This whole LGBTQ bullying media onslaught is a socialist/commie conspiracy to take down the middle class, by confusing normal heterosexual people – especially still developing children! – about sex and trying to keep them from getting together, marrying, and starting a family, so a godless, sexless state can rule the world.

At the beginning of this whole, goofy Gay Pride Month – Ops, I mean just Pride Month, because now they want to include everyone who wants to celebrate homosexuality or non-sexuality or just confused sexuality – the first “openly gay governor” in Colorado, Jared Polis, took the time out of his busy schedule for a major television press conference to sign into law a couple of pro-LGBTQ legislative measures.

The first bill makes it illegal in Colorado to practice any kind of “conversion therapy” on a child, namely if a very young person thinks he is a she, or she is a he, that a state-licensed therapist is prevented from counseling the confused child, because in the mind of the state, there is no confusion: the child is right and the new law will prevent any further self-analysis, so let the kid lop off his penis and become a her, or remove her breasts and become a him. Or else the therapist can have his/her license taken away by the state!

The other bill, known as Jude’s Law, named after the 13-year-old transgender person who started lobbying for the legislation since age 9, makes it easier for a transgender person – someone who doesn’t identify with being a male or a female – can change the gender marker on their birth certificates from either M or F to T, which apparently is a big deal for transgender people, who tell us they want to be known as “they.”

The 43-year-old Gov. Polis was joined at the televised signing by his more youthful wife/husband Marlon Reis, described as a “vegan and animal rights activist,” who has been given the title by the media as “First Gentleman” of Colorado. The first couple have two adopted children, but they haven’t said yet if they are still boys or are thinking about being girls, so we’ll just have to wait and see, or if like actress Cherise Theron who adopted a young African boy, they too will decide they are girls and want their penis’ loped off, and like Cherise, and Jude, their parents will let them, as allowed under the law.

It’s all beyond insane for a society and culture that has been based for 250 years on heterosexuals marrying and producing children and families to keep the culture moving forward. But now you have states like Colorado and California and Illinois and New York, where they are passing legislation that teaches transgenderism in public schools to very young children, and protects them from therapy that may help clear their developing minds.


Think about it. These new leaders in our state governments are directing their energies on going after the most vulnerable and innocent among us, our children, and a teaching them that if they have feelings as four year old boy that they are really a girl – a not uncommon term called gender dysphoria that many pass through – that they should go with those feelings, find their true selves, keep therapists from helping, and even helping them get surgery to lop off their penis’ or have their breasts removed – AS CHILDREN!!! – so their self-mutilation conforms with their true inner selves.

IT’S INSANE!!! But it’s happening more and more in the public schools in these Progressive (read socialist) states, because the LGBTQs fascists are bullying their way into the statehouses and legislatures and with the help of the spineless non-LGBTQ legislators are already forcing this child abuse into the schools in the name of civil rights and social justice.  But tell them they are twisted an you are a bigot, unleashing all their media power to take you down.

But is it really civil rights and social justice? Because what you’re really talking about is defending the rights and helping move into society narcissists – men who want to have sex with other men, and women who want sex only with women, and transgenders who don’t want any sex because they don’t know what they are – not broaden the social fabric with marriages and babies and families.

That’s the only discernable difference I can tell between the LGBTQs and the rest of us.   But they want to group that as a social justice, or the same civil right as a black person being denied decent housing or a seat on a bus because the color of their skin?  Should the desire to have anal sex with a man be a constitutional right?  Not in my book.

In this technological, hand-held, computerized, mass market world, where two-parent families are becoming less and less, it is hard enough for a child to develop naturally without influence from an outside source that wants to brainwash them into denying their God-given hormonal impulses.

But these LGBTQ leaders are all atheists, who want young children to become like them, saying a person’s sex was “assigned” at birth, and is easily changed. Of course they don’t explain who did the assigning. It wasn’t a God. Maybe a nurse practitioner, so we can later change the gender on the birth certificate to T.

The leaders of this LGBTQ movement are relentless, and they are ruthless, because they have come to dominate the media, not in the cause of real truth and justice, but to advance their cause of socialism, where everyone is sexless and the same, where the state is the ultimate arbiter of who gets to have children.

Look up “male virtues” in the dictionary. It reads: honor, courage, compassion, respect, loyalty, honest, prudence, grace, forgiveness, humility, authenticity, excellence, kindness, gratitude, generosity, tact, empathy, contentment, assertiveness, cooperation, adaptability, integrity.”

Look up “female virtues” and it comes back with these: “(1) unreflecting constancy to the demands of life, (2) untiring interest in the processes of life and its multiplication (which in its minor ramifications lead to that intense concern about all human affairs) (3) a capacity for desperate bravery in defending or succoring human life, (4) a capacity for single-minded devotion to her own offspring and (5) a capacity for bodily purity or chastity, which capitulates only when her affections are engaged.”

In a moral world, these virtues would combine in marriage between a man and a woman to bring the next generation into the world.

But not in the LGBTQ Bible.  They have stolen the rainbow, which used to mean God’s covenant to protect the world, and they are atheists; they stole the word “gay,” which used mean carefree and happy, when they are conflicted, miserable people; and they stole the month of June, which used to be the traditional wedding month, in the name of “Pride” of being homosexual or rejecting one’s own sex.

How far their influence and power in the media have made us, and our children, fall.

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