Wake up, Millennials! These Progressives – no, let’s cut the crap and call them the socialists they are – keep promising us all kinds of make-believe free stuff and saving the planet. But don’t buy it. They just want to destroy capitalism, so government controls everything, and life for the rest of us will be like sitting in a DMV all day without a cell phone.

That’s the sly, sneaky thing about these Progressives: they have a great PR department and a way of spinning words to make their hoped-for control of our lives sound so Utopian.  It would be utopian only for them.

They say if you elect them there will be free healthcare for all, where you don’t have to pay a cent to get taken care of. Then they’re going to save us from being burned to cinders with a Green New Deal that to save us and the planet. Immigrants will be able to freely cross the border into the American Dream without being hassled by border patrol or ICE tearing families apart.

These wonderful Progressives will pay college tuition for everyone, or at least make college debt disappear. Even their name – Progressives – conjures up images of people looking dreamily at the horizon, the way their leader Barack Obama used to do in his speeches, with his chin up, looking longingly into the distance, as if seeing a wondrous new world for us all on the horizon that only he could see, where everything is paid for and everyone is equal.

Because that’s what they’re all about: diversity, equality for all, taking from the rich and giving to the poor, creating a world where doors will be opened to all: men, women, transgenders who were once men and now women, and visa versa, others who are still deciding what they are. The world will be a loving, accepting place embraced by a great government hug.

And, most importantly, they will get rid of Trump, the racist capitalist sexist pig, along with old white Republican men who agree with him. In fact, it sounds like they will take money from the rich so everyone is economically equal, and there will be no rich white people stealing everything.

But Millennials, and Generations XY and Z, don’t buy it for a second.

Because underneath all the feel-good, free-sounding stuff from the promising faces of Kamala Harris and Cory Booker and Beto O’Rourke, scolding Elizabeth Warren, under the innocent gay Harvard looks of Pete Buttigieg, even the grumpy Jewish grandfatherly scowl of Bernie Sanders – underneath all of them beats a cold, ruthless Bolshevik heart, wanting not to make a utopian world, but to take down capitalism and the white middle class, and make us all their slaves.

These big bunch of Progressive presidential candidates – let’s cut the crap and call them the Socialists they are – are new to the national political scene and presidential race. But make no mistake, they are creations of Barack Obama and his gang of socialists near the University of Chicago, whose command center is Barack’s $8 million compound in Georgetown, D.C., where they act as advisors and sometimes puppet masters for the likes of Harris, Booker, Buttigieg and O’Rourke.

The one person who is the independent socialist in the mix is Uncle Bernie, who has been a socialist ever since his days in the 1960s and political science classmate at the University of Chicago with raging upper-middle-class commie Bernadine “Kill the Ca;pitalist Pigs!” Dohrn, who is still married and living near the U. of C. with Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers,  Berndine’s bomb making radical love from their 60s Days of Rage, the radicals who taught Barack his socialism and launched his political career from their Hyde Park living room.

After Chicago, Bernie went off to Vermont, where they are used to electing commies to congress, and kept his socialism quiet until he suddenly came out of the closet for the 2016 election, where he gained a following among middle-class college students by promising all kinds of free stuff.

In addition to getting advice and support from Barack, who is getting his pal George Soros and his multi-billion dollar Open Society Foundation to open his check book, the Progressive Socialists are all creations of CNN, the network Barack created before he left office. CNN and its socialist propagandist news staff have replaced the Democratic Party as the main drivers and sponsors of the Democratic presidential debates, to the exclusion of the other networks, and are able to promote these far-left, candidates and their goofy ideas, with adoring news coverage, while marginalizing any of the other candidates who are more moderate and living in the real world.

These Presidential Debates have all been total staged and organized by CNN, Barack’s network, where there was an on-air drawing to see who would speak first and when, with CNN news anchors as moderators. They have become an exercise in the Progressives shouting down the moderate Democrats, people who have a concept of working in a capitalist, free market society, which has been the way the country and the political system have been run for 250 years.

But with the socialists there is no compromise with capitalism. Kamala’s and Bernie’s free government health care would cost so much that the country would be crushed in debt, with the government making the system so inefficient that a person could die from a hangnail waiting to see a doctor. But at least we would all have the same, glacial coverage.

The Green New Deal, as proposed by another Barack mini-me, Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth Warren, is really about dismantling capitalism, not protecting the earth, as AOC’s own staff has admitted.

The massive overloading the system with illegal Central American immigrants at the border, which has been driven by Barack and George, is a way of getting poor, uneducated immigrants onto the government dole, increasing our debt levels, and eventually registering them to vote Progressive to dilute the middle-class vote at the polls.

But even with Bernie sounding like an angry old man sending back soup at a deli, and Elizabeth shrieking like a shaming wife – she shamed her non-socialist candidates on stage as merchants of “small ideas and spinelessness” – there may be a plan by the socialists to get a more rational sounding candidate elected.

The day, after the debate, in a column in the socialist New York Times, a column by gay opinion columnist Frank Bruni appeared entitled “Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, Marooned Together on Fantasy Island.”

Bruni said that while he admired Elizabeth and Bernie for their grand ideas, he said neither could likely be elected because people weren’t ready for the huge federal spending and war with corporate America that their ideas involved.
But Bruni then lovingly praised fellow gay Pete Buttigieg, who is said to be Barack Obama’s favorite.

“I was impressed by Pete Buttigieg. I’m always impressed by him,” Bruni fawned. “How does a person become this articulate, this informed and this poised by the age of 37? It’s like his parents read him the Encyclopedia Britannica instead of “Goodnight, Moon” and regularly injected him with some analogue of human growth hormone that supersizes developing brains.”

So maybe Pete will ultimately be the centrist, reasonable, articulate candidate to emerge from the pack, a choice the middle class can accept to defeat Trump, not realizing that an openly homosexual president would not only attack the white middle class values, but also that Sneaky Pete is as socialist as the rest, couching it in phrases like he will deliver “new approaches” and “unsullied optimism.” Sort of like Hope and Change you can believe in.

So be alert, Millennials. The socialists are sneaky.  Just remember, they want government to control your life, and they just may take away your cell phone, with a smile, then a sneer.

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