Say a prayer for the wonderful people of Illinois, as Barack Obama’s LGBTQ Progressive Socialists have taken over the Governor’s mansion and Chicago’s City Hall. So expect abortions on demand; unending taxes and debt; gambling and legal marijuana; teaching of homosexuality in public schools, as the middle class leaves in droves and no relief for the massive debt and black-on-black holocaust destroying the city.

They are the most wonderful people on the planet – Midwesterners, including Illinois.  Salt of the earth, friendly, hardworking, who employed in stores or restaurants will accept a stranger as family.  Even in Chicago, as mean and unforgiving a city as there is, when engaging people one-to-one they are the friendliest anywhere.

Most Chicagoans even take the burden of living in the most corrupt big-city political system in the country in stride, as something to begrudgingly accept as yet another intractable force of nature, like the crappy weather or lousy professional sports teams.

Even the catastrophic, intractable black-on-black gun violence on Chicago’s South and West Sides are accepted with a certain existential stoicism, as long as one doesn’t have the misfortune of living in those areas, which for the poor souls who must live there and cannot escape are a never-ending hell.

But now there is a political transformation underway in both Illinois and Chicago where the LGBTQ progressive socialists, brought in large part by an undercover Barack Obama and his new political dynasty helped along by his socialist mentor Bill “Let’s bring down the System of White Supremacy” Ayers, are creeping their way into the offices of power – with recent new occupants to the Governor’s mansion; the 5th floor mayor’s office in Chicago’s City Hall; and into the most corrupt chamber of government of any in the world – the Chicago City Council – which will do nothing to eradicate either the corruption or black-on-black violence, but will sure as hell accelerate the flight of the white middle class and businesses out of the state.

Last fall, billionaire of inherited wealth JB Pritzker (est. $3.2 billion take from the breakup of the Hyatt Hotels, built by his forefathers) who bought the keys to the governor’s mansion in the most expensive governor’s race in history, with JB breaking the U.S record for a self-financing campaign, a total of $171 million from his inherited family fortune.

He won against incumbent Republican governor Bruce Rauner, himself almost a billionaire gained from his hedge fund, and despite Rauner beating on the fact that J.B. had worked a deal with the Cook County Assessor to avoid paying $240,000 in taxes on his North Side mansion by removing all the toilets and the property being assessed as  “uninhabitable,” an insider’s deal the envy of any in the storied sleazy history of City Hall.

J.B., or as many refer to him affectionately but not to his face as “Tubby,” is widely considered a political bonehead who never worked a day in his life and never held political office, whose billionaire cousin Col. James Pritzker recently told us he identifies now as a woman and wants to be known as Jennifer Natalya Pritzker and used some of his wealth to make the necessary physical adjustments.

J.B. is a favorite, longtime friend and big contributor to our former 44th president, who rewarded J.B. for his unswerving loyalty by supporting his governor’s run, with Barack mostly behind the scenes but occasionally appearing in commercials for his “long-time trusted friend” and then unleashing his new Progressive machine which delivered a landslide victory, including an untold number of absentee harvested ballots.

It was J.B. who made a series of calls to Barack’s hated enemy Rod Blagojevich eight days after Barack was elected president, a call curiously taped by the FBI — known to J.B. but unbeknownst to Rod — during which J.B. asked then governor Rod what he planned to do with the newly vacant U.S. Senate seat left by Barack.  Rod said, “Gee, I never thought about it.  Have any ideas?”  Rod is now halfway through his 14-year prison term at a federal prison in Colorado.

The first act J.B. announced after getting his new mansion keys, with a full complement of toilets, was to sign an executive order that ensures the state will provide taxpayer-funded abortions for its employees and Medicaid recipients — real incentives to work in or get taken care of by the government — which J.B. says will help keep Illinois “the most progressive state in the nation.”  It is safe to say J.B. will do what he is told.

How the killing of unborn fetuses makes Illinois “progressive” is not exactly clear, but it has always been a favorite of progressive feminists and the LGBTQs – who generally don’t get pregnant – and was a favorite of Barack when he was an Illinois state legislator, voting in favor of the most draconian abortion measures, including denying medical assistance to fetuses born alive.  Guaranteeing state-funded abortions for Medicaid recipients also insures that poor black women, who have by far the most abortions as a percentage of women having abortions, will not be affected.

Now J.B. is pushing for legalized marijuana, more legalized gambling and more taxes on things like gasoline and the rich though his “Build Illinois” program, which he says will create many new government jobs, which in Illinois usually leads only to more corruption and Governors going to jail, but never seems to translate to jobs or better  roads or education.

J.B. is also pushing another Barack favorite, legislation that will allow for the teaching of LGBTQ history and lifestyle in the public schools (remember one of Barack’s last executive orders: transgender bathrooms in public schools?).  We must assume that this will be an important lifesaving tool as the city of Chicago and Illinois head toward a financial cliff with hundreds of billions in public pension debt obligations.

But then again, the LGBTQs and radical feminists are not about solving financial problems, they’re about gaining government control and advancing the homosexual agenda.

Then there’s the new mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot, the city’s first African-American lesbian to sit in Boss Richard J. Daley’s fifth floor city hall desk, who is about five feet tall with a white lesbian husband well over six feet, who had to bend down to kiss the candidate for the television crews on election night.

Lightfoot appears to have Barack’s backing as well, because she was a complete unknown with no political experience, is an LGBTQ person, and like “Tubby” Pritzker, had no organization and absolutely no experience as a chief executive in government, but is a Hyde Park Progressive like Barack, now running the third largest city in the country with the nation’s number one fiscal and social problems.

Lightfoot has been talking a lot about reform and “change,” vague concepts used by Barack, which turned out to be more government control and more taxes, and she has even asked ordinary citizens to submit their resumes if they have ideas on how to run the city, which likely means her administration will be filled with progressive activists, the only people who have such time on their hands.

There are also the six declared “Democratic socialists” in the Chicago City Council, a group of thieves unparalleled in American political history – with all due respect to Tammany Hall – where currently nearly half of the aldermen are either under indictment, headed to jail, or under investigation by the feds for their well-honed and well-honored graft and fraud essential to their lifestyle.

The new Chicago socialist aldermen were helped along, as was Lightfoot, by an organization called “Reclaim Chicago – One Chicago, For the People,” a socialist group molded on Barack’s Saul Alinsky community organizing style, which says it wants to “create a safe, healthy and equitable city for everyone, we – the people living in Chicago’s neighborhoods, need to run city government.”

As a socialist-inspired political activist organization, Reclaim Chicago is naturally anti-corporation and big business — private enterprise that employs the middle class.

Reclaim states on its website:

“Corporations make decisions about where to locate based on proximity to customers, sound public infrastructure and an educated workforce. Tax breaks are merely icing on the cake, and we don’t need to offer them to bring jobs to Chicago. Rather than using our tax dollars to subsidize corporate profits, we will invest in public jobs and services that will measurably improve our communities.”

Well, if corporations are big enough and taxed too much and don’t get tax breaks, they can also pick up and leave the state, as the middle class and company’s are doing in Illinois in a huge way, leading every other state in that dubious category, as taxes continue to rise and black-on-black murders and shootings continue without pause or solution.

This is what the arrogant, stupid socialists don’t understand.  Or maybe they do.  In a city like Chicago and a state like Illinois, which is dying because educated people and companies are fleeing from higher-taxes and debt, and because of its war zone black-on-black crime, which paralyzes and terrifies both blacks and whites, you don’t save it by installing more taxes, teaching LGBTQ studies in the schools, pushing abortion, legalizing pot and gambling, and by doing nothing to address the horrendous conditions in the ghettos.

But maybe they don’t want to save it.  Maybe that’s Barack’s new socialism for all the people: Change you can believe in.  In other words, love or leave it, if you can.

One thought on “Say a prayer for the wonderful people of Illinois, as Barack Obama’s LGBTQ Progressive Socialists have taken over the Governor’s mansion and Chicago’s City Hall. So expect abortions on demand; unending taxes and debt; gambling and legal marijuana; teaching of homosexuality in public schools, as the middle class leaves in droves and no relief for the massive debt and black-on-black holocaust destroying the city.

  1. you’r right on the money. I use to be proud that I grew up near Chicago and called Illinois my home. Not any longer. Keep up the good writing, my friend. I’m moving to Sundance. Phone still good, email changes 6/4/19. til later…


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