Barack Obama unleashes his attack dogs Colin Kaepernick and Megan Rapinoe on the American Flag and National Anthem over the 4th of July in the name of racial and social justice. But it’s really in the nasty spirit of socialism, to win over the Millennial vote. But careful, Millennials, because if Barack’s candidates win, there will be no freedom, and they may soon come to take away your cell phone, too.

In the days before the recent 4th of July – celebrating the nation’s 243rd birthday of independence from tyranny – there were two orchestrated attacks on the American flag, the symbol of our freedom, with an indirect attack on a certain man with a blonde combover in the White House, all gearing up for the 2010 elections and win the coveted Millennial vote.

First there was Megan Rapinoe, the purple haired lesbian captain of the American women’s soccer team, who refused to put her hand over her heart or sing the national anthem, as did the rest of the team, prior to the start of the team’s international Women’s World Cup matches in France, saying she was protesting her home country for its failures in racial and social justice, the ladder being its discrimination against homosexuals.

Rapinoe went on to engage in dueling Tweets with President Trump, saying she would not step foot in the White House if the American women won the Cup, because apparently the Donald represents the conservatives who are holding back racial and homosexual equality.

Donald tweeted back that she should maybe win the Cup first, which the women eventually did. Then Captain Megan, keeping her political narcissism above the team, said she would gladly accept an invitation from Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer to appear before the Senate, keeping the anti-Trump and anti-flag antagonism alive.

Then there was Colin Kaepernick, who emerged three days before the 4th of July celebrations when apparel behemoth Nike said it was withdrawing a shoe specifically designed for the Independence Day release – which depicted Betsy Ross’ original Stars and Stripes with 13 stars in circular design on its heel – because we were told Colin contacted them that the shoe with flag would be offensive to black people because it was designed at a time in American history when half the country, including many white founding fathers, practiced slavery.

You remember Colin. He was the bushy Afro-headed San Francisco 49ers quarterback who startled the nation, pissing off a lot of old white guys including Trump, when he took a knee at the national anthem before a nationally televised game – the equivalent of Megan refusing to put her hand on her heart or sing like the rest of the team – which we were told later was to protest white police brutality and shootings against young black men across the country.

Kaepernick went on never to play another football game, but did gain a multi-million dollar contract with NIKE as part of their “Just Do It” campaign to sell millions more athletic shoes, depicted as a rebel against the American racist system, a sort of 21st Century Malcolm X, as a civil rights persona the Millennials could get behind who pissed off old white men who still held to old worn out beliefs like patriotism and respect for the flag.

If anyone wonders whether Megan or Colin protested independently against the Old Gory or its old-fashioned, white American patriotism, forget it. They were put up to it. And guess who is the wizard, or one of the wizards behind the curtain. None other than our wonderful 44th President and former Leader of the Free World, Barack Hussein Obama, leading them down the socialist path of attacking American symbols in exchange for lucrative NIKE contracts. Therefore, expect Megan to be awarded a NIKE deal similar to Colin’s, at equal pay, as long as she is available in the future to continue her anti-white American attacks.

You see, the strikes they made symbols of the American Way and patriotism, pretending they were standing up or kneeling down for the cause of racial and social justice, were attacks against the white establishment that were right out of the book “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky, the community organizer in Chicago who used go up against the Democratic Machine of Richard J. Daley, and who was the guiding spirit of Barack Obama and his socialist mentor Bill “I hate (white) America” Ayers.

But maybe the word “spirit” is not exactly correct, because Alinsky dedicated his book to Lucifer, “the original radical who did his job so well that they gave him his own kingdom.”

Though Ainsky, who died in 1972, never seemed to want to take down the “system of white supremacy,” namely the white middle class and capitalism, Bill Ayers and Barack Obama certainly did, and now that Barack can’t use the levers of White House power to do it anymore, they are employing dupes like Colin and Megan to attack the system for them.

Ultimately, they’re gearing up for 2020 elections by hoping to convince Millennials that opposing patriotism and love of country is helping black people overcome their poverty and black-on-black violence in places like Chicago, and help homosexuals gain their freedom from discrimination against sodomy, which is what the LGBTQ movement is really all about.

But let’s be clear. Colin Kaepernick and Megan Rapinoe, and Barack Obama behind them, have absolutely nothing to do with racial justice. They are playing black people, particularly those in cities like Chicago, where their lives are a living hell of violence wrought by fatherless, enraged young men, who are creations of a government system of welfare that Bill Ayers and Barack Obama and their pals want by attacking and taking down the “system of white supremacy” and installing their candidates who will help implement socialism for us all.

As Karl Marx said, socialism must first start by attacking not only the symbols of a democracy, but attacking its morals and spirit. Can someone say “American Flag and the freedom it represents?”

Alinsky said to implement “radical social change” one must demonize and isolate and bring down its democratically elected leaders. Can someone say “Trump?”

So for those of us who understand what the American flag symbolizes, not just for old white people but for everyone, that that understanding is somehow conveyed through the hand-helds of the Millennials before it’s too late.

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