by the next school year. Illinois now joins California, New Jersey, Colorado and Oregon as the fifth state to pass a law requiring LGBTQ history be taught in their public schools, to kids as young as kindergarten.

We’re talking about tens of millions of public school kids in these states, and the passage of these laws, which is no less than legalized pedophilia – introducing adult sexuality to young developing minds that don’t yet understand what sex is – is a great testament to the spinelessness and stupidity that has always been there in government.

The inroads into the public schools by the LGBTQs also shows the relentless evil of the socialists to get to attack middle class values by brainwashing children before they mature mentally and emotionally, so they will grow up confused about their sexual identity, and won’t procreate and raise more middle-class babies.

Whether or not you think that homosexuality, bisexuality, lesbianism or transgenderism or any of the other dozen or so gender orientations popping up are healthy or moral human activity, there should be no argument among decent people that introducing these sexual lifestyles to grade school children who have not yet hit puberty, is beyond depraved. It is pedophilia, socialist brainwashing, and it is evil.

One of the tenants of this insidious brand of socialism brought by the LGBTQs is not only that the government control as many areas of public and private lives and work as they can, but in the case of brainwashing kids on sexuality in the schools, so when their teen years come, when they develop their own identity, they will be too confused in their emotional biology to want to get together with someone of the opposite sex and have kids.

It is easier then to control and manipulate a population of androgynous, isolated narcissistic beings, who only care about themselves. But these LGBTQ camels are already into the public-school tent. And it’s not about teaching the contributions to society of LGBTQs, it’s about brainwashing young minds, so they can take over the world. Don’t think they don’t want to. It’s part of a socialist/globalist/communist revolution, and you may not realize it until they take your child away from you because you won’t let him/her have a sex change operation, like they do in Canada.

The LGBTQ PR campaign started off some twenty or thirty years ago with the message that they were sensitive, picked on people who just wanted to be accepted like everyone else – which, if people stopped to think was nothing more than society approving a sex act between two people of the same sex. They weren’t being discriminated against or denied jobs because of their skin color, or religion, but because their identity is having sex with someone like themselves. That’s it.

For 3,000 or so years of recorded civilization, homosexuality was treated as deviant sexual behavior that didn’t fit with the advancement of a culture, because it went against society’s norms and, for another thing, they don’t reproduce.

Up until the mid-sixties, homosexuals were not let into the United States by Customs because it was considered a mental illness. In Muslim countries, they are still thrown off of roofs, or worse. In Africa, homosexuality is outlawed in 34 countries, with most of them punishing the crime with imprisonment or death. The sex act was illegal in China – a socialist country where criminals just disappear – until 2001, when homosexual acts became legal.

It was that way in America, too, where we don’t arrest or punish for sodomy like the rest of the world, until the 1990s, when President Bill Clinton helped the camel first into the tent, by introducing “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” getting homosexuals into in the military and government, with no persecution if you stayed in the closet. Along the way, they stole the once noble, word “gay,” used by the poets, and the rainbow, which used to signal God’s Covenant with mankind, and they started appearing in television in sitcoms as happy, sensitive, wisecracking people who had no girlfriends.

Talk shows, like Oprah and others pumped the persecuted homosexual into suburban, middle class homes through TV, portraying them as sensitive souls who just wanted to be accepted, while no mention that their lifestyle led to higher rates of suicide, alcoholism, not to mention AIDs and HIV, or the reasons for that. Gay Pride parades, once relegated to homosexual neighborhoods, got bigger and bigger in places like San Francisco and Chicago and New York, with transvestites wearing boas and men in speedos and spiked dog collars showed Millennials what fun the lifestyle was.

Then the homosexual tsunami hit with Obama, under whose administration the word transgender first appeared to us as a letter, and his Chicago crew rammed the LGBTQ same-sex lifestyle through all the cabinet Departments like Defense – allowing free transgender surgery for soldiers; Department of State, installing LGBTQ offices in every embassy; Commerce, with regulatory agencies forcing corporations that do business with the government (half the workforce) to give preferential hiring treatment to LGBTQs in the name “gender equality,” and of course, the Department of Education, re-writing textbooks and curriculum to include gender identity, another name for the various meanings behind LGBTQ.  Now they are everywhere.

While Barack never told us his gender identity, which would have required a measure of integrity, he did get OUT Magazine’s Ally of the Year Award after his White House led the charge for same sex marriage through the Supreme Court and into the constitution, which he later said he considered his greatest achievement. With the help and direction of the White House, the LGBTQs took greater control of the media, especially in people who deliver us the news, especially in once-respected, objective outlets like CNN, the New York Times and Washington Post, and the morning talk shows, where there now appear to be more homosexuals than straight starting at us through television screens.

It’s a save bet that the social media, which monitors “hate speech” and homophobia on the internet, is controlled by homosexuals and their allies to inform Millennials who is a homophobe (their call, and mostly Republican) who must be removed from their job or office.

Barack tried to introduce LGBTQ concept to young public-school minds before he left office, signing an executive decree that mandated transgender bathrooms be installed in schools that took any kind of federal funds.   His loyal, mostly liberal upper middle-class followers didn’t blink, believing all this to be a harmless next step in accepting gays into society at the earliest of ages. Barack would even send out an Oval Office communication denouncing any type of conversion therapy to change gays to heterosexual.

We never saw that from a president before.

Now, with the consent of spineless legislators in five “liberal” states steering the LGBTQ message into young school children’s heads, the camel – or should we say viper – is now firmly inside the public-school tent.  They say it’s all about learning LGBTQ contributions to society and history and mention three in Illinois: Jane Adams, the social worker who they say might have been lesbian, but aren’t sure; Sally Ride, the astronaut, and someone on the staff of Dr. Martin Luther King, Bayard Rustin, who no one ever hear of but all have certainly heard of the great civil rights leader, so if you oppose Rustin, oppose Dr. King.  Are you against Dr. King?

A bureaucrat at the Illinois Federation of Teachers was so overcome he told reporters: “This will make us a stronger society and nation.”

And if you believe that, Mr. and Mrs. Middle-Class parent, then don’t be shocked when little Trent comes home and tells you he wants to cut off his weenie and be called Trish.

Because as the LGBTQs push their confused sexuality into still developing minds as normal, those children will become equally confused about their own. Adolescence is the time, psychologists tell us, that the hormones rage, especially with young boys, as both girls and boys try to find an identity to take into the world. If and when they find that identity, they are then able to be intimate in a healthy way with another human being, and then maybe start a family.

But as we learned in the latter days of the Obama White House, this LGBTQ movement is run by not only by lesbians and transgenders, but by radical feminists, who we learn come from a branch of feminism “that calls for a radical reordering of society in which male supremacy is eliminated in all social and economic contexts.” Radical feminists, the internet definition tells us, view society as fundamentally a patriarchy in which men dominate and oppress women.

So expect the bullying LGBTQs to try and take over the schools, pushing for a transgenders homecoming queen, all in the name of gender equality, and shame anyone who feels from their own internal chemistry that homosexuality is not normal, or transgenderism is weird, shaming them as homophobes or purveyors of hate speech. Maybe get a column in the eighth grade school paper written by Queer Jane.  And if you have a problem with that, keep it to yourself.

This is what it looks like, folks — last year, a transvestite by the name of Xochi Mochi, dressed as a satanic clown with red-tipped demon horns, read to little children for Drag Queen Story Hour at the Michelle Obama Public Library in Long Beach, California. (It had to be the Michelle Obama library, didn’t it?)

These Drag Queen Story Hours have been popping up in public libraries in liberal states and enclaves around the country with transvestites reading to kindergarten-aged children, to “capture the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models,” according the Drag Queen Story Hour website.

Drag Queen Mochi said that the goal of this “homosexual activism” is to normalize all forms of perversion and sexual deviancy, saying, “It’s so important to have representation and normalize all the letters in LGBTQIA+ in everyday lives.”

Maybe add to that the letter P.

Mochi would recall that “the excitement in the children’s eyes were everything.”

So wake up, sleeping middle class people, before they send you off to the Gulag and keep your child because you wouldn’t let him or her have a sex change.

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