Are RACIST and HATE SPEECH the new Star of David Patches being used by the socialists to censor free speech and sew on the Donald to rally the Progressives? Just remember, Millennials, socialism is much, much closer to fascism than Trumpism. They’re mean, ruthless ideologues, and will say and do anything to get power, including shame and censor and demonize their enemies, to make us all their slaves.

Back in 1930s Germany, during Hitler’s rise to power, the Nazis demonized Jews as a way of unifying the Germans against a common enemy: the race that was causing all the suffering in a country burdened by a worldwide Depression and made worse by the crushing terms of the Versailles treaty.

There was a conspiracy theory Hitler believed that Germany could have kept fighting in World War I, but was stabbed in the back by the Jews. The Jews had the money, he told his fellow Germans, and were charging high rates of interest on loans that people could not repay, and he would end all that. He also hated Communism, and preached to his fellow Germans that the Jews were behind that ideology, promising to destroy “Jewish Bolshevism.”

When he came to power, the Fuhrer (Leader) ordered all Jews in countries under his control into a forced migration to areas in designated cities called ghettos. After 1941, all Jews in German controlled areas had to wear a yellow Star of David patch so they could be identified when time came to round them up and ship them like cattle in train cars to concentration camps.

Now we have the Donald and anyone who defends him branded as racists by the new leaders of the Progressives – the four, young, recently-elected socialist “congresswomen of color” – who call themselves the “Squad” (maybe it should be the SS) – as well as the Progressive presidential candidates who are either gay or have some black in their blood, climbing over each other to shout they are the biggest victims of racism.

Their rages against Trump and his racism are all all hysterically and shamingly reported over the media each day through the internet – led by CNN, The New York Times and Washington Post – the media carriers of the racist banner, along with other so-called news outlets that have become socialist propagandists, screeching that racism is actual news.

The four nasty, mean-spirited congresswomen who recently branded Trump a racist – Somalian Muslim Ilhan Omar; Alexandria Ocasio Cortez from the Bronx who is part Puerto Rican heritage; Rashida “Let’s impeach the M*ther-f*cker” Tlaib, whose parents are from Palestine; and Ayanna “Keep my name out of your lying mouth” Pressley, an African American, who was raised in Chicago where her mother was a “community activist,” like our 44th President – all just can’t get enough camera time to shout to the world like modern day Paul Revere about the British. Or maybe its Joseph Goebbels about the Jews.

With the hysterical help from their adoring media, the four are hoping to reshape the debate for the upcoming president debate to make “racism” the defining theme, and Trump its poster boy, uniting people of color and white liberals and Trump haters before the polls open, and shaming everyone else who may think that Trump is doing a hell-of-a job with the economy with record low unemployment; backing off the Chinese and the Iranians; trying to keep America a sovereign nation by keeping millions of terrified refugees (not immigrants) from crossing the border. He’s a Racist! And he must go!

The progressive socialist couldn’t do their fearmongering without the iron-fisted help from of their mindless, propagandist media, which has become a unified, shrill shrieking Trump-bashing force, not unlike Adolph’s good pal and deep anti-Semite Joseph Goebbels, who pulled all the levers of his propaganda machine into demonizing the Jews.

But you say: the socialists are not fascists. Trump is the Hitler. He’s the racist and white nationalist along with all his fellow Republicans who are the enemy of all the people of color. But when you look closely, socialism is a kindred spirit to fascism – they are ideologues, who want government to control everything, destroy free markets and capitalism, and like Hitler control and regulate all areas of social life. Plus they need control of the media to take power. That’s not Trump.

Let’s go back to where these progressive socialists were born. They come from the Hyde Park/Kenwood neighborhood in Chicago, near the gothic University of Chicago with all its Nobel Prize Winners, but also with a long history of socialist/communist radicals that included Bill “I hate white America” Ayers, the bomb maker from the 1960s, and a charismatic young man he mentored and helped get started politics, one Barack Obama.

(That’s another similarity of fascism and socialism: they both require a strong, charismatic leader who can stir the masses with their vague, race dividing ideology).

Along the way, the Chicago Progressives picked up the financial support of George Soros, the billionaire globalist and closet megalomaniac who made his billions trying to bring down the currencies of countries and wants to end democracy and capitalism wherever he finds it, especially America. Soros, like Barack’s Progressives, wants to open all borders, and create as much social chaos so they can install a grand, socialist, worldwide Utopia ruled by – who else? – himself, with help of course from Barack and Bill.

But George is getting on in years (88) and is seeing the curtain closing on his grand vision, and is turning up the burners for the next election, before he dies a miserable, lonely narcissistic death.

Their key to organizing the proletariat and gaining power, was gaining control of the mainstream media, which Barack did from the Oval Office, leveraging their love affair with his brilliant smile and Hope and Change and his wonderful Hope and Change oratory. The proletariat was built around African Americans, who have been largely crushed in America, and Barack, since he had black blood in him, became the new great socialist leader, who would lead black people to the Promised Land, when all he intended to do was bring down capitalism and the white middle class so everyone was equal and poor.

The Chicago Progressives’ spiritual leader was Saul Alinsky, the original community organizer, who dedicated his “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer, writing: “The despair is there. Now it’s up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent and organize them for radical social change.”

Demonize and isolate the enemy, Saul said, which they have done with the Donald. And if you don’t have economic despair and discontent like Hitler did, except in maybe in violent black Chicago. Which is already socialist, then create the despair, which they have done with Trump and racism.

Most recently, Barack’s hysterical, anti-Trump media latched on to his recent rally in South Carolina, where the crowd chanted — ‘Send her back!’— a reference to a Donald tweet about Ilhan Omar, that if she doesn’t like America she should go back to Somalia, as evidence of Trump’s white nationalism.

The Racism patch was quickly sewn on the Donald through the hysterical, demonizing media. Even Barack’s old friend old friend, German Chancellor Andrea Merkel, who let Barack and George get a million Syrian refugees into Germany, jumped in, saying in a headline “Merkel Rebukes Trump for Attacks Against Minority Congresswomen.” We all know Germany understands white nationalism.

So now we have the Racism Dogs of War unleashed ahead of the 2020 election, and the patches sewn on Trump and his people.

The next time you see the four member of the Squad on the internet or TV – Ilhan Omar, with her cold black eyes under her hajib; Alexandria Cortez, with her bright red Maleficent lipstick; Rashida “Let’s impeach the M*ther-f*cker” Tlaib; and Ayanna “Keep my name out of your lying mouth” Pressley, ask yourself the question:

Do you think any one of them would have a problem loading old, white Republican men into box cars for a trip to the country?

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