What can be done about all the black-on-black male genocide happening in Chicago? Nothing, as long as racial hatred and fear is being stoked by whites like Bill “I hate white America” Ayers, priest Michael “You’re all victims of white society” Pfleger, and half-white Barack “Hope and Change” Obama in order to advance their socialist cause, while doing nothing to help end the catastrophic black suffering.

Over the recent Memorial Day weekend, a holiday set aside for honoring fallen American soldiers, as well as the unofficial start of summer, there were a total of 27 shootings and seven deaths on the streets in Chicago, most on the South and West Sides, most of the victims young black males, and just about all of the shooters young black males as well, as has been the case for the last 50 years.

On Wednesday and Thursday of the following week, there would be another 20 people shot and wounded and four people killed, one of them a young black woman holding her baby, though police said she was not the intended victim, just in a very wrong place at the wrong time, though still irretrievably dead as all the rest.

This past weekend, the second of the summer, became the most violent weekend of 2019, with 52 people shot, another 8 killed, between Friday night and Sunday morning, again most of them black males on the South and West Sides, though four of the shootings occurred in a drive-by on the North Side Gold Coast area, where the young and white professionals live and play.

After this recent weekend, as expected, Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, who is black, called a press conference to say for the umpteenth time that this kind of violence cannot and won’t be tolerated, and talked about the stepped-up police action in the high crime areas.

Newly elected mayor Lori Lightfoot, the first African American lesbian to lead the nation’s third largest city, had said at her inaugural a week before Memorial Day: “For years, they said Chicago ain’t ready for reform. Well, get ready, because reform is here. I campaigned on change. You voted for change. And I pan to deliver change to our government.”

But apparently that change didn’t involve ending all the black-on-black carnage on the South and West Sides, because after the Memorial day shooting numbers came out, Lightfoot admitted “I didn’t come into this with any illusions that we’re gonna be able to wave a magic wand and reverse trends that have been in the making for some time. We were down on homicides from a year ago (Memorial weekend). But, we were up on shootings – and that’s clearly unacceptable.

“A lot of what we’re seeing out there are crimes of poverty,” which she said underscores the need to invest heavily in the South and West side neighborhoods suffering from “systemic disinvestment” that has gone on for decades.

So with the new mayor backing away from any reform or change on the streets, expect another bloody summer in Chicago.  Tragically, the black-on-black gun violence has come to define the city, once known as the hog butcher of the world, stacker of wheat, City of the Big Shoulders, a place once ruled by Al Capone and Michael Jordan and the ’85 Bears, with the world’s busiest airport and best deep-dish pizza.  Now it is known as the murder capital, as when Capone ran bootlegged liquor.

And no one knows what to do about it, except turn off the nightly news or stop reading the papers and hope it goes away, which it doesn’t.  Chicagoans have become numbed to it, and quietly afraid, even in the white areas of the city.  The collective murders and shootings hang over everything, like a dark, ominous cloud.

The whole bloody mess and endless, daily tragedy began unofficially with the death of Dr. Martin Luther King fifty-one years ago.  Chicago had always been the most segregated city in the country, ruled by Boss Richard J. Daley, but when King died, the hope for jobs and open housing he preached with his soaring oratory and courage to march into racist white areas died with him, and that massive void was filled on the streets by young angry fatherless males with no hope fighting an ever more fierce war over drug turf to prove their manhood.

Since King’s death, more than 35,000 mostly young black men – 35,000 SOULS!!! – have perished violently on the city streets and parks and alleyways, the vast, vast majority of them on the all black South and West Sides.

But also in that time what has crept into the consciousness of black Chicago has been the subtle, insidious message that all the shootings and death, all the child abuse and fatherless families, all the drug addiction and alcohol abuse, all the massive stress of poverty, are not due to the welfare state imposed upon the black communities by the government and its welfare checks, but because they are being oppressed by the larger “system of white supremacy.”

And guess where this message originated from? Why, over in relatively safe, intellectual Hyde Park/Kenwood neighborhoods, near the University of Chicago, and specifically from the spider hole of the unofficial godfather and godmother of the Chicago Progressives, and the developers of the current “system of white supremacy” theory in the black community – none other than the old 1960s radical commies Bill Ayers, now 74, and his still-commie at heart wife Bernadine Dohrn, who in the 1970s was on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List.

As only old people will recall, Ayers and Dohrn were revolutionary bomb makers, raised in upper middle class and elite colleges (U. of Michigan and U. of Chicago) who started the Weather Underground movement in the 1960s to take down the U.S. Government during the Vietnam war with hopes of installing a socialist communist government.

Bernadine and Bill had written in a 16,000-word manifesto with the Weather Underground that declared “the goal [of revolution] is the destruction of US imperialism and the achievement of a classless world: world communism.”

They were in solidarity with the militant Black Panthers in revolution, with Bernadine declaring: “The best thing that we can be doing for ourselves, as well as for the Panthers and the revolutionary black liberation struggle, is to build a fucking white revolutionary movement.”

The death of Dr. King in 1968, combined with the then new welfare state underway in Chicago, which was breaking up families and producing thousands upon thousands of fatherless black children, the South and West Sides descended into an ever more violent chaotic hell.  With no one to replace the charismatic Dr. King and hold a peaceful civil rights movement together, the black street gangs began killing each other in war zone numbers over the drug trade, with murders sometimes reaching 900 bodies a year in the 1990s, along with maybe four times that number shot and wounded, often ten or more a day.

Bernadine and Bill never gave up their dream of a socialist revolution, violent if necessary, to effect radical social change, and in the 1980s found a young man from Hawaii in search of a father, schooled him in their socialism, launched his political career from their living room in 1994, and coached him to deliver a speech like the late, great civil rights preacher and man of peace from Atlanta to get to the Oval Office.

Ayers and Dohrn and Obama were all disciples of the late Saul Alinsky, the original community organizer, whose operating strategy was to personalize and demonize the enemy (Mayor Daley) and attack the system (Daley’s Democratic machine) with both marches and angry tactics to instill fear in the establishment.

One of Saul’s inspired attacks was to have dozens of well-dressed black men go to O’Hare airport to flush the toilets at the same time, thus creating such anxiety in City Hall at the potential plumbing chaos that they would rush to the negotiating table to avoid the crisis.

But Ayers wanted to take Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” to another level, devising ways to attack the system of white supremacy, namely capitalism and the white middle class, by instilling fear and chaos.  Ayers would later be behind the creation of the Black Lives Matter Movement, whose only purpose seems to be attacking and intimidating the white establishment.

Ayers is joined in Chicago by another Alinskyite and long-time friend of Barack’s, Fr. Michael Pfleger, a white priest who oversees the once all-white, now all-black St. Sabina Catholic church near 79th Street outside Englewood, the poorest, most violent and drug-infested neighborhood in Chicago.

Fr. Pfleger, is known for his fiery anti-white sermons from the pulpit of St. Sabina, like his and Barack’s other friend Rev. Jeremiah “It’s not God Bless America, it’s Goddamn America!” Wright.  Fr. Pfleger once threatened the owner of a suburban gun store, saying “we’ll find you and snuff you out.”  He led the march of black South Siders down the Dan Ryan expressway last year, shutting down a main artery of commerce for two hours with the nebulous goals announced to the media and chanted by the marchers of ending gun violence and police brutality, when all it was was another Alinsky-style disruption.

Ayers and Father Pfleger have been masters at playing black people in Chicago, leading them to believe that all their misery and suffering, all the gun violence and death is not their fault or anything they can do about, but the fault of the “system of white supremacy.”

When the last mayor Rahm Emanuel suggested after a particular bloody weekend that perhaps the black family and community needed to step up and become more involved, he was immediately blasted by black leaders from Ayer’s and Obama’s intellectual Hyde Park for “victim shaming,” meaning that the shooters were actually victims, just as much as the ones who had died.

It was with the help of Barack’s Justice Department that the Chicago Police Department was officially designated a “racist organization,” and the white cops demonized as the main killers of young black men, when the undeniable truth is that Chicago cops, both white and black, are involved in very few of the shootings or death.  But the Justice Department ruling helped facilitate more police civil rights lawsuits, which in the last ten years have resulted in more than $500 million in settlements, paid with taxpayer funds from a nearly bankrupted city — an effective way to redistribute wealth, socialist style.

So with persistence, Bill and Bernadine, with the help of Barack Obama and Father Michael Pfleger, have been able to move close to their beloved socialism in Chicago.

Even though Barack had to leave the White House, his good and trusted friend J.D. Pritzker, billionaire of inherited wealth, who removed the toilets in his North Side mansion to avoid $240,000 in taxes and was able to buy the governor’s mansion in Springfield, is instituting a socialist agenda, like increased taxes on the middle class and rich; abortion on demand; more gambling and legalized marijuana, which should drive more middle class and businesses out of the state to make room for the influx of more poor, uneducated refugees from Central America, widening the gap between rich and poor.

New mayor Lightfoot appears to be a Hyde Park Progressive — a lesbian who seems to have little interest in helping black males develop into healthy, responsible men — and there are now six declared Democratic socialists in the City Council, helped along by socialist community organizations Ayers helped form.

So Bill and Bernadine are on their way to realize their socialist dream.

As Saul had said: “”True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism. They cut their hair, put on suits and infiltrate the system from within.”

Saul also said: “The despair is there. Now its up to us to go in and rub raw the sores of discontent, galvanize them for radical social change.”

Too bad Ayers will never tell us how many more young black male souls it will take to effect that change.


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