Hey Ivanka, if you want to bring up the tragedy of inner-city violence, mention Detroit, or Baltimore. Back off Chicago. We take care of our own. Besides, the Windy City is in a new era of progressive politics, with Barack Obama and Bill Ayers managing race relations to take down the system of white supremacy, not rebuild black families or communities, so the black-on-black genocide will go on.

In the aftermath of the recent mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, as wave after wave of anguish and shock burst from the nation’s television sets, led by the always hysterical CNN, which just wanted to connect Donald Trump to the shootings for what they said was his white supremacist hate speech, the First Daughter Ivanka Trump tweeted out the following to her nine million Twitter followers:

“As we grieve over the evil mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, let us not overlook that Chicago experienced its deadliest weekend of the year. With 7 dead and 52 wounded near a playground in the Windy City – and little national outrage or media coverage – we mustn’t become numb to the violence faced by inner city communities every day.”

Ivanka’s comment seemed reasonable enough, given that Chicago leads the nation in black-on-black gun violence, which is never covered by the national media. So far this year, 281 human beings have been shot and killed, another 1,397 shot and wounded, with close to 85 percent of the victims young black males, shot by other young fatherless black men on the streets and alleyways of the mostly poor South and West sides of the city. (If you doubt this, go to a website http://www.heyjackass.com which keeps these statistics under the banner “Illustrating Chicago Values.”)

Chicago is on track for another year of over 500 plus murders, the vast majority of them poor and black and male, with another 4,000 or so shot and wounded, and only about 20 percent of the shooters ever being caught, because witnesses are either too afraid to come forward, or else the bullets came from a darkened car in a drive-by that speed away.

Since the death of Dr. Martin Luther King 50 years ago, more than 35,000 souls have been murdered by guns on the streets, most of them poor black males on the South and West Sides, most shot by other black men who were never caught.

But in a week of particularly large number of mass shootings outside Chicago – El Paso, Dayton, Gilroy, California – with the wonderful liberal media focused on connecting the white, blonde, scowling Donald to the slaughter and raising the issue of gun control in the country’s consciousness again, it looked like Chicago’s ongoing gun violence would stay under the national media radar again, until Ivanka’s tweet.

Now in Chicago, a city of brawling, Democratic politicians stealing from the public trough, any advice on how to run their turf that comes from outside is usually met with a middle finger in the air. But when the advice comes from a Republican in the Oval Office, or his blonde daughter who has nine million Twitter followers, any comment on the city’s perpetual inner city violence had to be seen as a political attack, and must be met with equal, overpowering response.

Especially now, since the city is run by its first African-American, lesbian mayor, Lori Lightfoot, who many observers say is backed by the Chicago Progressives in Hyde Park, which include Barack Obama, our former 44th President and Bill Ayers, the former bomb making radical of the 1960s and Barack’s mentor on socialism and the one who launched his political career from his Hyde Park living room.

It was obvious to these observers that Barack and Bill and perhaps Barack’s spinmeister David Axelrod were behind the curtain with advice when Lightfoot immediately called a press conference to counter Ivanka’s tweet. With black Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson standing behind her, Lightfoot told the cameras and reporters and Chicagoans that Ivanka “got the numbers wrong, she got the location wrong. That’s the danger of trying to govern via tweet. If they want to help, they should actually call us and ask for specifics, which we’d be happy to share. . . .By sending out something like that, having zero contact with anybody in an official capacity in the city of Chicago and getting it wrong? That’s not helpful.”

Then she went national, with her rebuttal of Ivanka picked up by the likes of Yahoo, NBC, CBS and spread through the internet with the heading “Mayor Lori Lightfoot slams Ivanka Trump for Misleading Tweet.”

Then, of course, CNN, the network that Barack and his Chicago crew restructured into a socialist propagandist before leaving office, had leading Trump-demonizer Anderson Cooper interview Lightfoot on the air, saying that by giving inaccurate information – like the shootings being in a playground and not a park – was “dangerous and unhelpful.” She told Anderson she wanted not tweets but help that does something: more federal assistance in stopping the flow of guns to the city, stepping up prosecutions and having Congress take actions to curb gun violence.

But nothing about the black-on-black slaughter that takes place every day on the South and West Sides of the city, that has put up numbers of casualties in the last 50 years like the Vietnam War, and worse than Afghanistan and Iraq for Americans, when one takes into account the hundreds of thousands of witnesses and family members who walk around the war zone with some measure of PTSD.

That’s because race and black violence in Chicago, which is always on people minds, has been directed the past 25 years by Barack Obama and Bill Ayers and their Hyde Park Progressives, who are socialists, and more interested in “dismantling the system of white supremacy” – Bill Ayers’ words – than they are in helping re-build the black family and communities decimated by the welfare state, because they are already socialist. When Barack was in the White House, Ayers helped his Justice Department demonize the Chicago police as the enemy, and helped him create Black Lives Matter to attack the white supremacy system.

The city newspaper that has been taken over by the progressives is the Chicago Sun Times, which has always been the more focused on the black community than the traditionally conservative Tribune. After Ivanka’s tweet, the Sun Times unleashed its columnists after the blonde princess in Washington.

One wrote: “…there is a) plenty of outrage (a word in Ivanka’s tweet), expressed by winking, nodding haters like Ivanka’s dad, who use “Chicago” as a code for minorities they feel momentarily inhibited from slurring in public. Rats in Baltimore one day, shootings in Chicago the next. They can’t come out and say it, as they did in that era in America they consider “Great” and are so frantic to drag us back to.

Another wrote: “You know what I miss? Good old-fashioned, Southern-style 1950s-era bigots. Axe-handle wielding sheriffs and George Wallace; they were loathsome, they would inflict horrible harm, but give them points for candor. They snarled the hatred in their hearts. They didn’t try to dress it up, to be clever and speak in codes.”

Still another: “Now take Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, whom the president seems to be grooming for some undefined role on the international stage, maybe Queen of the World. Suddenly Chicago was in her gunsights on Tuesday. Maybe out of sympathy for her father, whose dog whistles and semaphore flags to bigots and white supremacists was partially stifled, certainly temporarily, by the pair of mass shootings, in El Paso and Dayton, apparently committed by hardened haters. The poor man was forced to condemn white nationalism, which musta hurt.”

They are all graduates of the Bill Ayers school of Chicago journalism, which says that black teens who wield Uzi’s from a car window against groups of other black teens are not murderers, but victims, just like those humans they shoot without conscience: victims of the system of white supremacy.

So don’t expect any outrage in Chicago, Ivanka, for what’s happening in Chicago’s inner city.  They’re already in the socialist fold.  We just need to take care of people like you who get the facts wrong.

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